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Protect your beautiful chairs and sofas. Heavy duty, stitched slipcovers are contoured to fit all arm chairs. They slip on and off in a snap to keep out dust, dirt, spills, bugs. Will last for years. Clear poly.

"The elastic edges and sizing make my oversized chair fit like magic! I was so tired of having misfitted covers for my furniture and have them flop all over the place. Now with the elastic edging, I finally found the perfect fit! At a great price too!!" -Customer from New York


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Jul 03, 2017
I recommend this to anyone, very economical
I love it, keeps pet hairs and dust from furniture, if you see on it, it might tear, just take it off when using furniture and it will last.
Dec 16, 2016
One of the furniture covers torn. The other one tore.
Use them to cover my furniture.
Dec 16, 2016
Worked good to keep pet hair off the furniture
I bought the sofa and the loveseat on to keep the pet hair off the furniture, it has worked great so far!!
Dec 15, 2016
Product does not fit
Product looked like nice fit for couch and liked how it was made and it did not stay in place and did not fit right.
Dec 15, 2016
They serve the purpose just fine !!
They worked out just fine ! I can see my living room furniture and keeps the cat away !!! For anyone that was complaining about not being durable just to let you know they are not made to sit on ! I knew that from the get go ! Thanks Harriet Carter !
Oct 23, 2016
not good quality
I have bought this type of product for around 40 years from other places and like it very much for keeping the couch clean from my cat. However this one was extremely poor quality. I had not even had it on for 3 weeks when it ripped out very badly at the seam.
Sep 26, 2016
Serves A Purpose
I like the product and it has worked well for me. However, it ripped within one month.
Sep 22, 2016
Awful covers !!
These with the elastin ripped the first week the elastic is not forgiving and dies not fit properly kept popping off the chair till it ripped . The other I bought without the elastic although big were much better .. I don't think they sell that kind anymore !! Dissapointed
Sep 07, 2016
Nice Covers
I used these outside because I was tired of looking at heavy covers and wanted to be able to see the furniture. They worked well for that purpose but because they were in the sun much of the day they became brittle and broke apart in about 2 months. But I was not expecting them to last very long out in the weather. I have some on a covered porch that does not get the sun and they have lasted 2 seasons already.
Jul 07, 2016
See-Thru Furniture Covers - 36H x 40D x 84W
Of the three sizes for the corresponding piece of furniture - this is the best fitting of all. I ordered 3 sizes. The others barely fit or did not fit at all. There needs to be some uniformity in how these fit. This particular size was almost perfect for my loveseat. Complete covererage. Need to tuck in spots, but, I would rather have that than the poor fit issues I had with the 96W (sofa) and 42W (armchair) versions.
Jul 07, 2016
See-Thru Furniture Covers - 36 H x 40 D x 42 W
Fits absolutely terribly. More like, not at ALL! Does not cover, does not go over the arm chair. Strange thing about these covers? I got the size suitable for each piece of furniture. One fit perfectly, the other barely fit. This one does not fit at all. Please see my reviews for the other two.
Jun 13, 2016
Bought To Stop Kitty Scratching, But . . .
I bought this as a ditch effort (after reading reviews of customers dealing with my same issue) to protect what remains of my leather furniture from my cats' scratching. I have had these covers for 3 days. So far, these appear to be what I have been searching high and low for. Here is the issue. I have a "family" of matching furniture: a couch (94in), loveseat (84in), and matching arm chair (46in). The Loveseat cover fits PERFECT! The couch cover is not deep enough, does not cover all the way down to the bottom 4th of the furniture (fortunately the cats don't scratch that low, but this looks tacky). The arm chair? That cover fit is HOPELESS! I went from good to not so good to being of no use. The arm chair cover does not fit AT ALL!! It is the same family of seating, a long, medium, and short version of the same style and material. Had these all fit for their respective pieces of furniture, this would have been a slam dunk.
May 12, 2016
wouldnt recomend this was a piece of cheap stuff
both ripped fist week couldnt even keep them on the furniture very very bad judgement on my part
Apr 21, 2016
Protects furniture from pet accidents.
