Personalized Flag Display Case

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Personalized Oak Flag Case (P2546)

Military Name (35)
Dates (35)
  • $49.98
    $29.98 each

Personalized Walnut Flag Case (P6098)

Military Name (35)
Dates (35)
  • $49.98
    $29.98 each


Provides an enduring memorial for a deceased veteran. Triangular wood case features clear, unbreakable window to proudly display the folded flag presented at funerals. Brass-finish plaque is engraved with veteran's name and birth/death dates. Available in walnut or oak stain. 23½" x 12¼" x 4" deep.



Personalization Information:

  • Character limit for the name:  35 characters, including spaces
  • Character limit for the dates:  35 characters, including spaces


Based on 124 reviews
May 26, 2017
Bought this to put my fathers flag into from his funeral. He was a Korean War Veteran. The thing was poor quality, parts were missing, the plastic was cracked. The magnetic latch broke. Please do not continue to sell this cheaply made merchandise!
Mar 16, 2017
I was very disappointed with just about everything. It took
I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. It was made very cheeply for the price.
Feb 18, 2017
Not as good as the picture
I have a flag case for my dad's flag but the glass was broken and the plaque was never engraved. I wanted to have a new one to pass the flag to my son. The case is very light weight and very difficult to assemble. It has an ugly little knob on the front which does not have oak finish. I will be replacing it. The oak finish is non existent on exposed edges. I tried to stain it but it has a hard finish that would not accept color correction. I am not sure that this is nice enough to pass on to my son. The only advantage is that it came with a very nice engraved plaque that can be attached to something more sturdy. I should have listened to other reviewers.
Nov 11, 2016
I wouldn't recommend this product
This product was quite flimsy...door didn't close all the way...back pops out....too small for the folding of the flag I have.
Oct 05, 2016
Don't waste your money.
Door doesn't line up with case. Back pops out. Door doesn't stay shut. Plastic door knob. Finish inconsistent. Very poor quality. I bought one years ago and hoped it would be the same. It isn't. Don't waste your money.
Sep 24, 2016
Poor quality, will not stay shut. Magnet not strong enough.
Poor workmanship.
Aug 26, 2016
Flag case
Would not recommend this to anyone. I shop for bargains but want my monies worth
Aug 05, 2016
Did not like this product
I returned this item because I was VERY displeased because the description in the catalogue said NOTHING about it having to be assembled! I did not like the design because I thought it was rather flimsy. I should not have to put together my father's flag case. I will look elsewhere and do not recommend this item.
Jun 10, 2016
Poor quality item
This item does not meet the standards to place an American flag in. It was my father's flag given by The Veterans for his service. The display back was cut to small and made from really thin flimsy wood. The cover, which appears to be glass or plexi glass is actually a piece of very thin plastic similar to what is on a cheap picture frame. The door will not stay shut, because the magnet is recessed to far back into the cabinet to catch the piece of metal on the door. I would not buy this. Spend the extra money and buy a really good one. My mom paid more than $35.00 for this and $15.00 would have been a big price. Very disappointed.
May 21, 2016
very poorly made
the holder was purchased to display the flag of my deceased husband and was so poorly made that after putting it together, it fell apart
Apr 30, 2016
I was very disappointed to,have to assemble the item. Back was cheap cardboard. It holds the flag from my veteran husband's funeral. I had to stuff the flag inside and had difficulty closing the case. Those flags are a standard size. I really expected more.
Apr 29, 2016
Flag display case
Product was poor workmanship compared to the one we ordered from you several years ago. Quality of parts were alot less than before. Can tell that quality was extremely less for the same amount of money. Have both cases side by side and you can tell the newest one was made alot cheaply. Really disappointed!
Apr 28, 2016
Nice for the price.
Quality is fine for the price.
Apr 25, 2016
the flag display was great
My father-in-law just passed away so this display case is a way of remembering him
Apr 23, 2016
was pleased with this. would buy again
this was just what i wanted to display my recently deceased veterans flag.
Apr 22, 2016
great product
it was just as I'd hoped and less expensive than most. I couldn't see any difference between the more expensive ones and this one.The difference that someone might like better is that this one had a plexi-glass window and the more expensive one had glass.
Apr 04, 2016
Window is plastic. Brass plate not affixed. Wood???
Not good for displaying flag. Poor quality of wood and plastic screen is not securely attached. The U.S. Flag deserves much better.
