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Rollabout chair lets you perform standing tasks from a seated position! Sturdy 3-wheeled seat supports 90% of your weight, easing leg strain and fatigue. Lets you roll about comfortably while doing kitchen, workshop or office chores. Steel frame has easy-glide casters that move effortlessly over carpets and flooring. Padded seat adjusts from 27" to 34" H.


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Sep 09, 2016
Nobody could use it. The only thing you can do on it is go backwards, which is kinda senseless. Should have read the reviews. Box is trashed, so can't return it. Maybe I'll sell it for $5.00 at the flea market.
Sep 03, 2016
Dangerous and not recommended
I would return this item but the box was thrown away. Not safe for anyone young or old, short or tall. Tips over too easy and dangerous. Not comfortable to sit on. Not recommended for anyone.
Aug 26, 2016
waste of money
not one item I purchased was satisfactory
Aug 14, 2016
I am not returning this since someone threw the box away. Don't waste your money. Not for the short or elderly. My roommate tried it and landed on the floor. She is neither. Wheels don't work together. Not comfortable to sit on.
Dec 14, 2015
Clever item
Great in the kitchen when preparing foods and baking while standing at the counter. Also great for any chore that requires standing for pronlonged periods of time. Takes the stress off the back.
Sep 26, 2015
chair should be able to go lower, not very stable wheel lock
seat does not go low enough,not stable especially for older people, wheel that locks tends to lock up on its own. Good idea but needs some corrections
Sep 20, 2015
[3944] Rollabout Chair
For the kitchen. Plenty of foot room for walking across the floor. I have to cut down to my size since I'm a little people.
Aug 05, 2015
Not for heavy people nor older people.
Awaiting refund
Jul 06, 2015
3944 Rollabout chair
Jun 01, 2015
Apr 26, 2015
Not for me.
I was looking for a stool to use in the kitchen while I cook as I have an injured ankle and can't stand for long. I thought this would work but I was wrong. The seat is very uncomfortable and angled in a weird way. It won't work for me at all but I will put it in the garage and maybe my son can use it when he is at his workbench.
Apr 20, 2015
Rollabout chair
seat did not install properly. bolts did not tighten, were stripped. use in kitchen eince I cannot stand long. used for cooking and preparing meals.
Apr 18, 2015
Puts strain off lower back
After reading most of the reviews, I was reluctant to buy this chair, but I was looking for a chair high enough to use in the kitchen while cooking and other chores like ironing and folding clothes. I have lower back issues and cannot stand for long periods of time. It was easy to put together and I like the wide seat. The only only downside is that it is unsteady, and it does not roll about easily. However, it is better than not having anything so yes I am glad to have it.
Mar 08, 2015
Doesn't help
Sits in the kitchen unused
Feb 15, 2015
Extremely Disappointed
I am disabled and can not stand up to cook or do dishes, so I saw this and was excited, until I got it and tried using it. The seat was too high for me to use, my toes didn't even touch the floor, so there was no chance of me using it....I ended up giving it away. :( Paying what I did for it, at least someone got use of it. Wish I would have been able to!!!
Jan 10, 2015
Don't Like Falling Down
I have a double desk and wanted to "scoot" between them. After falling 3 times I decided it was not going to work for me.
Sep 23, 2014
(3944) Rollabout Chair
I purchesed this chair for myself becouse I can not stand in my kitchen to cook or clean. I was very disapointed becouse it would not even go together right and would not roll. Everytime I tried to use it it would tip over.
Aug 04, 2014
Really disappointed
I am unable to stand more than a few minutes and thought this would be perfect. When no one sits on it, it rolls but when you sit on it, it does not roll easily and you are unsteady. I also wish the seat could have been further lowered to increase the stability.
Aug 01, 2014
found the way the legs attach chair does not roll very well. afraid may fall.
Apr 17, 2014
Poor design:
The shaft that goes up from the legs to the seat were not drilled with holes so that the pin could be used for different height levels. the fittings did not fit properly and the legs and wheels were very cheaply made. Did not give a sense of balance or security. Have sent the chair back via Postal Service.
Mar 15, 2014
Does what it says
The chair does what it says it will do I'm disabled and have not been able to stand to prep food or wash dishes now I can if you unlock the wheel it rolls
Jan 25, 2014
Not as described
I wanted this roll chair to use in the kitchen since I can not stand for long periods. It does not roll well - I have wood laminate floors in the kitchen. It rolls OK if you are not sitting on it. Also when sitting and trying to roll it feels very unsafe like you can fall off at any moment. I am sorry I did not listen to the many other negative comments.
Jan 24, 2014
rollabout chair
My husband was not comfortable using this chair. Very disappointed. Does not perform as described.
Jan 20, 2014
Motorized - awesome
I love this chair. I added a Briggs-Stratton engine on it and a hand accelerator and drive it to work. Works great. Cons: Must use hand signals when entering freeway.
Dec 24, 2013
Just what we needed!
