Long-Handled Brush (F3882)

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Long-handled scrub brush lets you clean tubs, tile and floors without bending or squatting! Heavy-duty telescopic scrubber extends from 29" to over 4-1/2 feet long so you can reach low, high and hard-to-reach areas. Swiveling scrub head even detaches so you can get into tight spots around sinks, faucets and more. Sure-grip rubber handle.

"It works really well on the tile in my shower. Long handle lets me reach everywhere." -Customer in Oregon


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May 01, 2017
Works great
I have a stand up shower with a pebble textured floor. This works so much better than a sponge type brush.
Jan 14, 2017
Not sure
Using it for the first time I was scrubbing a little hard and the handle broke.
Oct 21, 2016
Now I can clean tile near ceiling and do need to get down on hands and knees to scrub tile floors.
Sep 12, 2016
Just what I was hoping for.
I've been looking for something to use on shower pans and tubs so I didn't have to get on my hands and knees. This little scrubber really works for me. I'm glad it stays in a fixed position. I'm very happy with it.
Sep 03, 2016
A must have!
Love it!
Sep 01, 2016
Works well, but
Use for cleaning shower, tub.
Aug 11, 2016
This is a great product.
I am disabled and this product works great for me. It is difficult to get on my hands and knees to clean the walls and the base of my shower. It is so much better cleaning with this product.
Jun 24, 2016
Love it!
I am disabled with a bad back and knees. This is wonderful for cleaning hard to reach areas. It is great for the bathroom especially. I cannot kneel and scrub the tub anymore. This scrubs the tub and walls with ease. And the different lengths are great too.
Apr 28, 2016
Works great
It works really well on the tile in my shower. Long handle lets me reach everywhere.
Mar 17, 2016
very convenient
Since my husband and I are not able to bend well or kneel this brush is great. We are both very happy with it.
Feb 13, 2016
I love this
This makes cleaning my shower so much easier. No more back ache. The only thing I would change is for the handle to be a little more sturdy.
Feb 04, 2016
Loved it
We used it to clean the showers, tubs, sinks and even our tile floor in the bathrooms. works really well.
Nov 02, 2015
the perfect brush for the job
we're using this to clean the walls and ceiling in the shower; it's great because you don't have to get in the shower to do the job; the extension is the best!
Oct 12, 2015
I would buy this product again
I have a bad back with the adjustable handle makes it great for me.
Sep 17, 2015
Saved my back!!!
Great for reaching across bathtub to clean tub enclosure without hurting your back..
Sep 12, 2015
Perfect product for short people who can't reach up too far!
The absolute perfect tool for use in a shower and bath tub. You don't have to struggle as a short person trying to reach the top of the shower wall. Also useful in cleaning outside windows that do not have the ability of pulling out to clean. Definitely recommend!
Sep 09, 2015
Looks are deceiving
For use in bathroom shower, but product won't retain length, brush head does not stay screwed to pole, and doesnot clean as well as a scrub sponge.
Aug 06, 2015
I've used this product before with great results.
Product great for cleaning shower stalls, bathtub and tiles.
Jul 13, 2015
I like it very much
This a very handy brush to clean tub and walls
Jul 12, 2015
saves my back and knees!
this is great to clean the shower walls and floor. no more kneeling or trying to reach the walls
Jun 17, 2015
needs something special
When I purchased this product, I thought it had a cloth head. The picture in the catalog didn't really show the head up close enough. I feel it is too hard to use on walls, etc. I was wanting this product for my walls, so I'm disappointed.
Jun 09, 2015
3882-Long Handled Brush
The recipients of the brushes were all ladies in their seventies +, and bending to clean bathtubs and shower walls was difficult and painful. The brush was a welcomed item and all are very satisfied with the ease of cleaning that it made possible.
May 17, 2015
Long Handled Brush
the Bruch made my life easier . one year ago I had my hip replaced and this makes cleaning a whole lot easier.
Mar 09, 2015
Handy product!
It would be nice if you could get replacement heads instead of buying the entire product time and time again.
Dec 26, 2014
tub brush
great for cleaning the bath tub easy on a bad back
Aug 06, 2014
I would buy this product
I brought the brush for my housekeeping staff and they loved it only thing it would be nice if you can buy just brush replacement when the brushes wear out.
