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12,000 DREAMS INTERPRETED delves deep into the subconscious mind to un­lock the hidden meaning of dreams and nightmares. This classic study explores the themes, imagery and symbols that frequently appear in our dreamscapes and reveals the significance they contain. Thousands of entries ranging from people, objects, places and events are listed alphabetically with descriptions of their meaning. 544 pages.


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Dec 13, 2015
Not enough information
I could not wait to get this dream book. As I dream a lot and sometimes in color, I really expected a dream book with more then one word. Did not return it because it costs to much to return so I kept it but not happy with it. Sorry
Jan 05, 2015
Easy to read
I found this enjoyable and easy to read.
Nov 18, 2014
Certainly Not What I Dreamed Of
Please don't waste your money on this book. I'd love to know who declared the author an expert on dreams. Here's an example of an interpreted dream: "Brussels Sprouts - to dream of these vegetables - whether you are eating, cooking or looking at them - indicates small gains in the future." Really?????? First of all, I've never been a believer that dreams "foretell" anything (unless you're a psychic, I suppose). I subscribe to the theory that dreams represent thoughts/concerns inside the dreamer's mind. That's what I was after in this book, and it certainly did not deliver.
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