Chrome Pedal Exerciser (F7480)

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Pedal Exerciser. Pedal away flabbiness and inches while seated in your favorite easy chair. Improve circulation, firm legs, hips and abdomen in just minutes a day, even while watching TV or reading. Can also be used on table to exercise arms. Adjustable tension. Chrome-plated steel with slide-resistant rubber-tipped legs. 20" x 17".

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"I ride my bicycle to work. When it rains I can't. When winter comes I can't. This gives my knees a good work out!" -Customer in Pennsylvania


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Jul 09, 2017
Easy to pedal
This was purchased for my Dad, as he needed to use it for therapy after having hip surgery. He uses a similar one at the therapists office, but to do some pedaling at home, this comes in handy. It was easy to install -- good instructions - and he uses it often. You can even sit it on a table, and move it with your arms, for upper body therapy too, for strengthening of the arms.
May 12, 2017
Not Worth The Money
This product was advertised to use with you favorite easy chair. We tried the easy chair, straight chair, sofa nothing worked. The "cycle" kept moving away (wouldn't stay in place) Tried using on floor, rug, and rubber mat...same thing. Don't bother with this product.
Apr 14, 2017
Great for portable use
A helpful item to exercise muscles, especially when a person isn't in their best condition. It's also good for people who are not steady on their feet because it can be used sitting down.
Feb 10, 2017
I would buy it again
My students love this exerciser
Dec 31, 2016
Good product for senior fitness, both legs & arms.
I was pleasantly surprised at the convenience of the pedal exerciser. Purchased for my husband who has back problems and needs to keep his muscles active in preparation for surgery soon. He uses it for both arms and legs to keep up his stamina.
Dec 18, 2016
Difficult to put together. Too lightweight and moves alot.
Bought to strengthen wrists after carpel tunnel surgery.
Dec 15, 2016
Great for the arms. Too light to do leg excerise.
It is great to do arm excerise, but not leg. It moves too much.
Aug 18, 2016
It get hot and then sticks.
It moves around when using this product and after a few revolutions it starts to stick. Can't adjust the tension on it. It was cheap and made very cheaply. I would not recommend this to anyone.
Jun 11, 2016
Chrome Pedal Exerciser
I was in the hospital for a long while and when I came home I needed to build my strength back up.
May 27, 2016
easy to assemble
Had knee issues, Dr. Said walk. Couldn't because of knee, but he said this machine would be helpful to my recovery.
May 13, 2016
I needed help to get the pins in. I don't have the strength to wrap them around the bars - poor design in my opinion.
Apr 14, 2016
Not completely satisfied
No comment
Apr 04, 2016
Pretty Bummed
totally bummed when put together and all the screws are still loose. the product is not well made. and it is so light it doesnt stay in place to cycle anyway. waste of money.
Apr 02, 2016
Didn't work for us
I bought for my 84 year old father to use while watching TV. He has some weakness in his legs, and we thought this would help with strength and mobility. The product was not stable enough for him to use. I tried using it and had the same issue. We are returning the product.
Mar 25, 2016
A little wobbly, but is good for someone with little mobilit
Mar 20, 2016
To much hype
Product when in use keeps on sliding on floor. Not stationary, so hard to keep pedaling, also straps are way too big for foot rest, keeps slipping off.
Mar 16, 2016
Pedal to nowhere
The exerciser was so,light weight that it had to be weighted down to use. I used it 30 minutes a day for five days. On the sixth day the bar holding the pedals broke off while I was using it. A very inferior product. Not up to the standards normally expected from Harriet Carter.
Mar 11, 2016
Great product for people who need to get moving
very useful
Mar 04, 2016
It broke apart after using just 3 days. It is not any good.
I hoped I found an excerize product that I could use at home while cooped up in the winter, but it fell apart after only a few days.
Mar 04, 2016
Chrome Pedal Exerciser
Need help putting straps on my feet and taking off.
Feb 07, 2016
Jan 05, 2016
written instructions please
This chrome pedal exerciser was not what I expected. When I opened the box and looked for the instructions. I only found picture instructions. So I struggled to follow the picture and assemble it. I did not like the use of pins. I don't think I have them placed correctly. The exercise does not stay in place when in use it slides all over the carpet and the floor. I will continue to use it by trying to brace up against something stable. Overall I am not impressed.
Nov 29, 2015
Screws & bolts weren't included with the item.Went to store.
No screws or bolts were included to put the bike together. We had to go to the hardware store & buy them seperately. I would not recommend this product.
Sep 06, 2015
Very good
Exercise while watching TV
Sep 02, 2015
DO NOT buy this product, when u peddle it moves, the foot strap won't stay on, it is NOT Usable, save your money.
Aug 17, 2015
works great
use it most nights while watching tv
Aug 04, 2015
This item looks heavy, or like it could hold its own weight when placed on the floor or table. However, it's so light that the instance you put any pressure on the petals, it moves. That defeats the whole purpose. The only option is to nail/screw it to the floor. Not worth the trouble to return it. Will just toss.