Aug 04, 2014
Haven't used it yet
haven't used yet. I think the head of the brush should have been larger
Jul 31, 2014
Need brush replacements
I love the brush because is great for Bathroom cleaning ..but every time you need to replace the brush you have to purchase the whole thing creating extra waste. Please bring brush replacements so we don't fill landfills
Jul 01, 2014
Good stiff brush
Good brush with long handle for hard to reach places
May 05, 2014
Works great
I used this to scrub all the grout in my house. Did not wear out and saved a lot of back pain.
Mar 28, 2014
Handy Tool
Works great. Highly recommend.
Mar 15, 2014
a boon for the bathroom
The adjustable handle makes cleaning so easy. I would have preferred the brush to be squared-off so it could easily reach the corners, but I was able to manage it and make it work. A real back and knees saver!
Mar 15, 2014
Most handy Brush I own
I am using this to scrub under the kitchen cabinets so I don't have to get down on my knees.
Mar 07, 2014
Love this Thing
I had back surgery and couldn't bend to clean my shower, and this is great. I'm buying another one for me and my mom.
Feb 17, 2014
Brush is too stiff--need changeable head
Love the long handle. Wish there were changable heads.
Feb 10, 2014
Excellent Cleaning Tool
Makes cleaning the shower a breeze. Highly recommend
Dec 29, 2013
Cleaned shower stall quickly
Has enough reach to clean shower stall ceiling. I cleaned the whole stall top to bottm. WOuld like a brush that gets into corners better, but it does th job.
Dec 09, 2013
This is great!
I have a problem with my back, and this scrubber was wonderful in reaching places I couldn't before. I also wrapped a towel around the scrubber and was able to lift off some dirt on the floor!
Nov 26, 2013
Strong And sturdy
I recently had surgery and I had a lady helping me here at home. She used the brush in our shower and fell in love with it and wanted to know where to get one for herself. The one I just received is a gift for her. Thanks so much for this product.
Oct 28, 2013
Don't really like
Bought to clean showers and tubs but brush is to stiff. It's hard to get handle locked when extended or shortened - doesn't work right. Wrapped a towel around brush to use it.
Sep 10, 2013
I would buy this again
Does good job
Aug 31, 2013
Great brush!
I use this brush to clean my bathtub. It does a great job of scrubbing the tub an surrounding walls without strain on my back. I plan to get another one for my mother-in-law.
Jul 10, 2013
It's great!
It does everything the catalogue says it does. I'm completely satisfied.
Jun 23, 2013
Great product everyone should own this!
This product has made cleaning the shower not major project anyone.
Apr 30, 2013
Sturdy, functional
It is sturdily made and allows me to clean the tub pretty thoroughly without having to squat down on my arthritic knees. The handle conveniently telescopes to different sizes--just be sure to give each section a hard twist to lock in place. Unlike some reviewers, I like the little oval brush, which is handy for small spaces. Also works very well to clean spots off of ceiling, or do a quick floor mop in the bathroom.
Apr 24, 2013
Does a great job
Great for cleaning bath tub. Have arthritis in hands and knees so this is a great help.
Apr 04, 2013
very good value
great brush for the money. it worked so well, we bought a second one!
Mar 24, 2013
long-handled brush
love the long handle with the reach span; but don't like the brush head
Mar 18, 2013
Perfect scrubbing brush for me!
So glad I ordered this brush. I have mobility problems and it makes it easier to reach places.
Mar 02, 2013
I can't reach high places or bend to scrub so this brush works perfectly for me.
Nov 20, 2012
What you see is What you get or do you
doesn't swivel and thats what I wanted it for,
Apr 30, 2012
cleaner tool
for bathroom great
Mar 20, 2012
"Does what it says."
Our home was built in the 1970's and still has the original tub. I used this on the tile, grout in the shower and the tub as well. Worked like a charm! Didn't have to put a lot of elbow grease into it and it did the job just as the instuctions said it would. I even took a bath after I was done!
Jan 23, 2012
Great cleaning tool!
This is a great cleaning tool for the tub/shower. It goes right into the soap holder, corners, shower shelves to get all the soapy gunk and mildew. It was great on the floors for the high traffic areas that need a little extra scrub. However, for the floors a larger scrubbing head would be much better. It could cover a larger area...with the small head it made it a more tedious job.