Apr 03, 2016
would not buy again
I returned item as it was very poorly made and broke when assembled. It doesn't state that you have to assemble item. Very disappointed.
Mar 13, 2016
Terrible quality
Returned item for refund.
Mar 11, 2016
Unhappy with product
We were very unhappy that the product was not fully assembled considering the price. Not as shown in catalog. Would not purchase another one.
Mar 07, 2016
not good unbreakable window split when putting it together
Mar 07, 2016
cover for flag
This is my second one. The first one broke and removing the little bitty screw that came with it cracked it more. The one I found this time looked a lot better in construction. The old one was 20 years old and would not stay closed.
Mar 01, 2016
The flag case is beautiful! It arrived quickly.
I was searching for a flag display case, and found this one online. The price was great and so is the product. I'm very pleased with this choice!
Feb 06, 2016
Flag display case
The case is too small for my flag. The clear, unbreakable window, which is plastic, arrived cracked! I have removed the plastic window and had to use double stick tape to keep the door secured shut as the magnet latch would not hold it shut because of the bulkiness of the flag.
Feb 06, 2016
I purchased this product to display my deceased Husbands Veterans Flag. Was very disappointed. The front closeure did not seal together properly, the knob to open/close was not centered. The walnut stain was ok. Sent back for refund and purchased one at another store for same amount as I paid, which was made much better without a knob and easier to insert the flag. Sorry....
Jan 31, 2016
6098-1 personalized frag display case
was surprised to find it in pieces and not assembled. should contain a warning: assembly required.
Jan 20, 2016
Was a Christmas gift for my mother.
Jan 19, 2016
Low quality
We purchased this for my father-in-law's flag. I was upset to see that neither front or back was actually the appropriate size. I had to super-glue the plastic front down so it would stay in and the back came out as soon as we put the flag in it. The front edges weren't properly finished and the nameplate attaches with tape, not tacks or nails. I'm unimpressed and will likely be replacing as soon as possible with something designed properly.
Jan 05, 2016
flag display case
This case was very affordable. Wood was good quality, easy to assemble. Only small complaint is if it was an inch larger flag would fit and not be squished in case. Would look smoother. Over all satisfied for the price we paid.
Dec 22, 2015
Flag holder
Going to put my dad's flag from funeral in it to display
Dec 18, 2015
What a disgrace to our Flag
wasn't advertised that assembly was required---the box was big enough to have been assembled--is only press board, not wood. I'm embarrassed to put a Veterans Casket American flag in it & have ordered a new display case from a framing store that is wood with a glass front for only $5.00 more than I paid from your co.
Dec 15, 2015
Excellent customer service
They at first sent wrong style Oak instead of Walnut. Called and they shipped new one plus emailed free return label. When second one came porch pirates stole my box off porch. One call gave me replacement and allowed me to ship to my mom's house which is more secureity against porch pirates. It came quickly and was easy to put together! Harriet Carter rocks on!
Dec 15, 2015
Very beautiful and easy to put together
Very pleased with this company and product...the first one came broken, when I sent email about it a new one came immediately and was perfect. Thank you
Dec 13, 2015
Not worth the money, and I was very disappointed. Very cheap
Flag holder had to be put together, and you could tell just by looking at it, that it was too small to hold the flag.
Dec 12, 2015
Flag display case
Not good looking, hard to try to assemble!
Nov 22, 2015
I would not recommend
Poorly made. Could not assemble screws too short.
Nov 13, 2015
Would rather have paid more and got good quality. I didn't look like the picture in the catalog.
Nov 12, 2015
missing pieces and not sturdy
This was suppose to be special, as the flag was presented to me from my husband at his retirement ceremony. I purchase the item to preserve it and it was poorly made and the little gold emblem was not delivered with it!
Nov 10, 2015
Pieces Missing
I'm not going to be using this because it is not sturdy, nor the engraved piece was not attached. I am extremely disappointed. For the price of this object, I am in awe. It should be much less expensive.
Nov 09, 2015
This was a gift and i had it shipped to a different address
this was shipped to another address so i did not see only picture in Catalog chappie
Nov 06, 2015
Not what you'd think
Needed a display case for flag of a deceased father. Disappointed in quality
Oct 24, 2015
keepsake for my grandson
i got it for my Dad's flag;a present for my grandson
Oct 15, 2015
Personalized Flag Display Case
I used the product to place my father's flag in it. The flag is displayed in the case, but it was very difficult to get the flag in the case!
