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Personalized pet monument makes a lasting tribute to one who gave you so much love and devotion. Use it to mark your pet's favorite spot in your yard or garden, where so many happy hours were spent or give it as a heartfelt gift. Name and dates are engraved in this stone-look poly/resin plaque. Included ground stakes assure monument stays in place. 9¾ x 6¾ x 1 D.

" A memorial to our beloved Cockateil "BABY". It is a beautiful addition to our garden." Customer in Florida

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Based on 226 reviews
Jul 12, 2017
Loved it
I do think this product should be made to be stabilized while laying flat. It is being used at a cemetery where all headstones need to be flat. We had to drill through it in order stabilize it.
Jun 02, 2017
Pet Memorials
Great customer service!
May 27, 2017
I absolutely love our pet monument.
I love having it around in Memory of my dog.
May 10, 2017
Hatsu Haru
My Friends Loved it in memory of their beloved dog Hatsu Haru who passed away on December 24th 2016,
Apr 19, 2017
Great Product!!
This is the 5th Pet Memorial I have bought over the years. I bought my 1st one in 2011, for our dog Lucy who was hit by a car. It still looks great and has held up well to the crazy weather we have in Oklahoma. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to remember their beloved fur babies who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Apr 06, 2017
this is the 7th monument I have ordered, over the years.
great monument at just the right price. they are good for many years,
Apr 02, 2017
We love the monument
Juntao was more than just a pet he was our child and it nearly killed us when he died. Was so pleased with the results of the monument and wished I had ordered it way before I did.
Apr 01, 2017
i would buy this again
Bought this for my fur daughter who passed away in February she was 15 years old , it was so hard to see her go, and she is greatly missed . I have her grave were i can set and see it through the window . I loved this little marker . I was so pleased when it came ... so i ordered another one for another pet who has been gone for a while .. thx for a great product ..
Mar 24, 2017
A Perfect Memorial
I bought one in 2011 and it looks as good as new today. I bought one for my 21 1/2 year old "baby" that passed a month ago, and to replace one from a different company for another kitty from 2013 that was fading.
Feb 18, 2017
This is exactly what I had been searching for.
This is the exact marker I had been searching for to remember my sweet little dog. I matches one I had for our first pet, who passed several years ago.
Feb 15, 2017
Was Very Disappointed This Last Time !!
I have purchased 4 of these pet monuments. The first in 2006 These are fantastic monuments to use as an unforgettable memory of the loss of a beloved pet/family member. However, the last one I purchased, I was very disappointed with due to the fact the printing of the name and dates were NOT as legible as the one I bought in 2006. The manufacturers need to improve their screenprinting. It has fallen short compared to 10 years ago. .
Jan 11, 2017
I have bought two
These Pet monuments are beautiful. The paint chipped off the first one a small place but my husband touch it up and then he applied a coat of Varathane so it would last forever. Both of my Pugs had to be put to sleep and this is a great way to keep there memory alive.
Dec 19, 2016
4th purchase
This is the 4th pet memorial we have purchased over the years. When needed again we will get a 5th. The only problem, and it isn't even a real problem, is that the legs to mount it in the ground come out too easily.........solved that with Gorilla Glue.
Oct 29, 2016
This was my first purchase of this and I would do it again
This was my first purchase of a pet marker and I was impressed. It was the right stize and the name shows up beautifully
Oct 22, 2016
I will be buying another one when my other dog passes.
This was for a precious Pug that we had to put to sleep. We bought a slab and my husband glued the head stone to it. It is so very sweet looking on top of where we buried her. We will be getting another one when my other Pug passes.
Sep 16, 2016
Nice Memerial
It is Nice Memorial. Thank You
Sep 02, 2016
Product Description Accuracy
Product description states that dates are engraved which is not true, they are painted on which is by no means the same thing. Paint will probably wear off. Product description should be changed as not to be inaccurate and misleading!!
Aug 14, 2016
Exactly what we wanted and expected. Has honestly helped.
Has really helped both of us to cope with the loss of our "little buddy" Gizmo. Thank You so much.
Jul 20, 2016
Pet Monument
Warms peoples hearts that recently lost a pet
Jul 14, 2016
I just wish i could have put month and day. Even if i had used numbers.
Jul 10, 2016
Thank you ???
Thank you I really love it I lost my dog Reagan in May 18 2016. Thank you ? ??
Jun 02, 2016
Nice Product Good Value
This product is a nice memorial to our cat, Rocky. It is very attractive. I just wish the stakes were longer.
May 28, 2016
Starr would be proud of her memorial
My granddaughter lost her pet dog, Starr, & she was devastated! We were able to bury Starr at the very end of her parents' garden & surround the very durable Memorial with flowering shrubs. She can visit State's resting place any time.
May 11, 2016
Pet memorial
For lost furry kids..