Jan 01, 2012
Looks can be decieving
The lock on the telescope handle breaks, beacuse it is made of plactic that doesn't resist much
Dec 03, 2011
good for cleaning the bath tub
The product was very useful for cleaning my bathtub, relief back pain from bending and being on my knees.
Dec 01, 2011
if you can't kneel this is great
to clean bath tub,around toilet or high to reach places
Nov 30, 2011
Just what I have been looking for!
I just love it!
Nov 21, 2011
Showers, floors, outside windows, : )
My friend and I have been trying to find a product to mainly clean the tub as we are older, (bad backs, knees, etc.)and said if we found a good product, we'd get each other one. Buying her one. : )This is also good for scrubbing floors, then mop dry, outside windows, then spray clean, I have to buy 2 cause my cat loves rubbing on it and being brushed w/it. She discovered it before I actually used it. Go figure. Now that I'm using it, need one for her. Sure there are more uses not yet thought of. : )
Nov 20, 2011
Very easy to store and easy to handle
My spouse has diabetes neuopathy and using this produst helped to clean places that were previously done on the knees. The brush is very stury and love the rounding of the edjes so it's easier to get into curves places like bathtubs and showers.
Nov 16, 2011
Makes cleaning my shower easy.
I use this product to clean my shower area. I bought it so I would not have to kneel on my knees while cleaning. I am very happy with this product.
Oct 06, 2011
Great item ! Easy to use.
To clean in the bathroom especially the baths and showers. We have both.
Aug 28, 2011
Great product
Since I am very short, this really cleans the tile I can't reach.
Aug 23, 2011
Back-saver for the tub!
This is the best long-handled scrub brush I have found and the price is much better than some other sites. I would still like to see a somewhat softer, round, scrub-brush on a long handle for the tub and shower, but this one does very well.
Aug 08, 2011
Great for reaching those far away places
Perfect for scrubbing our walk in shower. I am handicapped and have trouble bending & reaching. It let me reach those difficult places.
Aug 01, 2011
fabulous brush
This brush is great, it cleans the tub and tiles brilliantly and the brush is gentle. I noticed when I started using this brush on the tub, the drain didn't clog when I use the shower, not only does this brush cleans the tub and tiles it also unclogs the drain in my tub, great.
Jul 20, 2011
Fused Back, No Pain.
What is so great about the item is that I now have no pain in my back when I wash my sink and bath tub.
Jul 17, 2011
Can't rave enough about this product.
I clean houses, this saved my knees and my back and a ton of time. I loved this product. I could go on and on. I never have spent time on anything before but I will tell any one that will listen, this is the best thing since slice bread.
Jul 16, 2011
Wonderful Wonderful
This long handled brush is the best thing to happen to bathrooms - I have a bad back and have been looking for this for a long time - it saves your back and knees and is perfect for cleaning the bathtub and tile all the way to the ceiling - I gave one to my friend that cleans houses - forwarded this e-mail to her, she will probably respond - she's in love with it !!!
Jul 16, 2011
long handle brush
older citizen use to clean bathroom walls where cant reach myself
Jul 09, 2011
i would buy this product again
i use to cclaen up stains on my floors.
Jun 28, 2011
great for thr tub
Jun 10, 2011
Mar 28, 2011
Still Not What I Need.
This product should help in long reach cleaning. However, the brush is not sturdy enough to clean very well unless you get very close to the target, which of course defeats the purpose of a long handled cleaning brush.
Mar 27, 2011
I would buy this product again.
To clean the bathroom tile.
Mar 25, 2011
I love this product. I have arthritis
I love this product----I cannot stay on my knees to do bathtup, tile and floor in bath and it is great for all. I use it to clean around the woodwork all over the house---it is perfect for that task also. I would recommend for anyone esp. those of us with arthritis in our knees or back.
Mar 17, 2011
Hip replacement surgery and back surgery had left me with very dirty ceramic tile grout. Any cleaning I did I had to do sitting down. It was terrible...then along came this extendable, adjustable brush. Now I can sit and clean my grout to my heart's content. This is a great product 'cause it does the job for me! The only way this brush could be better, specifically for cleaning tile grout,anyway, would be if the bristles were more compact and stiffer.
Mar 02, 2011
Saving my back
I purchased this primarily for the bathroom. I have a very bad back, which seems to be an issue for many, and this cleaning tool makes me ache much less at the end of the day. It's well made and the handle is extremely versatile for other similar tools that screw on (or that you need to paint with).
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