Oct 09, 2015
Not as good as the first one I bought!
IT was not a good product, poor wood and cheaply made.
Oct 05, 2015
Flag Case
Plastic pieces could fall out if handled too much
Sep 19, 2015
Poor quality
this item was very poor quality for something that is so meaningful to families (the flag honoring their service). We will be returning this item and purchasing a better quality item from another source.
Sep 18, 2015
Flag boxes
The boxes held the flags so they did their jobs. One of them though barely will stay closed. The wood looked a little cheaper quality than I expected and one of them arrived with a cracked "window", which you all did replace. I would recommend this article to someone who wanted a flag box, but did not have very much money to spend.
Aug 23, 2015
Returned the product. Was poor quality
Was not satisfied with product.
Aug 15, 2015
Great display case
I am happy to have this fine display case for my late husband's military memorial flag. It looks so nice. Thank you for making this very nice item available to your customers.
Aug 14, 2015
Pieces did not fit together properly
I was disappointed in this product. I put my husband's flag in the case, but will probably try to find another one somewhere else. I wanted to hang it on the wall, but it did not have a hangar attached.
Aug 09, 2015
not what I expected
case was not as I expected. did not like that there are so many parts to put together and seems flimsy and not like it was pictured
Aug 09, 2015
Personalized Flag Display Case
I couldn't figure out how to put it together and was about ready to return it. I finally was able to work it out but am not entirely satisfied with the results.
Aug 07, 2015
Great Rememberance
The purchase was due to a sad occasion, but it provides a great memory of my father and his time in the Navy...Thank you.
Jun 23, 2015
Sad but very poor quality
Very poor quality. Should come assembled. Stores sell these already assembled with much better quality for same price. It was a gift for a loved one who just lost her veteran husband. I'm happy I didn't have it sent to her directly. This product should be removed from your inventory. I returned it to you and had to pay $12.62 in postage. You should have credit for postage on items returned that are such poor quality.
Jun 21, 2015
First disappointment from this company.
Am returning because sides don't fit together properly & magnetic latch doesn't work. Otherwise I would have kept it.
Jun 19, 2015
It was easy to put together, but what looks like a glass front covering for the flag is actually a thin piece of cheap plastic that pops out on the sides. This case is definitely not worth the money, and there is no way it was a more expensive item on sale. Very disappointing case for a veteran that gave so much.
Jun 14, 2015
Very Poor Qulaity Product
I would not recommend this at all. The flag does not fit into the holder and the plastic easily pops out of the frame. The frame no longer closes. The flag I am using was folded by the 101st airbone honor guard so I know the flag is properly folded. Very disappointed in the product design and durability.
May 09, 2015
Nice product for holding a special memory
This product was a gift so that my Mom could display my Dad's military flag that she received at his funeral. He will be greatly missed but his special memories will live on through this product.
May 07, 2015
May 05, 2015
A Flimsy Product
I bought this Flag Holder for my Mom so she could display my Dad's Flag which was given to her at his funeral. This is really a cheaply made flimsy product. I had to be careful when I assembled it, I was afraid it was going to break. Once you get it together, just put it on a shelf and don't touch it, that's the only was this thing will stay together. Just inserting the flag put pressure on this thing that I didn't think it was going to survive the assembly.
Mar 24, 2015
Poor quality
Poor quality, put it together, went to put the flag in and it fell apart. I also did not receive the name plate that I ordered with it.
Jan 06, 2015
beautiful - took 3 not real handy guys to put it together! But, turned out better than expected - lovely remembrance for reasonable prce.
Jan 03, 2015
The door doesn't shut tight which will allow dust, dirt, etc to get in and soil the flag which cannot be unfolded once folded by the honor guard. There also needs to be a base added with a small shadow box for the shells presented to the spouse after a 21 gun solute. I was also a bit disapointed to find the door didn't contain real glass.
Jan 01, 2015
Beautiful Flag Display Case
Great gift for anyone who has an American Flag, either in memory or as a tribute to a special accomplishment. The engraved plaque adds a very classy touch to the display.
Dec 29, 2014
Nice, but poor workmanship
I really liked the flag display case as it was for a flag from my father's funeral and I wanted to send it as a gift to my brother. After assembly, the back insert did not remain in the provided slots, and I had to run a large bead of glue along the back of the support once I had it in place to keep the back from popping out once I had the flag placed inside.