May 05, 2016
Very nice
Good product for the price
Apr 27, 2016
Beautiful prouducts. Shipped quickly.
For outside where my beloved pets are buried.
Apr 06, 2016
Back & lower material to thin on Pet Monument. Broke up.
Material on back & lower end is to thin. One of the Pet Monuments broke up as I installed it in very soft ground.
Mar 24, 2016
6 years old and still like new
We bought one of these in 2009 as a marker for my beloved Bootsy we places it at her head and it has been almost 7 years and the letters is still very readable and it is still in the same shape it was when we bought it.
Mar 13, 2016
Purchased six monuments. First one in 1997 still good.
The monument I bought in 1997 is still good. Purchased seven over the years. Glad the design was kept the same so the graves match.
Mar 04, 2016
very pleased with this item
Got one for myself and my sister who lost her pet 3 weeks ago. I lost mine a week before Christmas. These are perfect to mark their grave site.
Feb 28, 2016
Love this for myh beloved pet
Will install in the Spring to mark my pets grave.
Feb 20, 2016
To place on my dog's resting place to honor his unconditional love for 17 years. Doesn't look cheap. I just wish the spikes were a little longer so it would go deeper in the ground. I just got a friend to help me with that.
Jan 26, 2016
Good quality, very pretty, I would reccomment this product.
I am putting this monument in a rose garden that I made to remember my pet. The product is just beautiful. Looks like it belongs in a cemetery, looks as good as some of those. I was very impressed with the quality ad the style. Would recommend it for sure.
Jan 26, 2016
Nice Memorial
We had to say good bye to our beloved dog back in June. We miss him terribly. When I saw this, I thought it would be a nice addition to his grave. I have flowers planted there as well. I gave it to my husband at Christmas, he loved it. He actually set it in concrete to make sure it will last forever.
Dec 27, 2015
Remembering Our Pets
We have three pets interred in out back yard. There little monuments are just right to mark the spots. Weather and yard workers take a toll after awhile so these are replacements. I wish the lettering was darker.
Dec 11, 2015
Very nice
Dec 07, 2015
It sucks
Broke first try
Dec 05, 2015
I used it as a temp. grave marker for my wife's grave.
My wife passed away in October. I had her name put on it and used it as a temp. grave marker.
Oct 29, 2015
I would use this product again
Used to remember our little girl and mark her resting spot on our property. Wish it had been available in a larger size, other wise it was perfect.
Oct 15, 2015
Oct 09, 2015
pet headstone
I would buy more when I lets our pets know that they are part of the family also.
Oct 01, 2015
Already broken
Went to set up in the yard and the product cracked.
Sep 11, 2015
Monument Ordered to Match Two Prior Monuments
Ordered this Personalized Pet Monument to match two previous monuments I had ordered.
Sep 08, 2015
Very nice monument for a deceased pet
A nice, inexpensive pet memorial.
Aug 28, 2015
Great buy for the money
The Pet Monument is very nice. Yes there are nicer ones out there if you want to spend the money but this one is as nice as you will find for the price. I'm very pleased with it.
Aug 26, 2015
Aug 22, 2015
I Like it
Aug 10, 2015
I place the pet stones on my Pet Cemantery in my yard as to where each of my babies lay on theback I write when they were born and what day I lay them to rest.they are great as where I live it is hot,dry or m7ddy they hold up well but hard to clean.
Aug 09, 2015
It's Perfect
It's perfect.
Aug 08, 2015
I would buy this again
The service was great
Aug 07, 2015
look great
used to mark graves of pets
Aug 07, 2015
suitable memorial
I now have two of these memorial plaques in my backyard for pets that have died. I like the simplicity of it-no cutsie slogan or poem.
Jul 06, 2015
Not just for pets.
Not just for pets, I have used these for family and friends as a way to remember them. At home, I have a shelf to display them, and at work, I keep them on my desk to honor past team mates and co-workers. These are very durable and help to keep memories a live.
Jul 06, 2015
I have bought this product again and again.
The purpose for the product was to mark the items of our dogs that we buried. We have ordered several of the same product over the years for each dog that have passed away. The product lasts for years. Sometimes we needed to trim up the legs to fit better. We have recommended this product to friends.
Jun 11, 2015
I Was so pleased with my order I would offer it to a friend
I used it as a gift for my mother-in-law and one for my brother-in-law very nice things
Jun 05, 2015
Nice look to these Pet Monuments, But....
The monuments look beautiful, but they are hollow, made out of plastic resin-like material, and break easily. We use them at out Rainbow Bridge graveyard for our Dog Rescue, to commemorate the dogs who have passed on. We have about 20 of them, but this time most of them arrived damaged. We will probably have to look around for a better product, unfortunately.
May 28, 2015
Nice but have glue handy!
This is a great product. the only thing I thought could be better is how the stakes go in the bottom. I had to put super glue on them to hold so they wouldn't fall out.
