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Gotham™ Steel pans and Ceramic non-stick pots let you fry, sauté and braise faster and healthier than ever! Non-stick cookware is made with PTFE/PFOA/PFOS-free titanium and surfaces, which allows food to slide out with ease - no need for fatty oils or butter! Pans are stovetop and oven-safe up to 500 degrees F.  Surfaces resist scratches; and, both pots and pans are safe to use with metal utensils!  Matching lids are made of glass with stainless steel handle and rim.  Dishwasher Safe.

"Purchased both 10" & 12" Gotham Steel Pans and matching size lids, very impressed with them. Cooking and baking is 100% easier for making meals and clean up is so easy. The lids have a vent hole built into them, love the design." -Customer in New Jersey



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Mar 16, 2017
Works very well with one exception.
The non stick surface works extremely well. My only issue is the attachment of the handle. Everything sticks to the handle hardware that comes into the pan. It is dificult to clean food stuck to the handle hardware.
Jan 31, 2017
Good product
Product performs as advertized
Jan 14, 2017
I don't think I would puchace this product again.
This product wasn't everything it said it was. I was so grabbed by the advertisement that I bought every piece they made. However the excitement soon faded away. The first thing we prepared in the skillet was eggs and they stuck and had to be scraped off not slide out of the pan as advertised. With the use of butter eggs come right out. We have been reluctant to try other things in fear we may ruin another meal. Anything that has a lot of moisture in it seems to do just fine. The grill skillet could use a lid to save clean up on your stove and surrounding area. The lids handle get very hot on the others so be careful when you use them. . Not sure about the use in the oven haven't tried that yet. A few positive things, light weight, dishwasher safe, and easy to clean. With that my Bride is Happy.
Jan 02, 2017
Most wonderful pans ever!!!
This pan is absolutely nonstick and could actually be wiped clean with a paper towel. Totally love the hear pans!!!
Jan 01, 2017
So Far, so Good!
So far the frying pan works well. Caution: let it cool after each use before using any water to clean it. Just wipe it out and DO NOT use any oil for cooking. Works much better than previous brands with white ceramic interior.
Dec 27, 2016
This pan does not do as it says in the infomercial. Everything sticks. All of the positive reviews must be bots because I have never talked to anyone that is satisfied with the pan. Watch some yotube videos with real people.
Dec 15, 2016
Appears to be very good product
waiting to see how well it holds up, but so far very happy with product
Oct 14, 2016
Best non-stick pan
Have used this for a couple of months, and love it. Wash it out with soft sponge and it comes out looking like the first day I opened the package.
Sep 25, 2016
Love this pan
This is the second pan like this and I love them. Nothing sticks to them and easy to clean. I also love the colors they come in.
Aug 27, 2016
Think Twice
Doesn't provide non stick as I expected. Same as all the others
Aug 16, 2016
Deceptive defective pans
I bought the 9" pan from a TV add and I liked it so about a month later I bought the 12" pan. The problem is that about 4 months later the 9" pan started sticking and progressively got worse. About a month after it started with the 9" pan the same thing started with the 12' pan. I contacted customer service and they gave me a complete run around stating that the product only had a 3 month warranty through Gotham Steel and told me the claim would have to be elevated to their parent company. They gave me the # to customer service at the parent company where I was referred back to Gotham Steel, UGH!!!!!
Aug 06, 2016
12" Frying Pan Not Flat
I used the 12" frying pan to cook breakfast and was very disappointed with a rounded bottom. This caused a hot spot in the center and left the edges significantly cooler cooking the bacon unevenly. It was easy to clean but eggs stuck slightly to the pan. This pan was better than other non-stick pans I've had but is not completely as advertised. We sent it back for a replacement and are waiting for the new one.
Aug 04, 2016
"Food no longer slides off like it used to" -season the pan!
I see lots of people complaining that the ceramic cookware loses its glide-off ability. In my experience, you just need to re-season it and it only takes a few minutes. 1) Wash and scrub the pan thoroughly without using abrasive materials. Soak it in Dawn first, if you have to. Wipe it dry. 2) Use a paper towel to apply a thin coat of vegetable oil to the inside of the pan. Use the corn oil, never the olive oil, because the olive oil has a very low burn temperature. 3) Put the pan on the stove top and turn it on high. When you notice a little smoke coming from it (should be 3-4 minutes or less). Turn off the heat. 4) Wipe off the excess oil droplets and let it cool naturally. It will be non-stick again until you use it heavily or wash it thoroughly.
Jul 16, 2016
pan and lid
Have both the 9 1/2" pan and lid. Am satisfied with both but lid hand does get hot so need to use a pot holder with it. Otherwise they both work fine and I like.