This product protects my furniture when my dog has accidents.
Mar 31, 2016
Does the job
Purchased this to protect my new sofa against pet hair and possible accidents. So far, it has done its job. The only issue is that the cover did tear in a couple of places when my large dog's claws pierced it (after repeatedly jumping on and off the sofa)--but given the price, I did not mind buying another to replace the first. Definitely worth it.
Mar 17, 2016
I have quite a few dogs and have to have my furniture cleaned every 6 months. These covers keep the furniture cleaner, longer. I bought these years ago when they didn't have elastic at the bottom. I like the elastic. Dogs haven't been able to remove them.
Feb 15, 2016
As desribed
Product is as described and appears durable. It's not the prettiest item, but it protects what we need it to and we are grateful!
Jan 27, 2016
very quick delivery.
Ordered it to cover my love seat when we leave home because of our pet dog.
Jan 27, 2016
the rubber around the bottom was too tight and did not
Jan 18, 2016
Lousy cover
This was the worst cover ever!! I have bought 3 from you before but none with this elastic all the way around !! It's awful!! Doesn't stay on chair and the fur is horrible with the elastic !!! Can't I get the kind j got before !! With the white rubbing and no elastic ?? Thank you Debra Bracco
Jan 18, 2016
Buying This Products
These furniture covers are big enough to fit either a 1-seat sofa, 2-seat sofa, or a 3-seat sofa. If you want to protect your sofas from getting dirty so easily, these items will help you. A great product!
Nov 26, 2015
Bought this to protect sofa from cat fur. It does precisely that...however....I could not get the wrinkles out even though I used a hair dryer to unfold it and make it more pliable to get it over the sofa. It does not stay tucked in between the cushions so we have to constantly tuck it in. I have 2 won't go near it but the other curls up in the corner of the sofa. I think it likes the fact that the plastic holds the heat from her body and keeps her warm as she seems to seek out other warm spots in the house. This is fine with me as the whole idea was to prevent cat hairs from accumulating on the upholstery. I'm happy because when company comes, I can remove the plastic cover and not have to worry about embarassing cat hairs and when the company leaves, I can put the cover back on.
Nov 24, 2015
Saves my furniture. I have pets
Nov 07, 2015
Luv the See-thru covers
I have two furniture love seats and i needed something simple to wrap around them for full protection. One I have two cats and it keeps them from using my furniture as a scratching post. Two when i'm not home it also helps from dust and and easily to wipe if anything falls on them. Three when i have guests all i do is take them off so they can sit and then put them back on when they leave. Sorry i waited so long before purchasing the products. Since i purchased them i have'nt seen anything that i don't like about it.
Nov 05, 2015
I love them, planning to buy 2 more.
I use it on the sofas in my living room, trying to avoid the cat's hairs, easy to clean, buying 2 more for the sofas in the patio.
Oct 09, 2015
Not a good fit and tears easily
I put it on my couch and it was not easy to go on and it was uncomfortable. Would not buy another
Sep 28, 2015
Not real attractive but they serve the purpose
Not real attractive, but perfect for protecting my new furniture from my pets when I am not home. Easy and quick to put on and take off the couches. Very durable, sizes were as described in catalogue.
Sep 14, 2015
am very please i would recommend it any one who needs to pro
I use it to cover my love seat
Sep 05, 2015
Great buy! just what I've been looking for!
We have two cats that were not declawed and a golden retreiver that licks a lot and new microfiber furniture. We got the covers to protect the new furniture and they work perfectly. Too slick for the cats and the dog doesn't like the rattly sound or the plastic feel. Easy to fit to our stuff and they dont slide off.
Sep 04, 2015
Aug 24, 2015
Excellent product
Product was prefect size for my chair. Came a little wrinkled out of the package, but a quick warmup in the dryer got it smoothed out nicely.
Jul 07, 2015
thru furniture cover
I used them for outside furniture to cover up so when it rain want be wet when sit down
Jul 06, 2015
Cat-proofing the furniture
I got covers for the livingroom and diningroom chairs and they work very well keeping my several cats from clawing the furniture. The plastic is heavy-grade and fit the furniture very well. I wish I had bought them sooner.