May 19, 2015
pet monument
Just perfect
May 15, 2015
2900 personal pet monument
Product is very very thin. Ordered one and it came out broken. Called and let Harriet Carter know so they sent me out another one which also came out broken. Called Harriet carter again and they gave me the option to get another one sent out or refund me. At this point I didn't want to try again so I had it refunded.
May 15, 2015
Poorly Made
Good item if you want something temporary till you can get a more of substance.
May 10, 2015
Affordable Marker for Pet Cemetery
I bought two for deceased cats. It is affordable because I would rather spend money on the pet cemetery fees than on the markers. I rescue cats and cannot afford to spend hundreds on the ones that do not make it. If these markers wear out, you can replace them, so that is not a major worry. I glue the spikes into the bottom.
May 10, 2015
"I would buy this product again and again
put it on my pets grave
May 07, 2015
Nice but could be improved.
Had to glue the legs on so they wouldn't keep falling off. Also painted the gray letters white to be read from a distance. This would be an easy fix for the makers as it only took me 15 minutes to glue the legs on and run a small paint roller over the gray letters to make them stand out like the pets name on the monument. Other than that I think it will last quite some time.
May 06, 2015
Pet monument
Would recommend. Exactly as described.
May 01, 2015
Pet Monument
The pet monument was very appropriate and exactly what I was looking for, but there needs to be a sealant put on the name and years. After a year, it came off with the weather. I ordered another one and painted it with a clear sealant. I was disappointed with that.
Apr 28, 2015
Did not arrive broken!
No comment
Apr 28, 2015
Pretty good
I ordered this to mark the grave of our 25 year old cat that recently passed. Shipping was very fast. The only problem was that the name and dates were painted on, not engraved like the ad states.
Apr 07, 2015
I have just purchased the 5th marker
Four fur people Dogs and cats buried First came broken and I finally replaced it today. They can be cleaned to repair fading.
Mar 10, 2015
Poor Quality
purchased one of these memorials for another pet in 2002 and the quality was much, much better, my only complaint with it is that the name and dates have worn off, much sturdier than the newest one. The one that I just ordered had to be replaced because one peg would not stay in the bottom and the other cracked the memorial when I inserted it. Would love to see these made in a better quality material again, as I love the design, and would like to have something more permanent for the name and dates.
Jan 03, 2015
I would buy this again!
- A memorial to our beloved Cockateil "BABY". - It is a beautiful addition to our garden.
Dec 23, 2014
Type set is terrible. (paint)
Type set (paint) is terrible. Come up with a better process.
Dec 14, 2014
pet monument
Have bought 3 of these over the years. Unfortunently I have to buy anther. The oldest monument I have is 7 years old. Holds up very well to the outside weather.
Dec 13, 2014
Poorly Made
The names are just stickers and not engraved as advertised. Came with a hole in it.
Oct 31, 2014
Very satisfied
It was just what I wanted. I wanted to mark where she was laid to rest. She deserved that.
Oct 29, 2014
Good Value
Serves the purpose. Seams durable but time will tell.(only had it 2 weeks)
Oct 28, 2014
Very pleased with them
I have a memorial garden for all of my loved ones I have lost. Including my furry kids. These will be a great addition to my garden.
Aug 06, 2014
Dog Monument
This pet monument is being used to remember our recently departed dog that died very suddenly and unexpectedly. We had one for a previous dog and wanted to get another but, weren't sure it would even still be available (its been a number of years). To my surprise, it was. The 1st pet monument is over 12 years old; the lettering has long faded but, I'm able to use marker to redo it. Doesn't look as nice but, it's something.
Aug 02, 2014
Aug 01, 2014
bought 2 previously
we dont use the stands. We glue them onto a concrete stepping stone. this is the third stone to our dog cemetery.
Jul 22, 2014
This is a wonderful reminder of your loving pet. I was so upset about my dog passing, I wanted something to put on her grave.
Jul 19, 2014
Perfect way to honor our lost pet
This is the fourth one we have purchased for our beloved dogs.
Jul 13, 2014
Good value for the money
Perfect way to honor my lost loved one. My pet loved her backyard and would spend hours out there so no better way to remember that.
Jul 09, 2014
4th one
This makes the 4th one I've bought. It's simple and serves it's purpose for honoring my pets.
Jun 05, 2014
Pet Monument
The product was just as described. Good value and great item to show respect for your pet. I did like the review that suggested placing the plaque in a flower pot. Oh No, everyone wanted it placed at the grave site right where this lab liked to sleep. I will purchase again for our pets.
May 12, 2014
It is exactly what we wanted ...