For Mom who has trouble standing. High enough for her to safely and comfortably cook and use the sink.
Oct 15, 2013
OK for now.
Used in kitchen, bad back.
Sep 25, 2013
Piece of Junk
Not worth the price. Cheaply made.
Aug 07, 2013
Helps me stand long enough to do my dishes and move around the kitchen so I can do things like cooking. In bathroom I'm able to use the mirrow. I can now move from place to place, from chore to chore. I've been looking for this product for years. Thank you for stocking such a helpfull item for those with disabilitirs.
Jun 09, 2013
I wish I had read the other reviews
I have just put this together and my first thought was to check the reviews on it. Very wobbly. I assume that none of the bolts and nuts are supposed to be secure, but that makes the safety questionable. Actually, I think the seat is pretty comfy for what it is. But then, I'm not a gourmet cook that will be spending hours on it. this is a very good lesson in why you should always read the reviews before purchasing. They were right on.
Apr 27, 2013
didn't live up to my high hopes
I had such high hopes for this stool as I needed something in the kitchen while cooking and cleaning up. But the legs are still loose, as is the seat, and I feel insecure on it. The wheels don't roll easily either, and I don't even have carpet.
Apr 22, 2013
not a good buy
Seat was very uncomfortable. Wheels don't roll smoothly. Cannot use it. It is more comfortable standing up. I would have returned it for refund but it would have cost $25.00 tomail it parcel post it was not worth it. I will try and get $10.00 for it at the next garage sale.
Mar 23, 2013
Not a good buy
The chair would not roll even with the lightest body. I would not keep it and it cost me $17.00 to return it on parcel post. Very very disappointed especially with the price to return it. This will curtail my spending with Harriet Carter products.
Dec 02, 2012
I would recommend this product to anyone
I have back problems and fibromyalgia and it is hard to stand for period of time, such as cooking, with this stool I can move around kitchen and only stand occasionally.
Nov 20, 2012
the wheels do not turn or roll at all,avery poor design
Nov 16, 2012
poor quality build,JUNK!
don' waste your money,too late for me, I will sit out for trash man monday
Oct 06, 2012
Back Saver! So glad I bought it!
I have arthritis and numerous back issues that make it difficult for me to stand for more than a few minutes at a time, unaided. This product has given me back some independence! I am able to do things in the kitchen without pain! I love this stool! Best purchase I've ever made. Would recommend this to everyone.
Aug 19, 2012
Careful, Careful
I use the product sitting in the kitchen while preparing have to make sure you are sitting squarely on the seat or you can fall over.
Apr 25, 2012
very uncomfortable to sit on
I use the product for taking money at a cash register at school cafeteria and it is not a comfortable seat to sit on--also could roll a little easier while I am sitting on it.
Feb 13, 2012
Rollabout Chair
This product is used as a computer stool in the MEDIA ROOM
Oct 07, 2011
Chair is OK
Since I can't stand long enough to cook or wash dishes it is a necessity.
Sep 09, 2011
Get them rolling
I use it to do jobs around the kitchen. It has a big seat and can hold a lot of weight. The wheels don't move as they should it is hard to scoot around from one counter to the next.
Aug 09, 2011
I like the idea and I use it every day
I love the idea behind this product, as I use a short stool in the kitchen. I have painful knees and need to sit while in the kitchen. I am an Innkeeper for a B&B and I spend much of my time in the kitchen. I do trip on this chair frequently, as it's legs are spread for stablity. I understand that, here are my problems with the chair: I am at the upper end of weight limit and the chair does not roll well. Therefore, the chair tends to tip easily. It would also be nice of the chair had a swivel seat and more up and down positions. (I personally would need one more notch down, as I am tall) I tried to just use an office chair in the kitchen but it was too low. (sounds like I am "Goldie Locks") Well, these are my comments. I will continue to use the chair, in "careful" mode.
Aug 03, 2011
has design tips
The wheels don't roll well when weight is applied. It tips sideways with or without having weight on it. My kitchen is small and the chair can be in the way. If the design was changed, and given four legs, it could be made smaller and be safer.
Jul 31, 2011
saves me from backpain
the wheels dont move good they get stuck I have bare floors and I'd hate to try to move with carpet I use mine to do dishes and chop veg. I have bad knees and back.
Jul 05, 2011
Handy helper
I have MS and can not stand in one place for long. This chair is perfect for sitting at a counter stiring and chopping. Haven't used it on carpet but is great on my tile kitchen/laundry room floor.
Jun 03, 2011
Very good
Thank you
Mar 25, 2011
Great Chair!
Any time I am going to be standing I can sit. Helps me dry my hair Prepare food It's light and can go from room to room. It's sturdy and on casters so you can move around
Mar 19, 2011
Does not work as advertized
Wheels did not turn 360 degrees easily on tile or carpet. Returned
Feb 28, 2011
Definately worth the price!
definately a + 4 ppl w/back prob's. have told several ppl of this product. huby laughed @ 1st but now loves it! thank you
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