Dec 09, 2014
Freat looking Flag case
I was a great fit, for my mothers Flag. Looks great on the mantal, with pictures
Nov 25, 2014
Disappointing front
Disappointed in the quality. The one I got for my father-in-law(2007) was a much better quality with a glass window. I assumed when the descr. said unbreakable that it was a special glass
Nov 21, 2014
Disappointed in material.
The material was scratched. When put together it did not line up at the top. The knob isn't lined up to open and close the container. The hinges at the bottom was "bent".
Oct 25, 2014
it was ok
for flag ,pretty color appears to be flimsy
Aug 01, 2014
I thought it was a nice case!
I bought this to display my mom's military flag in. It went together well I had no problems. All the hardware was there and it had a simple diagram, which was all that was necessary. The toughest part was folding the flag tight enough to fit but finally I had success! The personalized name plate was enclosed and I installed it. I thought price was good as they are much more elsewhere.
Apr 17, 2014
Had to attach Velcro to keep the door closed after inserting flag. Hinges are low quality, ( screws are too short, had to glue to because they came loose).
Mar 23, 2014
No instructions,
No instructions, which made it more difficult to put everything together correctly. And the knob was hard to put a screw in. Not happy, cause I messed up one screw. It took me much longer than it should have to put together. Oh and one of the boxes did not even have enough gold screws to put the cover on.
Mar 11, 2014
I purchased this case from your company 26 years ago after my father passed to hold his flag. It was beautifully varnished and attractive. When the plastic cover broke, I ordered a new one. The one I received was not oak varnished finished but looked like you are required to do it yourself which we did. My husband said it was difficult to assemble. I was extremely disappointed. Your company should not sell them.
Mar 03, 2014
Terribly Disappointed
This flag case looked very nice in the catalog and the price was very economical, however, the quality is very poor. Made of compressed wood and the cover looks like glass, but its a piece of thin vinyl. Was extremely disappointed. While putting it together the wood was cracking. I returned it.
Feb 18, 2014
Very Disappointed
I was very disappointed when this arrived. I did not know that you had to put it together yourself. I could have bought one already assembled and much better quality for about the same price.
Feb 12, 2014
Not as advertised
The flag would not fit, the plexi-glass was so thin it would be difficult to clean. I assembled it hoping for the best, but this is a disgrace to think of using this for my father-in-law's flag. I will search and find a better designed case. I'm not even taking the time to disassemble it and return it. I will research a little more before my next purchase with HC.
Feb 08, 2014
Very Poor Quaility
I bought this to put my Dads Veterans Issued Flag into and it didn't even fit the case was way to small, the front of it is a cheap plastic not glass and it had a crack in it. The back of it is like cardboard material and if it was to get wet in any way it would not protect the flag whatsoever it would absorb the water like a sponge
Dec 23, 2013
Buyer's remorse
I purchased this to honor the memory of my dad and to give it to my mom to store the flag. Upon opening the package, I noticed that the materials were very flimsy. When I put the flag in it, the wood split and I had to use glue and tape to hold it together on one end. It may be better to get a better case that is sturdier to protect the flag. The extra money is worth your peace of mind.
Dec 07, 2013
isnt worth what it cost very cheap.
nothing is great about it.put it together the magnet wont stay in,so the door wont shut.
Dec 02, 2013
Very poor quality
Very poor quality, flimsy design. I was very disappointed as my father just passed away, and I planned to give the case to my mother to place his flag received at his memorial service. I returned it for a credit, a shame I had to pay the shipping and handling to return.
Oct 18, 2013
Terrible product, don't buy
I normally read reviews before purchasing a product, unfortunatelty I did not. I have learned a lesson. The product was of cheap construction, the hardware did not fit. It was not easy to assemble. When I did finally get it put together the flag would not fit and the entire piece fell apart. I have a 2nd one that I will not even waste my time on putting together. They will both be added to a bonfire in the backyard. Money totally wasted. Sad as I wanted to pay tribute to loved ones who have passed.
Oct 15, 2013
Flag display case
This is the third flag case I have purchased from you throughout the years. I found this display case to be poorly made and falling apart before we even got it put together. I was really disappointed as my others were much better made.
Oct 03, 2013
I did not dare to try building this.
I was afraid of breaking this item and needed help. It looks pretty good when finished and holds a large flag. It is pricey for what it is and I wonder how long it will hold up.