May 07, 2014
Pet Monument Review
We needed two Pet Monuments to mark the graves of our beloved Golden Retriever and our Bluepoint Himalayan. Each monument came with two stakes that slide into the bottom of the monument and then you place in the ground. The stakes were a very poor fit and was difficult to keep them in their slots. Had to hold both stakes while placing in the ground. Now between the ground the and base of the monument, stakes are held in place. Poor design for the fit for the stakes and the color could have been more attractive instead of a dull look. The quality in this item was obviously lacking. Was not really satisfied with the look, but knew it would cost too much to send the items back. Would not recommend this item for purchase.
May 05, 2014
I had purchased for another pet and the name and date were etched - this is stenciled name and date but on same design and material as former purchase. Paint over stencil was not attractive and may not be as durable as former purchase.
Apr 27, 2014
I would recommend
Nicely packed
Apr 06, 2014
Just what we wanted! Thank you.
Just the right size.
Feb 23, 2014
Awesome! Memorial for my Beloved
Placed where she slept in her house
Feb 11, 2014
Pet Monument
I've purchased a monument for each my cats that have died over the last 5 years. With a little care and waterproofing the monuments have held up well to Florida's rains, winds and severe storms. They look well being displayed along with their pictures in my curio cabinet.
Feb 10, 2014
Very nice!
This is the second one I've purchased . They are the best I've seen for the price. I wish the legs/posts would attach snugger , but if they are not to be moved they work fine.
Jan 12, 2014
Terrible material
I have bought several of these over the years and replaced several because the material breaks, and falls apart. The name eventually disappears. Total waste of money.
Dec 26, 2013
a bit disappointing
The monument itself is fine, but the support legs are wobbly. It would have been better if they screwed into the base
Dec 09, 2013
Pet Monument
Just what I wanted very nice
Dec 06, 2013
I have ordered 7 of these monuments over the past ten years. Similar products tend to fade but these monuments keep the bright lettering over all kinds of weather conditions for years.
Nov 30, 2013
Pet Monument
This will be my 8th monument. I always have my dogs cremated, then place the foil wrapped tin creamains in a large flower pot. Then I place the monument on the rim of the pot. Currently have 5 in my pot. May have to get a bigger pot next time.
Nov 29, 2013
Precious Furry Friend Now Have Headstone
The stakes to hold this in the ground aren't as good as they could be, but are sufficient. Great for headstones for my precious furry friends
Nov 24, 2013
Pet Monument
A Great Rememberance....Of A loving Pet.
Nov 23, 2013
Attractive and very durable
I have purchased several of these over the years to mark the graves of our pets. They have held up well outside in all weather and are easy to install. I would recommend this product.
Nov 17, 2013
The only problem I have with this product is that it is hollow and too thin. I've ordered ten of these in the past eight years. They make an attractive little graveyard. I know it's not the company's fault what happens in shipment, but maybe if it was thicker or maybe solid it wouldn't break so easy. Grant it, I've only had to return three of them. I've kept quite a few even though they we're chipped. I love the product, I just wish it was made better.
Nov 13, 2013
I would buy this product again
This pet monument was perfect. It was exactly what I was looking for. It will stand up to the various weather changes, it was easy to install, and if I ever need another, I would order this one again. And to top it off, the shipping was extremely fast. Great service Harriet Carter!
Oct 22, 2013
Great purchase
This pet marker is very much made for long lasting use. It sets off my pets grave site with a professional look. Constructed from good durable plastic with good clear and readable name and dates. I wll buy one of these again.
Oct 18, 2013
I would purchase this again.
I purchased this for my dog and it was the perfect thing to put on his grave. He died a very tragic death. The monument was just what I thought it would be.
Oct 07, 2013
Love it and is perfect for us & a gift
Love it and is perfect for us & a gift LOOK FOR COUPONS FOR FREE SHIPPING or discounts
Sep 07, 2013
Aug 29, 2013
Like it very much.
I like this pet I like this pet monument very much and am ordering another one today. I plan to use mine as a headstone or footstone and I won't be using the stakes. I just plan to let it lie flat. I have had two cats to die and I have three more cats. So over the years I will have a pet cemetery.
Aug 25, 2013
Perfect size for a pet monument
This pet monument is one of the more attractive and cost-effective ones available on-line. The only issue I had was with the pegs that are supposed to anchor the monument into the ground. They kept pulling out of the monument so I had to use Crazy Glue to keep them in place. Other than that, I would recommend this item.
Aug 16, 2013
Would buy again
Could be a little larger.
Aug 15, 2013
This is a wonderful, personal way to honor the memory of a beloved pet! My Lakota would be so proud to see his pretty resting place!
Aug 14, 2013
Very nice
Very tasteful design and was a good size.
Aug 13, 2013
a great way to honor your furbaby
Very happy
Aug 11, 2013
Great way to show you cared !
Great for price , perfect to show love for the lost of a pet. Looks great and good for the yard. Could be uv coated to preserve writing and color.
Jul 30, 2013
nice monument
This is a nice monument but I wish it was a little bit larger.