Jun 26, 2016
Great pan
I bought the 9 1/2" pan, the first week or so I used it to cook everything. No oils or butter.. Pancakes and eggs just slid right off, as advertised. So, I ordered the large "grill" pan. It works beautifully. However, the skillet does tend to stick with eggs now. They no longer slide right out if the skillet is dry. I add a little water and that will loosen them . Still, I would recommend the pans for healthier cooking. I do love them.
Jun 19, 2016
This product fails to deliver as advertised
This product was absolutely not what it was advertised to be. It is no better than a regular skillet. We took this pan back from our son after food stuck when he had only used it 3 times. There were no instructions to treat the surface before use, but it worked at first. Then food stuck; so, I treated it as the other brand instructs. The skillet worked for a while (4-5 times), but soon went back to having food stick on the surface. Very disappointing!!
Jun 18, 2016
Gotham Steel Pans & Lids
I purchased these pans & lids in two of the sizes. I use one or the other every day. They still look new. I can put them in the dishwasher or just wipe them out with a bit of dish soap & a sponge. They are easy to maintain, cook well & have lids with a vent. I think they are great!
Jun 16, 2016
I Would buy this product again
I like the fact that I can cook without using oil and the skillet stands up to the task.
May 30, 2016
Nice product
Cook everything in it and it work well
May 27, 2016
Works well and cleans up nicely in the dishwasher,
Works well and cleans up nicely in the dish washer
May 25, 2016
Did not perform per the tv commercial. Eggs stuck to the pan
The pans did not perform as depicted on TV. False advertising as far as I am concerned.
May 23, 2016
I loved them
May 23, 2016
Gotham Steel Pans & Lids
Purchased both 10" & 12" Gotham Steel Pans and matching size lids, very impressed with them. Cooking and baking is 100% easier for making meals and clean up is so easy. The lids have a vent hole built into them, love the design.
May 23, 2016
One month after use of Gotham Steel
Overall, Most foods do slide off; however, some stick to the pans and must be firmly wiped off with a cloth. They are advertised not to scratch and can use a knife to cut foods; no so, lightly used a knife on one of my seven pans and saw cuts. These cuts hold residue food. When ordering, was asked if I wanted the heavy-duty coating. Why? If advertised as such, why would one want to "step-up" when it should be as great as advertised? Again, overall, am satisfied but NOTHING is scratch proof, and some foods do not slide off as seen.
May 22, 2016
Best Pans I ever owned!!!!
This was the perfect pan to cook in while I couldn't use oils and butters. No burning, and never had a pan so easy to clean - seriously. I love that there are lids for it and it can be used in the over too. I loved it so much I got a stock pot and bought pan and pot for my mom too!
May 13, 2016
Outstanding pans
I have been using these pans every morning since they arrived and they look as though they have never been used. Cleaning could not be any easier. All it takes is a quick rinse and wipe and you're done.
May 12, 2016
[8882-1] Gotham Steel Pans or Lids
no comments
May 06, 2016
Absolutely love this pan.
I use the Gotham steel pan for everything. It says you don't need butter or oil, but it is ok to use just a little for flavoring. Whatever I have sauteed in that pan has come out wonderful.
May 06, 2016
regular cooking fry pans
It works great. Food does not stick to it. Just like advertised.
May 04, 2016
No oils necessary
Can fry without adding grease or oil. Surface very durable.
May 01, 2016
I would buy this product again
The pans was great.
Apr 30, 2016
Love it!
Love the product. I like cheese in my eggs and the cheese doesn't stick to the pan. Very easy clean up with other items as well.
Apr 30, 2016
We really like the pans, we cooked rice without butter
We cook everything in it and we think everything taste better
Apr 25, 2016
Good .but still not recieved back order x2 pans
Need eta of back order pans I did not recieved
Apr 24, 2016
Gotham steel pans (2)
Great for Cooking, -- the best 2 size pans I have ever had!
Apr 24, 2016
I would buy another.For myself this time.
Awesome durability.
Apr 21, 2016
As good as advertised
Very easy to cook with and food does not stick to it. Very easy to clean.
Apr 21, 2016
Did not live up to the advertisement that's out there.
I tried to cook three eggs they all stuck to the pan and had to scrape it to get it clean
Apr 21, 2016
Did not perform as advertised. I want my money back .
Cook three eggs and they were burnt. Had to scrape the Pan to clean
Apr 20, 2016
I especially like the way it sits flat on my glass cooktop.
I find that I have to be very careful with temperature. This pan conducts heat higher than conventional pans.