Jul 01, 2015
would think twice before buying
Slips away when pedalling unless you secure it down. Gets metal hot after exercising for 10_15 minutes. Straps break easy, because not made for wearing shoes.
Jun 16, 2015
Pedal Exerciser
This is excellent for my sister, as she needs to strengthen her legs and it has helped her.
May 11, 2015
chrome peddler
Top bolt broke with first time use; very wobbly
May 08, 2015
(7480) Chrome Pedal Exerciser
It is really a piece of junk. Would not recommend it to anyone. You get what you pay for.
Apr 28, 2015
Poor quality
This was replacing a pedal exciser that I brought years ago and recently broke This replacement is no way like my previous one. The rubber on the bottom was not flat like the bottom of my first and just slid on the floor; it has nothing to grip the floor. Also the pedal arm slid as you pedaled as you could not adjust it any tighter. I returned the exciser as I was very disappointed in the quality of same.
Apr 20, 2015
Great Little Exerciser
I use it in kitchen, as I can sit sideways in chair and pay bills, watch TV, etc.
Apr 20, 2015
needs a little upgrade
upgrading pedal straps would be good and sturdier cotter pins or substitute. we repaired with a piece of copper to hold pedal strap
Mar 10, 2015
will not hold up
At first this was great!I could feel the workout;but after less than a month the pedal broke and melted off after having gotten hot during 10 min of use.
Jan 03, 2015
great petal exercisor
gift to my 90 yr old sister. found if placed on rug turned upside down with rubber backing in contact with exerciser it would not scoot away from her as she petaled. otherwise it must be anchored for use on carpet. She loves it. I will be ordering one for myself and one for my daughter.
Jan 01, 2015
Serves the purpose
Place where the cotter pins are should have holes closer together so there would not be so much play for the pedals to be turned
Oct 30, 2014
Great for my knees
I ride my bicycle to work. When it rains I can't. When winter comes I can't. This gives my knees a good work out!
Oct 30, 2014
chrome pedal exerciser
this product is difficult to use. it is too light, not steady, when trying to pedal it continues to move. need more weight to hold in place.
Oct 27, 2014
A nifty mat needs to come with this, as it slides on the floor. The straps are pretty useless. It is good for the arms as well and can use almost anywhere.
Mar 09, 2014
Fair for the purpose
Use it while at home in front of TV. My very fragile foot bones do not allow for stressful exercises. I use hand weights while peddling for upper body work out. You must get a rubber mat to keep exerciser from sliding on any surface, carpet, tile or wood flooring.
Jan 26, 2014
highly over rated!
We tried using this device to strengthen our arms and legs, as per directions. As we started pedaling, the device kept falling apart. We took out our tools and tightened all the screws and nuts. That did not help. It is a good concept, but the materials were VERY INFERIOR..The metal frame was so light, it was necessary to put it against a wall to hold it in place.
Jan 22, 2014
Piece of cake
I do not like assembling anything and a male friend of mine who recently purchased this told me it took 2 guys 3 hours to assemble his. I had already ordered this prior to his comments and was terribly nervous. It took 15 minutes to assemble...Woo Hoo. I purchased this to help with some mobility issues after throwing my back out and it appears to be doing the job.
Dec 30, 2013
Exerciser for therapy
My husband is using this as part of his therapy for rotator cuff surgery and it is helping with the healing process.
Dec 17, 2013
This works reasonably well
This bike is easy to assemble and works well. It is light-weight and tends to travel on carpet, but if braced against furniture is quite useful.
Dec 04, 2013
I would never buy this again
I bought this for my husband to use while he's sitting at his desk and he used it for 10 minutes on two occasions then on the 3rd occasion after 10 minutes the pedal melted and broke.
Nov 08, 2013
pedal exerciser
hard to assemble difficult to use kept moving across floor got sock caught in spokes
Oct 29, 2013
good exersise for new knee Just right.
It has allowed me to improve mobility in my new Knee. Easy to put together and looks good.
Oct 21, 2013
Great for leg therapy
My husband had a knee operation and the therapist recommended an exercise bike, this was more economical.
Oct 15, 2013
Cheep Made !
Get the bandages & meds, you will need them. The cotter pins will cut you up. Washers arn't close enough to hold it together. In time you will trash it.
Oct 11, 2013
Happy to have it. I exercise my legs for 30 minutes, while watching my favorite morning show. I switch to my arms midway through the program. The best thing is that it's so light weight that you can pick it up with 2 fingers and carry it from room to room. Because of the siz, storage is no problem. I have heart issues, and this exercise is perfect for me to bring my heart rate up at the start of my day.
Aug 31, 2013
Useless even for arms
I put it together, tried it 1 x. Adjusted the tension to maximum and even an out-of-shape 100 year old could pedal it easily so it's useless for its intended purpose.
Aug 22, 2013
Did not have the screws, etc. in the box
Could not put it together because of parts missing. That totally made me loss interest. I was told I would be reimbursed for this item.
Aug 15, 2013
Not Happy
This was missing parts. Seems to "slip" away from me when I use it.