Jul 17, 2013
Not just for A pet
I purchased this for a highlight of my fathers tree I planted when he died. Its the best, it highlights my yard and no one has ever seen anything like it before. I came up with a unique idea for less than what one really cost. My father would love it.
Jul 14, 2013
Pet Monument
I was pleased with the pet monument and had it in my garden where my cat was buried. We had a windstorm early this year and my St Francis statue fell on marker and broke it but I did get a replacement.
Jul 05, 2013
Loved the pet monument!
The pet monument was a perfect means of memorializing a special loss of a pet cat. It was reasonably priced, and although I needed to glue the stakes in place, it is durable, and attractive. Most importantly, it gave me a sense of peace, and closure, when I placed it on the grave. Thank you!
Jun 27, 2013
pet memorial
We have purchased several of these over the years as our pets have died. They are reasonably priced and seem to hold up through snow, ice and the heat of summers. There could be different colors other than gray and the stakes could be a little longer but overall, we find these useful and better than most
Jun 26, 2013
A wonderful monument for my beloved pet.
When my pets died, I needed something to specialize their meaning in my life. This was perfect.
Jun 23, 2013
Broke the Minute it Went into the Ground
Sadly, this is a cheap, worthless item. It broke the minute I placed it in the ground. I would have returned it, but the hassle wasn't worth it.
Jun 10, 2013
Classy Looking
When my precious Angel died, my mother sent this headstone to me. I had no idea she did that and when I opened it up, I bursted into tears! It was so nice and so sweet to know that the one I loved for 16 years has a place with a headstone in our little "pet cemetary." The only problem I found was that the stakes aren't long enough to stay in the ground and it fell over. My husband had to fix it some so that it stayed put. I loved mine so much, I bought one for him for his beloved cat, Bubba. :-) Thanks HC!!
Jun 09, 2013
Pet Monument
I have ordered 7 of the monuments for our pets plus 3 for our daughters pets. We used them to mark their resting place in our own Rainbow Bridge Cemetery. They seem to hold up very well in the weather.
Jun 06, 2013
pet monuments
This is the second time I have ordered these pet monuments for my 2 pets. It lasted 8 years the first time and recently had to reorder, since they faded in the sun...The new ones are beautiful and set near a statue of virgin mary, near my outdoor pond. I would recommend this to anyone who misses their beloved pets.
Jun 05, 2013
Pet Monument
Nice little momento to beloved pet, arrived broken, after complaining it was promptly replaced free of charge. High 5 to HC
May 17, 2013
I love it very pleased
Yes I would recommend this product
May 11, 2013
I would defiantly buy this product again
I purchased a pet monument in 2006 for our beloved tom cat,(Tom) and the monument was perfect. I just recently purchased another monument for my son's beloved tom cat (Max) My son was very pleased with it.
Apr 29, 2013
Great product, very attractive
Ordered this product specifically with dates of birth and death for the most awesome 16 yr old Dalmatian that my parents have ever owned. Great price, quality product and they were very pleased with this gift.
Mar 27, 2013
Very pleased
After our cat lived 20 years I thought she well deserved a pet monument. Very pleased with this product!
Mar 22, 2013
Just as I hoped it would be.
This was for my sisters dog that passed away. It is the third one I bought in the last 5 years, & We are very pleased. Thank you Kenny
Mar 19, 2013
Very pleased with this product
We ordered this pet monument when our pug of 13 years died. We were very pleased with it. I did go over the letters so they would stand out more and then sprayed with polyurethane so it wouldn't fade. Looks very good and a sweet reminder of well loved member of our family.
Mar 13, 2013
Pet Monument
I bought this for my friend who lost her cat after having it for 20 yrs. She said the monument was perfect for her and she was very happy with it.
Mar 12, 2013
Absolutely perfect in honor of our lovable kitty!
Mar 04, 2013
Ant Food
The printed text became hard to read over time, and it turned out that the ants loved it as either a home or as food. They destroyed it, and I bought one made of granite.
Feb 23, 2013
i have purchased two of these
We have been blessed with several pets in our many years togather. When their time comes we lay them to rest , and put this lovely monument to display our love, and to remember them...It is a nice product. I have purchesed several over the years...
Feb 21, 2013
I'm proud to say I purchased this for a tree I planted when my father died just 8 months ago. This item puts a final touch to the baby tree and adds beauty to my yard a a low cost. This, I say can be used for more than just an animal. R.I.P. ROY
Jan 01, 2013
I really like it!!
It looks so nice and have had compliments from friends and family.
Dec 29, 2012
Long Lasting Memorial
These grave markers are just the item to help remember a special friend/pet. I've been buying them for the past ten years, and although I wish I didn't need them, I'm glad they are so well made, as I do.
Nov 03, 2012
Pet Monument Review
Very good product. The Pet Monument was just the item to honor our pet. Very good touch.