Apr 18, 2016
Yes, Love this Product
Great for Frying-- Food does not stick Easy to clean .
Apr 17, 2016
Warped Bottom ???
This seems to be a good pan to cook with, but the bottom is warped. Will not sit flat on our glass flat top stove.
Apr 15, 2016
Starts sticking
I bought this pan because of the advertisement of nothing sticking to it and not needing oil or butter. I absolutely loved this pan for the first 2 to 3 weeks, I was ready to buy the whole set. Then all of a sudden everything started sticking to the bottom. Whatever coating that was once there to prevent sticking wasn't doing its job anymore. I never put this pan in the dishwasher I always hand washed it. I'm disappointed it didn't last. I have to use oil now.
Apr 13, 2016
This pan lives up to it's hype.
Fried food just slides right out of it. It easlily cleans with a soapy sponge.
Apr 08, 2016
love this skillet
does just as advertised, nice size too
Apr 08, 2016
Great Cooking
performs exactly as advertised. Really great with making eggs of all kinds and omelets!!
Apr 03, 2016
Cooking surface
Would be a much better product if the pan was more substantial.
Apr 01, 2016
Pans Coating is Disappointing!
I have to disagree with the Gotham Steel Company's pans claim that the "surfaces resists scratches; safe to use with metal utensils!". After having used this pan four times since I purchased it in January, the edge/rim of the 11" frying pan has several obvious "worn off coating areas". So three months of owning versus four times usage does not sound like a good purchase. Nonstick is always a plus, but very disappointed in how the pans coating is not as strong as claimed. If you want pans that will last AND look nice, I would not buy these.
Apr 01, 2016
These pans are wonderful. They are exactly as advertised. I
They are wonderful. Exactly as advertised. I plan to purchase the larger ones in the near future. No scrubbing or scouring
Apr 01, 2016
Love this pan
The pan works great with no sticking at all. I love it and can't wait to buy bigger frying pans
Mar 20, 2016
Not all it is cracked up to be!
After just a few uses, you have to use oil in it or it sticks to the pan and it is already showing scratch marks.
Mar 18, 2016
Pan actually does what it advertises
Saw pan ad on TV but the one they promote is not big enough so did a search for the 12.5 inch model and Harriet Carter website came up. I got a discount for first order and so I bought 2 pans. No need to use pan spray or soak to remove anything. It just rinses off clean.
Mar 18, 2016
gotham steel fry pan
i love it
Mar 18, 2016
Gotham Steel not what is seen on tv.
Cleans up easy, does stick a little. Not how it shows on tv.
Mar 17, 2016
First time i have product = to and more than advertised.
Best kitchen skillet I own.
Mar 17, 2016
love it!
even got my husband making eggs in morning!
Mar 17, 2016
8882-1 gotham Steel Pans
Love everything about this pan except the handle. The handle is thin and hard to grip.
Mar 16, 2016
Love this pan. I will but the largest one soon.
This pan sets flat on my glass cooktop.
Mar 16, 2016
Best pan we''ve ever used. It does exactly what is adv
Liked the Gotham Steel pan so much I got 2 more for my sisters-in-law.
Mar 16, 2016
Eggs Stick to Gotham Frying Pan
Food sticks to the Gotham Frying Pan. Product not much better than old Teflon frying pan??
Mar 12, 2016
I will buy 4 more. I love it.
It's so easy to use. Absolutely nothing sticks. I use it every day. Wish it had a lid though. I will get the smaller one and get three more of the medium size for gifts.
Mar 12, 2016
Gotham Steel Pans
I have purchased my share of pan sets, none lived up to true non stick or non scratch! This product really is Non Stick and Non Scratch and Oven Proof. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, these pans. I recently ordered a larger one. I wish they would include a lid for them. I highly recommend this pan its a pleasure to use and if they come out with a set I would like to hear from Harriet Carter so I can purchase.
Mar 11, 2016
Using is Believing
There is an old saying "Seeing is believing" and I will admit I was skeptical about the commercials and ads about this product, I mean after all a pan that does not need Pam, oil or butter when you fry something in it? But I used it the first night I got it and the eggs I fried in it slid right out of the pan and the pan didn't even look dirty - WOW! My only disappointment is that when I ordered the two other sizes I have been put on a long back order time frame. (I should have bought them all at once
Mar 07, 2016
Gotham Steel Pans
Just hope that this will outlast the Green one.
Mar 04, 2016
Great Pans
You can't beat these Pans. Fryin' up breakfast is a joy. The color of the finish for cooking is a thrill, Who'd have thought we be cooking on ceramic lined pans. Good deal, buy all three!