Aug 12, 2013
Does what I need!
I have had a very hard recovery from a knee injury and this is gentle enough that I can start working out my knee. I hope it will help me on my recovery. It is not the sturdiest but it was very inexpensive and it will do for now.
May 27, 2013
Works well for the elderly
I bought it for my 86 yr old mother. She loves it.
Apr 30, 2013
Looks good but isn't
This product was good in the beginning. But as time went by the product broke on one side. The product was not strong enough.
Apr 14, 2013
needs support so it won'tn slip
I use it to help make my legs stronger. Make sure to put some kind of non slip item under it so it won't slip all over the floor.
Apr 03, 2013
Poorly advertised
Item received is not the same as the picture in the catalog. The pic in the catalog has an extra support piece over the top to keep the tension knob from breaking off. I had to buy and rig my own brackets and metal wire to make that more stable.
Apr 01, 2013
Not all that good
this item is put together with cotter pins which does not hold it together well - and the tension bar slides back and forth. I am just glad that I did not get this for a gift for anyone, I would have been very embarrassed. It slides all over the floor when you try to peddle it. Only really good for the arms.
Mar 29, 2013
A piece of junk! Started wobbling after 2 mins. of use. Cannot get it apart to send it back.
Mar 28, 2013
don't know yet haven't received my order
Have yet to receive this item. was ordered several wks ago..received shampoo tray, but not this. Please advise!!
Mar 18, 2013
Cheaply made!!
After finally completing assembly, I decided it certainly wasn't worth the time or money and returned it within a couple of days! Very dissappointed with the quality!
Mar 13, 2013
Missing too many parts
Never was able to put it together too many parts were missing. Will not get another one I will just find something local so I can make sure it works properly
Mar 07, 2013
Cheap, Cheap, Cheap.
Not a durable enough for what it would be used for. Cheap materials used to put it together. Very disappointed in the item over-all.
Dec 05, 2012
no comments
Nov 15, 2012
not satisfied
was hoping it would be good for my legs and help with my RLS, unfortunately its not as sturdy as i had hope and one of the pins was missing, had to buy one. will continue to use tho, i hate wasting money i don't really have
Aug 22, 2012
Aug 14, 2012
Waste of money!!!
Very cheap material. After one use pedal bar got warm to touch and broke in half.
Jul 03, 2012
Great Product
Great for rehabing legs or arms.
Jun 11, 2012
This is as easy as it gets
Resourceful, easy to use, small storage, good for the whole family.
Apr 29, 2012
Not up to my standards
I use this while watching TV. Not very sturdy, have had to replace screws. Best for upper body.
Mar 16, 2012
Not like the photo
Photo shows what looks like hand grips.There are none. I want to use it to exercise rotator cuffs. Now I must use foot pedals for hand grips. Really?
Jan 21, 2012
good product,but no instructions came wi
product seems good.
Dec 15, 2011
Not too pleased with this purchase
This was easy to put together but design was very lose and unsteady, could not operate on carpeted floor but bare floor was much better. Wanted to use under by desk at work but it's not going to work for that.
Nov 28, 2011
Don't judge a book by it's cover!
I really appreciate the simplicity but effectivenes of the pedal exerciser! I am disabled and my mobility is limited. The exerciser allows me to work my leg and arm muscles so that I may build my strength back in order to move more freely. Thank you so very much! Laissez les bon temp rouler!
Nov 02, 2011
pore quality. steal petal bar brakes
I got 2 of these one for a friend and myself to use while at work sitting at our desks. Both of them broke. The steal peddle bar breaks in half. Very pore construction. I would not recommend .
Oct 29, 2011
Good & Bad
In using, was too light weight and moved across floor as I pedaled. Also, pedal stras were small and hurt my feet....Probably great for a smaller person. I have found a larger version and works OK.
Oct 05, 2011
I would NOT suggest this item!
I was very dissatisfied with this for "exercises"!
Aug 26, 2011
It's a joke!!
I am really disappointed with this product. The pedal assembly sits crooked on the frame and therefore is difficult to use for leg exercising....and that's the main reason I purchased it.
Aug 04, 2011
very good and reasonable
good product
Jul 29, 2011
Not durable
Worked well for 2 weeks then broke but another was sent as a replacement without any delay. [...]
May 19, 2011
Love it!! :ove it!!
Being crippled I needed something to help my legs....This is it1 thank you
Apr 22, 2011
Good product
I have arthiritis and it works great, very portable, can be taken anywhere.
Mar 13, 2011
since i got it my legs have got stronger
came right on time
Jan 09, 2011
It's awkward to put together,does not stay in one place,not stable,does not have lock nuts for screws. As it's being used,the motion rattles the screws and nuts loose. And the plastic straps are useless. In theory,this is a good idea,in reality,it's just a piece of junk. Do not waste your money unless you want to pay shipping both ways.
Nov 28, 2010
review of pedal exerciser
Aug 16, 2010
Great product for your legs and also if you can not get outdoors to use a bike.
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