Jun 30, 2015
Might be too small
I bought a cover for my sofa to protect it from pet accidents and hair. I chose the 84" long size since my sofa is 84" long, but it barely fit and had to be stretched very tightly, so after about 2 weeks of use it started to split at the seams. HC gave me a no-hassle credit for it, and I ordered the larger 96" long size, even though it will be a little too big ...that's better than too small. So, if your chair or sofa has large, rolled arm rests or a high or overstuffed back rest you'll want to carefully measure before you buy.
Jun 18, 2015
great patio covers
The rain comes in on my patio and it keeps the furniture dry when not in use. Also I have a cat and she won't get on the covers so there is no cat hair to clean off the furniture. My friend also ordered some for her patio set.
May 30, 2015
they are useful
``on my sofa and two chairs. they can be cleaned real fast with just soap and water.
May 10, 2015
work for me
Have a white couch needed to be cover up when grandchildren is over easy to put on and off will buy again
May 09, 2015
The elastic edges and sizing make my oversized chair fit like magic! I was so tired of having misfitted covers for my furniture and have them flop all over the place. Now with the elastic edging, I finally found the perfect fit! At a great price too!!
May 08, 2015
Great for My Patio Chair
I use this cover to protect my bamboo patio chair from the elements during the spring, summer and autumn. The elastic stretches enough to easily cover the chair and is strong enough to keep the cover securely in place, even on very windy days. It keeps the seat and back cushions clean, dry and bug-free and protects the bamboo from moisture. The cover is very easy to remove when I use the chair and just as easy to replace when the chair is not in use. I'm happy I found a cover that fits the dimensions of my chair and I felt the price was very reasonable. Temperatures at or below 35 degrees would damage the bamboo part of the chair, so I bring the chair indoors for the winter months. I then use the cover to protect other things I keep on my patio from snow and ice.
May 01, 2015
The service was excellent. The delivery is on time. It will keep the coach from dust but too bad it does not fit the couch correctly.
Apr 20, 2015
Helps save my Sofa
This is for my living sofa, and I love how easy it fit, and it lasts for sometime. The reason buy this product is I have cats, and some are older and things happen. On top of this cover,I put a weather proof fabic couch cover. The plastic is not thin or too thck. I put the plastic product on the bottom for, when I change the top cover, I know the sofa is ok until I am done with the wash.
Dec 30, 2014
See-Thru Furniture Covers
to keep white sofa clean when I don't have company. East to put on & off. Ugly to look at-very wrinkled/crinkled NOT smooth as expected or as others I've seen. Haven't had long enough to judge durability.
Nov 02, 2014
Does the job but....
if its windy, they take flight. design should include either fasteners, with velro or some type of pulley with toggle to cinch covers.....
Oct 22, 2014
good furniture covers.
I bought these for my living room furniture to protect them from 2 cats who think they have the right to sleep on them. I covered them and the cats are happy to sleep on the plastic. Problem solved.
Jun 10, 2014
You get what you pay for
Bought this to protect my couch from a couple of bad male dogs who like to mark in the house. It has worked fairly well but the seat area has almost totally ripped up and I will have to order more. Good value for the money as other furniture covers I have bought were nothing more than huge tarps. At least these have elastic around the edges.
May 10, 2014
Works well
Bought the plastic covers for a love seat and chair because my cat was spraying and i was tired of looking at the black drop cloth I had put over them. So even though the plastic looks tacky...I love my cat and at least I can see my furniture through the clear plastic. It's working very well for my purposes.
Dec 29, 2013
does the job
I got this to cover the dog's chair and I wanted something waterproof under her bedding. It works, but it does look like a big shower cap.
Oct 28, 2013
I buy every year
I only use it for my back yard furniture and it holds up for the winter very well. and I like being able to see my furniturae in the winter even though I can't go out and sit on them. I only wish you had more size covers like round table and chairs. I don't like the white show too much dirt.
Oct 19, 2013
Perfect for naughty cats
These are perfect for 4 naughty cats. Keeps the couches from scratches and occasional liquid messes. Easy to clean and easy to whip off for seating. Have to be careful of sitting on them, the pressure will easily make them rip.