Oct 31, 2012
Very nice
Fast delivery.
Oct 18, 2012
Oscar's monument stands out in our garde
Oscar's monument has traveled with us through several moves. It stands up among flowers and does not take much space. We have another pet to memorialize and searched for another marker similar. Others were not as durable or made for outside. Some were flat and could not easily be seen or would eventually be overshadowed by plants. The letters faded a little but are still easily readable from 10 feet.
Oct 10, 2012
grave marker
my dog passed away. she now has a marker for where we buried her.
Oct 07, 2012
Very nice. Worth the money.
This is wonderful. I have bought serveral and they are a great way to remember at special pet. After years, they still look nice.
Oct 07, 2012
I would buy this product again.
I am very pleased with the design and I received this item in a weeks time. One con is the words "in Memory of and Rest in peace" do not stand out from a distance. I painted the words which is easy to do as the letters are raised. . So much easier to read from a distance now. The words now match the color of my pets name and dates. A great final touch to my pets grave. Thanks for having a nice item to remember our pets.
Oct 04, 2012
I purchased this monument for my dad's cat that passed away short after he did. I was very amazed how truly beautiful and unique looking it is. Everything on the monument is perfectly centered and nicely written. I plan to put it outside in my flower garden near my picture window to see it everyday. I would purchase this item again and again.... I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
Sep 02, 2012
A wonderful way to honor a beloved pet.
In October 2006, I purchased two personalized pet monuments from Harriet Carter. One was to mark the grave of my beloved dog. The other pet monument I gave as a gift to a friend, whose dog had died the previous month. These pet monuments have held up well over time, and still look attractive. I purchased a third pet monument recently when another beloved dog passed away. I'm glad that this product is available at a reasonable cost.
Aug 16, 2012
We love it
To honor our deceased pet!
Aug 15, 2012
I would buy this product again
It gives my beloved dog Issak whom I love and miss very much just the perfect touch for his final resting place. I put 2 rose bushes on each side and it looks beautiful.
Jul 13, 2012
It made the site whole.
It was hard enough to lose my Suzi and I wanted her burial site to be nice but all that I did just made it feel undone. This memorial just topped it off and makes it look so proper. I'm truely grateful for such a nice product.
Jun 30, 2012
Nice Marker
Jun 21, 2012
Jun 10, 2012
i would tell friends to buy it if needed
very durable
May 20, 2012
Ordering 7th
I would really love to be able to add the entire birth date. This will be the last one for a long while (I hope). The peg that goes into the ground does not always stay in the monument. Overall it's a worth the money.
May 09, 2012
Very Pleased
Very nice product. I liked that the stakes come with it and that I was able to personalize it. Would definately recommend this product. RIP Kita...
Apr 28, 2012
Looks good
Looks good, delivery was fast. Used as a foot marker for our lost Dogs.
Apr 27, 2012
Very nice
Sad to need it, but pleased with the product.
Apr 26, 2012
I love these little head stones!
I really LOVE these headstones. I have lost so many of my little family members and as they leave, I add them to my cemetary and add a stone. They are made of resin and are not heavy, but sit well and hold up to sun, wind, rain, everything. Its a great way to honor your beloved pet.
Apr 16, 2012
Very impressed at the appearance...
After much consideration of whether or not to purchase and actual stone engraved pet marker, we decided to try your product first. We we amazed at the appearance and quality of the product. Now we don't know if it will be necessary to spend more money on something that is doing what we want for a lot less money.
Apr 12, 2012
Just What I Wanted
When we had to have our 17 year old cat put down, we were devastated. We lovingly buried him in our back yard. Although our son placed a large heavy rock on the grave, we wanted something more. I ordered the Pet Monument. It arrived only a few days later. When I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised. It was lovely and sturdy. Although I have severe rheumatoid arthritis, I was able to set it onto Magnus' grave as a headstone. When we have another pet die, we will order another one. I hope you carry it for many, many years.
Apr 06, 2012
Really love the pet monument
Great product
Mar 22, 2012
Great Product
The product speaks for itself. My pet died and it will be used as a grave marker. I would have liked to have added more words on it, but it is very nice as it. The service was excellent, delivery timely. I actually made a mistake in the dates and it was corrected and a new monument was sent out to me at no extra expense. The customer service department was very kind and understanding.
Mar 16, 2012
Pet Monument Excellent Remembrance
Mar 13, 2012
Great Service
It is a great ptoduct at a wonderful price!!
Feb 28, 2012
Very Surprised When I Received it
We put this out in the backyard, where she always laid.
Feb 28, 2012
I am very pleased!
These monuments were exactly what I needed for my pet's grave. It is durable and withstand the weather and just nice.
Feb 23, 2012
great product
the bottom corner was broken when it arrived but other than that, a good product. I wish it had been a little bigger.
