Ionic Whisper (E5592)

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The As Seen on TV Bell & Howell® Desktop Ionizer cleans and purifies the air so quietly, you won’t even hear it! The Ionic Whisper releases streams of negative ions to quickly remove odors, fumes, dust, smoke, pet dander, pollen, and other pollutants from your home, office or workshop. Air ionizer comes with an AC adapter and uses just 7 watts of power, less than a 60-watt bulb! The air filter for the Ionic Whisper easily rinses out and never need replacing.  The air purifier has two speeds of operation. 12" H.


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Oct 21, 2012
Quality product on a budget price!
I use the ionizer in the kitchen to get odors cleared up fast. It has a clean smell to it when it purifies the air. (Not scented)
Sep 25, 2012
Didn't notice any improvement to air
I got it for my desk at work to help with allergins in the air as I have fairly severe allergies. The noise wasn't so loud that it was a problem and it's nice and compact; I just couldn't tell if it was doing any good. When the windows were open, I had just as many issues as before I had the device. I'm not around smokers so I don't know if it would work for something like that.
Jun 17, 2012
Smoke free
Removess mnost of the smoke and other odors. could be a little more quite.
Jan 23, 2012
Great Product
Works very well
Jan 23, 2012
air purifier and ionizer
All of the people in my home smoke cigaretes and I don't smoke I am 72 years old and I want tolive a little longer, there is a lot of cancer in my family and all different kinds,so I got the Ionizer to take all the smoke and dust out of my home. Sincerely Mrs. Melva R. Sells
Dec 27, 2011
Cleaner Clearer Air
I live in an apartment building and put one in my foyer so that smoke and cooking odors would not go out into the hallways. I also bought one for my living room, and will purchase another one for my bedroom.
Aug 22, 2011
Very Satified
I have had my Ionic Whisper for more than 2 years one at home in my kitchen area and one in my work office. I have no problems with either. The cleaning of the filter is sooo easy(love it). I was wanting another for my bedroom, but my budget said not yet so I waited and lo and behold at a yard sale was mightyly blessed with two for three dollar hardly use and they are working just like my first one. GREAT BUY!!!!!!! Love them they works for me..:-)
Jul 10, 2011
Bought this to filter the air (i'm a smoker). No appreciable difference in the air quality. The only good thing about this is the size - it'll fit anywhere.
Apr 18, 2011
easy to use and quiet
Feb 18, 2011
I would not buy this product again
I got this for a bedroom to clean the air but after six weeks it did nothing. The filter was as clean as when it was new
Nov 20, 2010
Need to buy more to cover each room
Live with a smoker. For the size, it does clean the air. But it needs to be bigger and more powerful to do the job it claims to do. Needed to soak it to remove all the dirt. It doesn't "rinse clean".
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