Oct 15, 2013
worked for what I needed
I bought these to protect my new furniture from 3 cats scratching on it. I don't want to jinx it, but they have not gotten on the furniture or scratched at it either. Personally I don't like to sit on the covers because of the sound of the plastic, but like that thy can be removed fairly quickly if you were having company.
Oct 14, 2013
Easy to put on, tough and attractive.
The best thing about these covers is how easy they are to put on. They are just like big clear shower caps with elastic on the bottom! Generously sized (but measure YOUR furniture to be sure they will fit) they are so simple to pop on that you will actually use them. And isn't that the most important thing about covering patio furniture? Clear color goes with everything AND lets you keep an eye on things underneath. If mold or mildew starts or a possum takes up residence, you will see it before things get too terrible.
Sep 08, 2013
Works well for me
This worked perfectly for me. I use it outdoors to cover a beautiful wood bench that sits at the far end of my garden. Because the cover is clear, I can see the beauty of the bench, which I couldn't do with a cover that wasn't clear. It keeps the bench clean and dry. The cost is very low, and it lasts for a year or more outdoors. I have purchased several more to be sure I have more available when the original one tears.
Sep 08, 2013
Better Than I Expected
I wanted a cover to protect an overstuffed love seat in a spare room where my occasional problem kitty spends a lot of time. The product is much more durable than I expected, and has relieved some of the frustration I have been dealing with as a dedicated pet owner. The cover fits well, and contrary to some of the other reviews, I like the elastic bottom. I wish the description would show actual photos of the covers in use. The illustration of the furniture cover is useless and nearly deterred me from purchasing the product.
Aug 19, 2013
I ordered these for my chair and loveseat to protect them from my 6 cats. They were perfect for my use and I like the elastic at the bottom. The cats don't bother the furniture now. Easy on and off for guests. You can easily wipe off if need be. No more hassle or hairy furniture. Just make sure your furniture size is smaller than the available size.
Jul 16, 2013
Go back to the design with no elastic at the bottom............A customer should be able to choose either or!
Jun 23, 2013
Protected sofa while we were on vacation
We were going on vacation for a week, and our cat will sometimes show her displeasure by in ... creative ways. Even though we had neighbors checking in on her daily, I was concerned she might destroy our beautiful (not to mention pricey) sofa in order to show us the error we'd made in abandoning her. The plastic cover stayed perfectly in place the entire time we were away and did the job we bought it for. It's not attractive or comfortable to sit on (think comically oversized shower cap), and I wouldn't keep it on every day or when company was coming. But for when we're out of town, it's perfect. Good price, too.
Jun 22, 2013
Works well for my needs
I have three cats, and between the fur and hairballs, my furniture is always under a coating of cat-something. These covers fit well, so when company comes over I just sequester the cats upstairs, take the covers off, and no more scrambling with the sticky rollers! The cats still lay on the covers, and there is still potential for their hind claws to rip holes in this plastic, however....
Jun 12, 2013
2 Cats Destroyed it!
The cats managed to rip the plastic covers from both sides of the sofa. I read the review from other customer saying cats stayed away from plastic cover :-/
Apr 07, 2013
"You can see but don't Touch!
This product is perfect for my application. I just got new furniture for the little used Living Room and I have 3 cats. This product is sturdy and can be removed in an instant. No more fur or scratching - cats leave it alone. I am thrilled with it.
Apr 03, 2013
Sturdy and durable
The product is durable but it was to short for my soft! For a sofa, it needs to be twelve or twenty-four more inches in width or maybe offer another larger size for sofas. I would love it if it was little larger to actually fit my sofa. I hope this changes in the near future.
Apr 01, 2013
Great Buy for the Money!!!!
Would order again. Thicker and more durable than expected.
