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LEARN TO PLAY PIANO book will have you tickling the ivories in no time! Can't read music? No time for formal lessons? Fun, quick-learn approach will guide you around the keyboard and have you playing real tunes in 6 weeks or less. Includes easy-to-follow keyboard diagrams and practice tips. 111 pages.


Based on 22 reviews
Apr 22, 2017
Chords only for the left hand.
I returned this book. It only taught chords for the left hand. Not what I was looking for.
Dec 16, 2016
Book was well written, colorful and very easy to read!
Easy to understand.
May 05, 2016
Not very helpful
I got this book hoping it would help me learn to read and play the bass clef. Hah! It completely blows off the bass clef, saying pianists don't really need to know it, all they need to learn is chords. If you want to learn chords, maybe this book will help you, but it wasn't what I wanted.
Mar 23, 2016
great book
got for my husband he is very happy with it
Sep 20, 2015
learn piano book
easy to understand
Apr 23, 2015
Should be titled "Piano for Dummies"
It doesn't really teach you how to play the piano...it's more of a "cheat' book that teaches you about basic chords and how to finger a simple melody line. It completely ignores the skills required for playing the piano and reading music. But, in it's own way, it would probably have you picking out a tune with your right hand while you play simple block chords with your left hand. Not really what I would call playing the piano.
Dec 09, 2014
interesting approach,...
Since I do play piano, I wanted to comment. It is not really for children, imo, but a grown person with a strong interest in chord formation could certainly learn useful things from it. I would recommend combining with other resources and approaches for a well-rounded learning experience.
Jan 03, 2014
This is for adults, not children but the catalog did not say that. I bought it for my 11-year old granddaughter but when I opened it, I knew it was not for younger people. I am a retired music teacher and wouldn't have bought it if I had known what the contents looked like. Very disappointed.
Dec 25, 2013
Good book for a refresher.
Just what I wanted. Fast shipping and great packaging.
Aug 31, 2013
like it!!
working on learning
Mar 22, 2013
good book for beginners
If you have a little music background, this book can be a great help to you.
Mar 22, 2013
Learning, easy to follow, go at your own pace.
Mar 18, 2013
Was anxious to start learning, but was disappointed.It was not as easy as I assumed it would be.Wanted to prove it possible, but concluded that it's for someone with "musical knowledge".Terminology was a problem .
Oct 31, 2012
Great Piano Book
I especially like the spiral bound type book, it lies flat. Also the text is large enough.
Aug 25, 2012
really like the book
I would recommend this to someone wainting to learn to play the piano
Jun 22, 2012
not quite for beginners
I think it's excellant for someone who has had some lessons in piana
Feb 16, 2012
Good learning tool!
This book is great for both beginner and advanced piano students. It is easy to read and understand. If you are looking for information you may not receive from other sources, this is the book to buy. Lots of useful information combined in one book.
Jan 30, 2012
Piano book
Ordered for my 8 year old granddaughter, Need to show more pictures for kids to learn.
Nov 22, 2011
learn piano book
Helpful for my ongoing lessons in piano.
Nov 16, 2011
This book is helpful
My husband purchased this book and he likes it. He is "playing around" with his keyboard and he can work at his own speed. He has had some lessons years back. This book helps refresh his memory.
Oct 11, 2011
Good for 10 Year old
This if for my Daughter to learn.
Sep 20, 2011
Challenging and requires focus
This book would be better if an instructor was provided on DVD or CD.
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