Sep 19, 2013
Buy Cheap Get Cheap
It's good for a temporary home for a flag, but best to honor your loved one with a higher end shadow box.
Sep 11, 2013
Military Flag Display Casw
I bought this case to display my husband's military flag. I was very dissappointed. The whole case fell apart when you stuff the flag in. This case is not built well enough to display something as important. Once it falls apart, you can't put it back together because the wood is chipped.
Aug 23, 2013
Pieces didn't fit together well. The funeral flag didn't fit the case without bulging out the back and popping the front open.
Jul 29, 2013
Just what I needed
Although the material was flimsy, the case looked very nice when displayed. The flag, when folded properly, fit inside very nicely, and now we have a fitting display for this special honor. The personalized name plaque added a great touch,
Jul 21, 2013
Love this product
Great product the flag fit in the box all the way. I bought this flag box for my son ,and when he put his fathers flag in the box He was very happy with the way it look,he did not have to assemble it, it came alreadly assembled and the name plate and date was the best. I am very happy. PS the flag flys three to four weeks a year on top of the garage. My son keeps the flag in the living room when not in use. He did not have to assemble it ,it was alreadly assembled,every thing was great.
Jun 30, 2013
not real happy with product
I was expecting it to be a little more fancier when you are putting your loved ones flag in it. I would have liked for it to have been a little darker wood and maybe some kind of Navy Military Logo on it.
Jun 03, 2013
An insult to veterans
This was a great disappointment since it was cheaply made of low grade products. We had to replace the hardware so the unit would close (screws/holes were stripped). When finally adequately assembled, the flag had to be stuffed into it and the door would not close. We're still working on a solution short of trying to refold the flag (our last possible option).
May 13, 2013
Poor Quality
I bought this to display my Dad's flag from his military funeral. It is cheaply made and the magnetic closure does not keep the case closed, I had to modify it with another closure. The "wood" is not finished well either. It had to be assembled (it does not state that when you order it). It arrived with two small cracks & blemishes that I had to conceal with stain; very flimsy and very cheaply made; would not re-order again or would not recommend this product at all.
May 08, 2013
Cheaply Made
Used to show Husband's Funeral Flag. The magnetic closure is not strong enough to keep it closed. I will be adding another closer. Cheaply made and not quite large enough for a folded funeral flag. It needs to be deeper.
Apr 29, 2013
You have to put it together!
I didn't know you had to put it together! It was cheaply made with a plastic window. The flag doesn't fit, either.
Apr 17, 2013
Would not recommend it to anyone
Plastic is too thin and it is poorly made.
Mar 27, 2013
You get what you pay for
The case fell apart as it came out of the packing material. I ordered two; both were defective. The second fell apart when the flag was placed inside. I looked at a lot of cases and found that the prices ranged, like this one, around $30-40 and then skipped over any middle group to $175+. This is a case of you get what you pay for.
Mar 05, 2013
Cheap and flimsly
The flag holder was cheap and flimsy and it was too small to hold the flag. THe door kept popping open. Would not recommend this to anyone. Very dissapointed in it.
Mar 03, 2013
Flag Display Case
I wish I had read some of the reviews before ordering this item. It was not as described. It was flimsy, not large enough to hold my flag. It was not oak and the description of the item never said anything about having to put it together. When received, it was in pieces. There was no glass cover but a piece of plastic instead. I was totally disappointed in this item and returned it immediately. If I could have given it a -1 rating, I would have. I was upset that I had to pay to ship this back! And this wasn't the only item I had to ship back because of mis-representation in the description.
Dec 19, 2012
not good enough
had to stuff the flag in. flimsy made. good thing it's not something that will be handled often, only on display. wish it wouldhave bigger name plate to put more information on it.
Nov 17, 2012
Not what it looks like
Iwas very disappointed with the way this product was made. It was flimsy,the color was not good and it was way below what I am use to getting when ording from you.
Nov 05, 2012
Good and Bad
Product well packed, but I needed to wait for relative to put it together. Flag is well displayed and personalized plate a real plus BUT................the plexiglass was marred on the side NOT covered with plastic, so-oo for right now it is on display without a front cover. I am deciding whether to buy new plexiglass OR non-reflective glass. For the price it was a good buy in spite of the difficulties.