Jan 15, 2013
Better than other slip covers I've tried
The elastic band on the bottom keeps the cover down, and if users shift it, I can restore it to its place quickly. Wipes clean easily. My skin doesn't stick to it, like some plastic covers. I dropped a big box on the sofa cover and tore it near the back corner of the seat. Easy repair with a strip of clear packing tape, and no further problems. Custom-fitted plastic covers have too many seams that leak liquids and leave lines of dust on the upholstery; these covers have very few seams. Over the years I have wasted hundreds of dollars on cloth or plastic slip covers that live up to their name - they slip! These covers always look good and stay put. Plus I still see the beauty of my furniture. I bought them originally because I figured they were reasonably priced and I'd have to replace them frequently. Both of mine are several years old and they still look new.
Nov 12, 2012
I would buy this item again!
I took the advice of another shopper and put the covers into the dryer for a few seconds and took all the wrinkles out of covers before installing and they fit perfectly.
Oct 03, 2012
Not a good fit
I purchased the sofa & chair cover according to the size of my furniture. I found the fit was not good-I envisioned them to fit like a glove but unfortunately they are a sloppy fit. I also suggest that you should put instructions or better yet a tab on the side that would fit in the front or the back so purchasers have a starting point to put on the cover. I had to reposition the covers a couple of times and I'm still wondering if they're on right. Will still keep them since they keep pet hair off the furniture.
Sep 20, 2012
Jul 31, 2012
(7994-1) See-Thru Furniture Covers
I love it but the top back corner really should be reinforced. I used clear packing tape and it is working so far plus it is not really visible. Some visitors are just too rough on anything. I would still buy another one.
Jul 07, 2012
Furniture solutions
Used to cover leather furniture instead of blankets to protect from animal hair. Repels the fur as opposed to the blankets growing a new pet. LOL
Apr 03, 2012
This has no identation for the seating area. It needs to be more fitted.
Mar 18, 2012
I would buy this product again
I use because I have cats that lay on my furniture. It keeps my furniture free of animal fur, but would like it a little more form fitting.
Mar 08, 2012
Great if no one has to sit
I measured for this product, but it didn't cover what the photos claimed it should cover. In the first week of use it developed 2 fair size tears. And it does not like to stay in place.
Oct 26, 2011
good uphoistery protection
I use it to cover sofa and chair
Jul 31, 2011
Good for Outside Furniture
We use this covers on our outside furniture. Works great to keep out the summer rains, and falling tree pollen. Hope that it will last us a couple of seasons.
May 18, 2011
I have purchased this product twice....
These covers were exactly what I was looking for to keep my cats off my new furniture. They don't like them, but I love them.
May 17, 2011
The furniture covers are perfect.
Provides excellent protection for expensive, delicate, white furniture. Also, it keeps dog hairs off the furniture.
May 10, 2011
Furniture covers
Furniture plastic covers are perfect for my son whom has a disability.. keeps our couch and chair spotless and clean. thank you so much for continuing to have these products.
May 09, 2011
excellent help!
This is what I've needed for a while. I have 2 pesky male dogs. And this cover helps keep my furniture much cleaner! I would re-order in future for any other furniture I might need protected.
Apr 01, 2011
Not durable, has already torn.
I got this product to cover a leather sofa and protect it from my dog. The cover tore at the seam after very little use. Would not recommend this product as it is not durable.
Mar 26, 2011
they are durable and easy to put on
I really like the covers. I got them to put over furniture because we have cats and the the furniture is suede. I just put them on and put a regular cover over the top that can be washed in case there is a spill I don't have to worry about damage to the furniture. They have elastic around the edges of the covers so it is easy to put on.
Mar 22, 2011
Best Covers Ever!!!
These covers are a lifesaver in my busy schedule!! We have cats and my cleaning is cut in half since i don't have to sweep off the furniture anymore and they remove in a snap when company is on the way!!!
Mar 09, 2011
furniture covers
I put a quilt under a plastic cover on my couch and loveseat. No more dog smell on couch and draging in dirty feet.Nothing bad about it.
Nov 21, 2010
BEst covers I have purchased
Great product for protecting furniture from overly active cats! I like the elastic around the bottom -- easier to keep them in place!
Oct 02, 2010
This product is a real furniture saver!
I used to buy plastic sheets to cover my stuffed chairs but these covers look great and stay in place. I also use one to cover my computer desk. It keeps the dust off. I am ordering two more today
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