Mar 04, 2016
Not up to snuff
This is used primarily in a standard kitchen use application and after several uses it has not stood the test of time any better than some other top brand frying pans. I would hesitate to purchase again as it is also not a large enough size for many applications
Mar 03, 2016
New lease on cooking...
love everything about it!!!
Mar 02, 2016
Love,Love Love it.
Love it
Mar 02, 2016
Great non-stick pan
Absolutely works as advertised. My husband loves how nothing sticks and everything slides out so easily.
Feb 29, 2016
Love the pan, thinking about getting another one.
Good size and easy to clean. Food slides right out.
Feb 27, 2016
multiple things stuck to it... waste of money
Feb 27, 2016
I have used the Gotham skillet for a month now & it looks like New.
Feb 27, 2016
Just as advertised !
It was just as advertised--no oil or butter needed and cooks beautifully. Easy to clean. What more could a cook want!
Feb 26, 2016
These Skillets are the Best!
Cook your bacon - quickly pour out grease and Quickly start cooking your eggs / Very easy to clean, just pour grease into a jar and you don't have to worry about grease build-up in the pipes under your sink. Best skillet I ever owned.
Feb 26, 2016
Sear a oork chop, pany fry fish or poultry and then simply wipe clean. I LOVE it. PLEASE manufacture a baking sheet! I'll buy them...hey, I'll SELL them! lol
Feb 22, 2016
Awesome pan
its great period
Feb 15, 2016
Easy to use and easy to clean. Love it!
We use this pan at least twice a day. No problem with eggs sticking as long as I add a small amount of oil/butter. This pan makes me look like I know what I am doing especially when frying potatoes. They turn out wonderful. Now to order the large size.
Feb 12, 2016
best pan ever!
Feb 12, 2016
doesn't perform as advertised
Advertised as non stick. Wrong. Fried an egg and it stuck. haven't tried to cook anything else without oil.
Feb 12, 2016
Best Buy ever!,,
This skillet is the best skillet I ever purchased. It really works as advertised! My husband & I have made countless omlets, eggs, & grilled cheese sandwiches using this skillet. We bought the large one, but I am going to purchase the small one soon. I highly recommend it, so worth the money!
Feb 11, 2016
Not worth it!
Everything sticks to it-bottom does NOT have a smooth finish.My Dad wanted it and is not happy at all with it
Feb 11, 2016
Excellent product, we are very pleased with how well it work
Home use only.
Feb 11, 2016
Steel Pans
I love it!! Does all it claims to do.
Feb 11, 2016
I'm Very Happy - Many Thanks!
It's Really the 1st Non-Stick Skillet that's Non-Stick. I love it and I even bought 1 for my sister.
Feb 11, 2016
Feb 10, 2016
Second Gotham Pan
See my review 1-27-16. Last week I received the other pan. Ditto. Only, as many have suggested, it needs a total makeover on the design of the handle. It doesn't get hot or anything of that nature. It's also a sturdy handle. It's just doesn't fit comfortably in the hand.
Feb 08, 2016
My favorite pan!!
This by far is my favorite fry pan. My only wish is that they would make this in several different sizes to choose from !!
Feb 08, 2016
I just love this pan and truly a fan!
Just Awesum!!!
Feb 07, 2016
Performs as advertised but...
I really love the 12 1/2 inch pan, but the one shipped to me is warped on the bottom and won't lay flat on the glass stove top. It will spin around making cooking difficult so I had to return it. It does cook beautifully, as expected, and is simple to clean.
Feb 07, 2016
these skillets r awesome except for the thin handle
very easy 2 use // is easiest product i have seen 2 clean ever // it is just what they advertise on t v REALLY GREAT!!! just needs a little better handle design
Feb 05, 2016
gotham steel pans
no oils or spray needed.less fat. easy to clean
Feb 05, 2016
Love it try it
Delivery was soooo fast. It does what it said it would do. love it. I really got this to make an apple pie that I got on facebook and they used a cast iron pan and I had to scrape it out but with this pan it was great. Love that you can use it in the oven. Try it you will love it.
Jan 27, 2016
A REAL non-stick fry pan.
Finally, a non-stick fry pan that is really non-stick. Bought an "Orgreenic" fry pan a couple of months back. Forget Orgreenic, stuff sticks to it just as much as the older "Teflon" pans. This Gotham Steel pan performs exactly as the TV ad shows. i.e. with a paper towel. The Gotham I originally bought was an 11 inch. Gonna buy the 9 and a half inch Gotham pan today. I've never used a fry pan that's as easy to clean as this Gotham.
Jan 25, 2016
Use it most all meals ,doesn't stick , easy to clean. No cons thus far.
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