Windshield Cleaner Set (C4792)

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Clean car window interiors without  straining! 16" long handle easily extends to hard-to-reach window bases, nooks and crannies, while the pivoting head follows curved windshield surfaces for even cleaning. Washable microfiber pad (two included) removes more dirt and dust; cleans using plain tap water—no cleaning sprays needed! Set comes with spray bottle (keep handy in your glove box!).

"I now have a happy windshield. Even the impossible corners are now happy. Just don't forget to make your back window happy too." -Customer in Illinois


Based on 34 reviews
Apr 27, 2017
I would definitely buy this product again.
My husband ordered me several years ago but I lost it. Was delighted to get another window cleaner. My
Apr 26, 2017
Good Value
Made is very easy to clean windshield as my husband and I both are older and find it hard to get into a position to clean the window.
Mar 03, 2017
would not buy again
I thought it would great for cleaning car windows still had a hard time reaching spots
Jun 03, 2016
windshield cleaner
It is about time something like this came up.
May 14, 2016
windshield wand
Works great
Apr 14, 2016
I would recommend this for easy cleaning!
Easy to get to those hard to reach places. It is especially helpful to me for cleaning inside car Windows because my arms are sooo short.
Mar 18, 2016
Had one before
Mar 10, 2016
Ok but could be better.
Had one of these years ago and to was great, this one is so-so.
Jan 27, 2016
keep handy for surprise fog-ups when driving!
I had one of these before and LOVED it. It was broken in a car accident, but I managed to save the washable elastic edged microfiber covers. Only problem I see, is that these covers, although they look the same as my old ones in the picture, are thinner and tighter (a teensy bit harder to put on) so I worry about durability, but they work just as well and I have my back-ups. I would recommend to anybody who just wants to have something handy to reach the edges of the inside windshield from their drivers seat. (Pull over before you use it!!)
Oct 24, 2015
I only bought one at first
My husband I both love it that we can easily reach the inside of the windshield's hard hard to reach area just above the dash. It seems sturdy enough and gets a lot of use.
Oct 15, 2015
windshield cleaner
Very good product
Sep 21, 2015
windshield cleaner set
This product I purchased since I have a hard time reaching the end of my windshield. I thought this would be a great product... 1. the product suggests to use the squirt bottle with water with the cloth provided... I did.. the windshield was very very very streaked... I did like the product as far as reaching but as far as cleaning the window.... streak free,, totally missed that....
Sep 13, 2015
Clean as a whistle
It is easy to use and really gets the inside of the car window clean - much easier than trying to use a paper tower.
Sep 12, 2015
car window cleaner
Have used the window cleaner three times. While it does clean a bit still leaves streaks on the inside of the window even when the spray bottle of water is used as directed.
Sep 08, 2015
This product works well.
I can now reach the bottom of the front and back car windows.
Sep 07, 2015
Reach Your Whole Windshield
It was so good to, for the first time, be able to clean my whole windshield without smudges, but there was one small spot it didn't remove. That's not a big deal. (^o^)
Jul 01, 2015
Windshield Cleaner is a winner.
Finally! I can wipe down the interior windshield of my old sports car! It was almost physically impossible before the Windshield Cleaner. The defrost no longer functions, and the car is a convertible, so it was a constant struggle to keep that windshield clean. Now it is very easy. Thank goodness!
Jun 21, 2015
Windshield Cleaner
I drive a school bus and the windshield is huge so this is the long arm I need to clean the whole window.
Apr 28, 2015
Windshield Cleaner Set
Love this windshield cleaner!
May 26, 2014
NIce design
Although the two piece design makes it easy for storage, the plastic joint causes it to twist, and I had to put my hand on the joint to prevent it from cracking and breaking. Another company makes one from metal and a 1 piece design. I may try that one also.
Mar 28, 2014
thiscomes in really handy
I bought this to clean my windshields. I ALWAYS streak them. With this ,I done my windshields and could actually see NO STREAKS!!!
Feb 06, 2014
Poorly made
The product is made of cheap plastic, was not glued completely and therefore worthless as the handle would not stay in place. Had to use tape all around it to hold it all together! Water did not work nor did the little spray bottle that came with it. Pad one fell apart with first use. Don't waste your money!
Oct 13, 2013
I love it because I have been looking for something that would reach my car window in front and back. It works great. I just wish there were more cleaning cloths with it. I am sure I will get my money back with my satisfaction.
Sep 21, 2013
Use it till it's worn out!!
I got 2 of these this time b/c we use it a lot in our van b/c the windshield is so deep it's the only way you can clean it and ALL the windows really come clean. We wear out the cloths from use and laundering so much, but it's well worth it. I can sit in the back of the van and reach all the windows except the back one and the driver can reach all the front windows so you don't really have to make a special trip out to clean windows unless you just want to. I'm sure we'll end up getting more and I got one for each of my son's who own trucks!!
Sep 16, 2013
Great car utility
this product is great. it reaches every inch of the windshield inside my car that i usually cant reach. this is a great utility to have. i love it.
Aug 23, 2013
4792 Windshield Cleaner Set
The handle broke off the first time I tried to use it. I had go to ACE Hardware and buy a tube of GOOD plastic glue to repair the item before I could EVEN use it. Now that I made the tool FUNCTIONAL I find it handy for cleaning the windshield of my CORVETTE.
Aug 06, 2013
windshield cleaner
even removes cigarette smoke haze w/o using any other product!!
Mar 28, 2013
Works Nice
I used this product on car interior front window and sunroof. Was quick and easy to use; much easier than a spray bottle and paper towels! The design gets into all the corners & edges. I've only used once, but am happy with the results. The product feels somewhat cheaply made, so if it doesn't break in the next couple uses, I will give 5 stars.
Mar 12, 2013
Mar 11, 2013
it's perficet for me
It is a great product and it helps me reach the lower windshield make life much easier. I even got one for my friend. Love this item Thank You Maggie S
Mar 05, 2013
Works for Me!
I am short with short arms. I cannot reach the entire windshield to clean off the gray film that always seems to collect inside the windshield. This windshield cleaner does the trick for me and I also save on window cleaner. The soft cloth does such a great job at cleaning the glass with no streaks. Now I can keep my windows in my car and in the house clean more often with less work.
Mar 04, 2013
Great for inside windshild of vehicles
I am very pleased with this item; directions stated to use water; however, I used window cleaner and it worked quite well
Mar 02, 2013
Very dissatisfied
I bought and used this for the car windshield . The first time I used it the handle broke, and I sent it ack.
Oct 29, 2012
HAPPY windshield HAPPY owner.
I now have a HAPPY windshield. Even the IMPOSSIBLE corners are now HAPPY. Just don't forget to make your BACK window HAPPY too.
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