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Get longer, thicker, bouncier hair with hair plus! Clinically proven to increase hair growth up to 123% in just 28 days! European-made, specially formulated shampoo and conditioner stimulate growth while giving hair a healthier, more lustrous look. Rich in Keratin, soy proteins, Vitamin B6 and emollients, the shampoo and conditioner when used together strengthen and protect hair, plus increase growth, gloss, texture. 8-1/2 oz. ea.

"I just received my shipment yesterday....used it this morning and I'm amazed at the results already. Definetely added body and a huge difference in texture. Can't wait to see results in 4 weeks!!" -Customer in New York


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Apr 16, 2017
Really works
I lost 2/3rds of my hair volume due to a medication I was taking. With just 3 shampoos so far I already feel the difference. My hair feels thicker and is growing in length already. This product is worth the price.
Oct 24, 2016
Hair Grow Shampoo
The shampoo & conditioner work great together, other than I noticed a bad smell to both. The conditioner left my hair oily if I used too long on my scalp. Then my scalp itched. My hair grew from just below my ear to midway down my back in 30 days. It is a product that I will continue to use. Hopefully they make it smell better!
May 19, 2016
Hair product
The product worked similar to an average shampoo and conditioner product, Didn't grow out the length in the amount of having it of a month. Takes a month to grow half an inch and it's exactly what happened. Used the product before and I could see the difference. This particular set just didn't work after a month of using.
Mar 04, 2016
Does not work
Used product as directed. Did not enhance hair growth but hair was very soft after use
Jan 17, 2016
2 weeks have not see any different or lenght yet.
shampoo dos not coat the hair or ska, kind of tangles the hair, like the sent. the Conditioner dos not absorb or softens the hair after the time need to wait. I will finish the product and see if hair has gained length or gotten stronger.
Oct 25, 2015
Use it or lose it.
I usually don't buy into these claims but I have hair that has not grown past a certain length since I stopped using this product. One claim on here was that no product can induce growth. I tried this once a couple of years ago and my hair showed more growth than it has in years and has gone back to not showing much growth since I quit using it. My hair was also healthy looking and shiny with use. So, this person who claims nothing can do this might want to do some more of their own research. I was pleased.
Jul 11, 2015
This Works! Hair is to my waist instead of shoulders!
Before using this product, my hair wouldn't grow longer than shoulder length. After One Bottle Each of the shampoo and conditioner, my hair grew to my waist and has remained that length several years. I am ordering more to see if it will grow longer yet!
May 22, 2015
Love this product
I have used this product many times and it really works and has made my hair grow fast. I am concerned that something might be wrong with the Shampoo and conditioner as this time they smell horible, even have some left over shampoo and they smell totally different but if it work like it has in the past, I can live with it. Before they did not smell bad.
Apr 22, 2015
I would buy this product again and again
It help me with my hair and the conditioner is great. My hair is smooth and shiny.
Jan 12, 2015
Hair Plus
Hair grows at a rate on average of 1/3" to 1/2" a month, depending on the season (hair grows a bit faster in the summer). No product can affect the follicle and make hair grow faster. Hair that you see is really dead, that is why you can cut it and feel no pain. The living part of hair is the follicle, the birth place of the hair shaft and that is located about 1/3" - 1/4" under the skin. Look this up.. and save your money. This item and all hair growing ads.. just a waste of $$$$.
Jan 12, 2015
Hair Plus
Nothing can make hair grow faster.. Good nutrition, good care and age effect hair growth. Hair comes from the follicle which is located beneath the scalp and no product applied to the hair shaft (which is really dead hair) can make the follicle produce hair at a faster rate. This product is a dressing for hair and does not make hair grow faster at all. Save your money.. and do not get this. A total waste !!!
Oct 29, 2014
My hair has really grown longer, as noted by my husband. My hair feels stronger. The smell of the product is not the best, but I am buying again.
Jul 18, 2014
Awesome product
I have used this product more than once and have had wonderful results each time. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants longer, healthier hair
Jun 01, 2014
A little goes a long way for me.
This shampoo is good for me because my hair is thin and I have hair loss. I can tell it's working, because I don't have long hair. I noticed, after three weeks (6 applications), the spots were starting to disappear and new hair is growing. (I brush my hair with a brush that is clean, then check to see if it has picked up any hair after brushing.) After using this product for a month, I have found that the my brush stays cleaner, my hair has grown 1/2 inch now. The conditioner feels good on my scalp. I don't have any allergic reaction with it either. It has stopped my itching problem. I will continue to buy this product,even though it costs a little more. I will recommend this shampoo and conditioner to anyone who comments on my hair. Thank you.
