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WHAT DID WE USE BEFORE TOILET PAPER provides answers to those quirky questions you've always had about the everyday things we do and say. Why is getting married called "tying the knot"? What is a "blue moon"? Why is a rabbit's foot considered good luck? The surprising answers to these and 192 other thought-provoking questions are revealed in this fascinating compilation of trivia. Mature subject matter. Hardcover. 262 pages.


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Jan 08, 2016
great gifts
the men loved the book.
Jan 05, 2016
I like books
Haven't read the whole book yet. I enjoy books of bits of information.
Oct 13, 2015
I would def buy this book again!!!
I gave this book to my pastor brother-in-law for his birthday. Grand laughs for all of us.
Nov 12, 2014
Great books to learn new things
Mar 07, 2014
I was expecting a book of humor and was going to give it to a grandson for his birthday. Fortunately I browsed through it first and was shocked to find so much sexual information. Though it may have been factual, not what I wanted to provide for entertainment for a youth or even have for visitors who might be reading it in my house. I sent it back.
Jan 08, 2014
Inappropriate for children or tweens.
The book itself is a nice hardback with cute insights to trivia and word or phrase origins, however, it is a shame there are several entries which are inappropriate for children or tweens. I bought two of these books for my 11 yr. old granddaughters who love to learn trivia and word origins but nowhere on the cover of the book or in the catalog does it show or mention that there is questionable content. Everything on the jacket of the book looks cute and interesting until the book arrives and, thank goodness, I scanned the contents before giving it as a gift to the girls. I had to scramble to a local bookstore to substitute something else for Christmas. The catalog description should include information that the book may be inappropriate for children because the catalog description and jacket of the book makes the book sound perfectly appropriate for 11 year olds.
Jan 06, 2014
Warning needed
I bought this for my 13 year old grandson. I'm so glad I looked at it before giving it to him. It was highly inappropriate. I sent it back. Very disappointed. The catalog should have a warning on the material in it.
Jan 03, 2014
Bought this book for my son who likes to fill his head with trivia and stuff others do not know or think of. He liked the book and has read many of the pages. He says he has learned new things from this book.
Dec 31, 2013
Fun adult bathroom humor
The 3 people that got these for Christmas have laughed like never before at some of the things in this book. A couple of them have sort of made their own trivia game using this book. Good family fun at get togethers.
Dec 07, 2013
Not exactly what I expected but ...
I actually bought two of these as gifts. I had originally thought my 9 yr old grandson (who loves trivia type information) would like it, but decided to get one for his dad and my son instead. Glad I decided to go that route ... the information in it probably would not interest anyone but adults ... but I do find it very interesting myself (I decided to read just for fun before giving away). Most of it I had never heard before ... details, that is ... so I've enjoyed it a lot. Have to make myself stop reading and almost done in 3 days. Do not regret the purchase at all.
Nov 20, 2013
Not appropriate for a preteen
I thought my 10-yr-old granddaughter might enjoy some of these topics, but they were uninteresting and inappropriate for her.
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