Feb 01, 2012
I would buy this product again
I found this item to be of great quality and was very pleased with the item. It's not easy to find a marker for a pet's grave that is reasonable and still meaningful to place on a lost member of the family that shows how much they meant to us.
Jan 27, 2012
Very Nice. It looks really good in my g
This is a great tribute to my beloved poodle, Lady. It looks very nice in my garden
Jan 19, 2012
to remember my dear baby.
Jan 02, 2012
proud to show it off
wow, my pupson's name shows up great. i am proud to have this to remember where his grave is. our yoda didn't know he was a dog. he had a highchair to sit with us at the dinner table. thus the reason for calling him a pupson. thank you for making such and item. very gratful.
Dec 30, 2011
Great Value
With the cost of headstones so high, we were not able to purchase a stone one for our mother. We found that this is a suitable replacement and at the right price. The only problem is that the neighborhood children love to steal it. So far, we have been lucky and always get it back.
Dec 27, 2011
Would buy this again
To mark the graves of my former "man's best friend" It is big enough to remember the pet that was so nice to us.
Dec 08, 2011
product longevity
Products made of Resin don't seem to endure the outdoor elements over a period of time, especially if they are hollow inside. They become brittle and break. It would be better if the Pet Stone was made of SOLID resin or some other material. If there is something that resin could be coated with and not flake off over time I would like to know so I can coat my Pet Stones, I'v ordered three thus far.
Dec 04, 2011
I will by this product again.
This is the second one I bought. The first time was in 2007. It has been outside in the elements and has never faded or fallen apart. Product is not only affordable, but durable.
Nov 27, 2011
I would buy this product again
We purchased this for a grave marker for our dog that passed away
Nov 19, 2011
great tribute to the ones you love
This grave marker looks great in the yard. It is durable and weatherproof and a great way to remember those that you have lost. It is a great price.
Nov 18, 2011
I would buy the product for remembering
It is something nice to have in the yard.
Oct 29, 2011
Perfect memorial
I purchased this same item 8 years ago when Ginger's mommy died and was so glad they still carried it so I could honor Ginger's passing. I have her beside her mommy now to rest in peace. She was 14 yrs old and a huge part of my life.
Oct 29, 2011
It worked good for me
I used this to put over the grave of my bird so we know exacly where he is.
Oct 27, 2011
In Memory of . . .
I was worried it might be hollow but it wasn't - SOLID, DURABLE. Looks very nice and has made me feel better - I stop and look at it, remembering the good times!
Oct 26, 2011
Good value for the cost.
This is a nice way to remember a beloved pet.
Oct 25, 2011
Perfect both cats were born together.
Its perfect for 2 cats that were born together, lived together and died together. Would recommend to others.
Oct 21, 2011
I would buy this product again
I wanted something to remember Diablo by and this is perfect.
Oct 20, 2011
tribute to my beloved 4legged friend
the pet monument is attractive and affordable but it is also cheaply made and breaks easily. i am ordering my second one because the other one broke after a year.
Oct 07, 2011
Just as expected, love them!
They were just as expected. One of the lettering on one was a little center, but still useable.
Sep 26, 2011
A sweet tribute
After the loss of a family dog, it was hard on all of us, especially the children. I wanted to mark "Chyna's" grave as a rememberence. After going on line and seeing the prices (several hundred $$ for the real granite) I knew we couldn't afford. Then came the Harriet Carter catalog. I thought it might be cheap looking, so I read the reviews. It looks so nice. It was very easy to install. So Happy to have bought it. It's holding up great in this FL sun.
Sep 21, 2011
I would buy this product again
When our Suzi passed, we placed the pet monument in my rose garden. She would have really liked that!
Sep 06, 2011
2900 Pet Monument
The corner was broken off of the monument. Made me sad.
Sep 01, 2011
Pet Monument
I purchased this as a gift for a friend who had lost her pet. I was very disappointed in the quality. The lettering was a dirty white that looked very faded. I have bought these before and was pleased, but not with this one.
Aug 13, 2011
this is a great product for the price
I have ordered several of these monuments, and they hold up very well. I live in Mn. where temps can go from 40 below to 103 above. Until I can afford the granite ones for hundreds, these are great and I will continue to order them..I have one that has been outside for 8 yrs. and looks goood.
Aug 06, 2011
I would buy this again
A great way to remember a loved pet
Aug 04, 2011
Pet Monument Needs Improved
Lettering is not as good as it could be. Needs to be thicker paint material. Fades too fast and wears off. The pointed stands that go in the ground most of the time have to be glued on. They will not hold by themselves. Good product but cheaply made.
Jul 31, 2011
Very nice personalization, good quailty
Its a head stone for my beloved pet, bought 2 years ago and they held up good but the personalization words weathered off.
Jul 13, 2011
Very wonderful memorial for our beloved pet - as hard as his death was, the memorial helped ease some of the pain by marking his "favorite" barking area of our yard!