Jul 10, 2012
Don't buy this
After waiting extra time for backorder (I'm assuming it was so the name plate could be engraved,) I was surprised to see that this item arrived in pieces and needed to be assembled. After carefully opening it and putting it together I found that the magnet and it's plate to hold the front closed was missing. These were not even part of the assembly process but had simply fallen out of the holder before packaging. This is a flimsy case and the unbreakable window is a very thin sheet of clear plastic. It is not a suitable storage for the memorial flag I was hoping to put in it. I wish I had paid attention to the other reviews. Good for you for reading these and paying attention!
Feb 20, 2012
Cheaply made, falling apart in the box!
I had purchased one of these 10 years ago. The price had gone up and the quality has gone down. My old one was sanded, stained and polished. This one was rough, and dull. I would have paid more for a quality product.
Jan 23, 2012
It was easy to assemble and serves my purpose.
Jan 02, 2012
great product
Nov 29, 2011
Terrible Quality
This flag case was very cheap. The magnet was broken when I got it. When it was put together it didnt even fit right. The only nice thing was the name plate.
Oct 15, 2011
Nice product
Sep 15, 2011
Don't waste your money
For an 'oak case' the appearance is very cheap looking. The case should be deeper to accommodate holding the flag in it's plastic sleeve protector. I am very disappointed and will be returning it for a refund.
Aug 20, 2011
Flag Display Case
I was surprised we had to put this together. It turned out okay, but the base was flimzy.
Aug 08, 2011
it speaks for it self
Jul 14, 2011
will be great when I get scews
Jul 05, 2011
Reservations about buying this again.
It's hanging on my living room wall, with flag cases for my uncle, brother and grandfather. It looks better than the other, except my brothers, flag cases. The oak doesn't match the oak color of my other flag cases, but it is a more realistic oak than the others.
Jun 27, 2011
Does not close
I purchased this for my husband as a father's day gift. It was meant to store his fathers flag. Unfortunately it does not close and to keep it closed I have to rubber band it. Not how I imagined the gift.
May 25, 2011
Flag display case
The case was great and easy to build, but was missing the nameplate
May 10, 2011
Looks just like photo..
Some very small screws were missing, but got some at local hardware store to do the trick. Put together quickly. Perfect storage for memorial flag.
Apr 22, 2011
this piece is too cheap for words. when assembled, none of the joints line up. i will not waste my money sending it back. do yourself a favor and get one already assembled from a hobby store.
Apr 14, 2011
Mar 23, 2011
Very pretty!
Placed my father's flag that was on his casket in the case to keep. Placed it on my fireplace mantle along with his military picture. Very memorable.
Mar 17, 2011
i would not buy this product again
magnet used to close door fell apart has no use.i used double sided tap to close
Mar 09, 2011
Product looks cheap, was not big enough
This product does not look in real life as it does in the pic. It comes apart and you have to assemble, the name plate adhesive doesn't hold and the case was too small for my military folded flag so the door would not stay closed. Plus the clear window is held on by tabs that are seen through the window. Not what I wanted to display my fathers flag, but what I am stuck with until I can afford a real flag box.
Mar 03, 2011
flag display
tried putting it together. screws made big holes.
Jan 10, 2011
Did not know that case had to be assembled. Had to squeeze flag into the case which then pushed the back out. Door would not stay closed, chips on the edges of the wood and very flimsy plastic covering. The best part about this product was the engraved plate, very nice.
Dec 14, 2010
Bought Two of These-Not Bad For Price
My Dad who was a WWII Veteran died last year after living with us for 6 years with Alzheimers. His brother (my Uncle) died recently and I bought one for his family. The ones in the funeral home were over $100.00 so I knew the quality would not be the same, however the flag barely fits in there and my husband had to drill two small screws at the top to keep it closed. The magnet was way too weak. Also you should put the plastic window in some kind of protective film so that it does not arrive scratched. Very nice engraving. Just wish it would have been bigger or had a better magnet. You have to put it together. I would recommend it to anyone who cannot afford one more expensive. Displays Well.
Nov 16, 2010
I would buy another if needed.
It is really hard to make the flag fit. But it works good and looks nice once done.
Nov 15, 2010
OK quality, expected better
This was easy to assemble, but I was disappointed in the quality of the wood for the price. There were rough edges and small chips. I thought this should have not passed inspection at the mfg. level. At first glance it wasn't too noticeable or bad enough to return.
Item Number Product Description Availability
2546 Personalized Oak Flag Case In Stock
6098 Personalized Walnut Flag Case In Stock

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