May 21, 2014
I used this till gone..did NOTHING for my hair.
Apr 06, 2014
Great Product
I love this! It made my hair grow so fast and look so healthy!
Jan 30, 2014
too much whiz and not enough bang
i've used the product for several months. have seen minamal growth i use it every other day as my hairdresser has advised me to do. waste of money.
Jan 01, 2014
Hair plus shamoo
The hair plus shampoo was great. It helps to grow hair
Sep 29, 2013
Great Product
I absolutely LOVE this product. Let me give you a bit of history: I am an African-American female, age 40, and healthy. I have very thin somewhat damaged hair from perming & coloring faithfully over the past 22 years. "NOTHING" ever worked, not even the expensive products. Then I discovered this product. I use both 2-3 times a week. It has been 5 weeks now and the results are pretty impressive. My hair breakage is almost none now. My hair is visibly thicker & healthy looking. It is growing but not that much. I am more pleased with the thickness than anything else. I haven't had a need for a perm either because my hair is soooooo soft and easier to manage. I am extremely impressed & pleased and will be purchasing more!
Jul 06, 2013
The Best so far!!!
I use it once a week, to think the results were phenomenal... My hair became fuller, bouncier, with a natural glow. Every week it grew about an inch. Aside from the growth the hair became much softer and manageable. Definitely worth the money.
Nov 20, 2012
Just Dee, again
I've used this set for awhile, then couldn't afford the price. So, I went to a beauty supply & bought what they advised as the 'best'. Cost was just over half the price of this set. Results aren't near as good. I still have breakage & dry scalp. If I don't add something after washing, my hair looks damaged. With this set I don't have to do that. My hair feels stronger & weightier with Hair Plus & is smooth & shiney. The breakage stops. After a few weeks of using the other stuff, I decided to finish off Hair Plus & really saw the difference. I will be going back to Hair Plus soon & pray they don't stop producing it.
Aug 04, 2012
Even my hair dresser noticed the change
I ordered this product a couple of months ago & wish I continued. I, also, have fine, damaged, oily hair. This product DID improve my hair a lot. I brush my hair, standing with my head down. I saw all the breakage falling out plus the dry skin. After a week, this all stopped. My scalp stopped iching, (dry). The breakage stopped and it DID grow 1' in 1 month. Normal is 1/2'. My hair looked smooth and shined. I bought an over the counter, spent more $ on 3 items, intended to use together. Dry scalp came back & breakage, too. I hope that this product continues to be available. I'm contiuing with this. You need to follow the directions. Don't expect good results if you don't. Even with over the counter.
Mar 02, 2012
stronger hair
I use this shampoo and conditioner every other day. I'm about to order my second shipment of it. I color my hair (black) so I can really tell (by my roots) that my hair's growing. It's not a huge difference in the growth speed, but this is where the difference lies: breakage. I have very fine and thin hair. I used to have to have it trimmed every month or so because the ends would start breaking off in little quarter-inch pieces like two weeks after a trim. I inspect my ends a few times a week and since I've been using this shampoo/conditioner combo, I haven't had to trim it ONCE (it's been about 3 months). If you look at the ingredients, you can see all the good stuff in it, like proteins, as compared to other shampoos that are basically soap and perfumes. I think this product is definitely worth the price. My hair is so much stronger.
Oct 25, 2011
May 03, 2011
Didn't work
It made my hair really soft and it didn't get as oily .. But I used it for a month and saw no results
Jan 28, 2011
Love it already...on Day 1
I just received my shipment yesterday....used it this morning and I'm amazed at the results already. Definately added body and a huge difference in texture. Can't wait to see results in 4 weeks!!
Jan 16, 2011
hair plus
i used it each time i shampooed my hair... which is 2 times a week..... after 3 months still saw no results
Dec 28, 2010
Finally, something that actually works!
My hair is pretty damaged and nothing seemed to help it grow, until I tried this shampoo and conditioner! Even my stylist has noticed the increased growth and all around healthier hair! Use it faithfully and you will see results!
Dec 02, 2010
Great Shampoo
Unfortunately, I haven't used my shampoo every single time I shower, so I can't say whether it does help with the growth, but it makes hair feel really good; healthy and live. I will certainly buy it again and again and again.
Nov 07, 2010
- i was kind of hesitant to buy this at first because i didn't want to spend money on something that wasn't going to work but i bought it anyway.[...] i used it accordingly. i can say within 2 weeks i saw results. my hair went from above my bra line to almost near my buttocks within one month. everyone compliments me on how long my hair has gotten and its all thanks to this product. i am on here right now to order another bottle =)
Oct 18, 2010
My hairdresser noticed my hair growth!
My hair doesn't develop build-up.
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