Jul 12, 2011
Keeps him in my heart
I bought this after my horse died. It stands in the tack shed where I see it every time I go out there. After 3 years, it looks just as good as when I first bought it. It was cheap and a great price while still looking like real stone. Don't let yourself forget your pet. Keep the memories with this memorial.
Jul 11, 2011
Not very sturdy
Must be replaced often. Breaks down after a year or two of hot and cold weather extremes. The solid resin ones hold up much longer.
Jul 09, 2011
Very nice simple tribute.
Nice tribute to pet.
Jun 27, 2011
pet monument
A nice way to remember your pet, very nice lettering, Just what we needed and he needed..thank you.
Jun 21, 2011
I love the headstone. It looks very nice
This is a very nice headstone. The price was very reasonable compared to some that I have seen other places. So glad I purchased this item.
Jun 20, 2011
Good Design - Name Lettering Fades Away
Pet's name fades too quick. The white material used is placed on way too thin. Cheaply made. I have bought many of these over the years and will continue to buy them.
Jun 19, 2011
I have three
I have three of these monuments and people who visit my yard always comment on my little pet cemetary. Guest immediately know how I feel about my animals and this always starts comversation. I love them. The rain mainly keeps them clean and if the weeds get to much it's easy enought to remove the monument and replace it after weeding.
Jun 05, 2011
I will probably buy this product again
I love all about this product, it's the perfect size & a beautiful tribute to my beloved Ginger. It will be mark a place where I can go revisit the memories I have of her.
May 20, 2011
pet monument
We purchased this product 4 yrs ago and it was sturdier. Too pricey for the quality but attractive appearance.
May 18, 2011
Good for the money :)
This is the second pet monument I have purchased from Harriet.[...] I would recommend this company to friends. Thank you for having something that I could use to cherish the memory of my pet.
Apr 24, 2011
I would buy this product again
This product was perfect for my rock garden and i would purchase another.durable easy to keep clean and it would be a nice gift.
Apr 19, 2011
overall a very good product
I would rate the product 5-star if the spikes were about 2 inches longer.
Apr 01, 2011
I would buy this product again and again
Completely satisfied with this product purchased it for my moms dog that passed away the first of March. I know she would really liked it but she passed away this last October, 2010.
Mar 24, 2011
Good Value for Cost
Good value for the cost. Product used outside in the South where flooding occures in the area where the item is placed. Writing faded after 3 yrs outside.
Mar 17, 2011
Very nice marker for a beloved pet
Very nice
Mar 12, 2011
For anyone who knows that pets are famil
I ordered two of these. One for where our precious Sandy passed away and was put to rest at her Nana's and one for my home. These are absolutely the best you can buy for the money and solid built too. I was very impressed with the heavy material and the workmanship. Judging by the other reviews they should last a very long time too.
Mar 11, 2011
i bought it for a friend who had to euthanize her beloved cat. this is the second one she ordered. her first cat passed away some years back and she liked the pet monument back then and she wanted to match it. i am glad it was still available for her. they are now back to back in her garden and she can always remember her precious cats.
Mar 06, 2011
This was for a much beloved little girl I had for 16 yrs. Her name was Lady. She is buried near my house, in a garden. I am so glad she now has a proper marker. Its small like her.
Mar 03, 2011
My Recent Purchase
To memorialize my belove baby cat who passed away.
Feb 18, 2011
To Memorialize Your Precious Pet
I ordered my first monument when I lost my precious cat, Maggie, in 2005. It's been outdoors at her gravesite for 6 years now, and it's still as durable as it was then. I recently had to put my 16 year old cat, Rambo, to sleep, so I ordered one for him. Two weeks to the day later, my daughters had to put down their 11 year old cat, Nala, with a brain tumor, so I ordered hers. These monuments are a wonderful way to mark your pet's gravesite. The vet who came to my home to euthanize Rambo asked me for the information on where I purchased mine so she could pass it on to her patients.
Feb 05, 2011
Ordering my 5th Monument
I'm ordering my 5th monument today. My 1st was in 2000 and since lost three dogs of old age. My son had 1 cat and is expecting the 2nd to cross the rainbow bridge that is 18 years old. This 5th is for his cat. We have a nice place under the trees for the 5 markers. I did have to paint the oldest one with a paint marker. Name was faint. Worked fine.
Feb 04, 2011
Pet headstone
My only con is that the product is stenciled rather than engrave as advertized. But it is a beautiful memorial.To my great saddness this is my 4th one.
Nov 12, 2010
Better Than Expected
I wanted a marker for my dog Chunky when he passed but when I started checking stores on line I realized I couldn't afford one. Then I found this at Harriet Carter. I wasn't expecting to much because of the price but I am amazed at how nice this is. It's even personalized at no extra cost. Thank you, now I remember him everytime I see this.
Nov 10, 2010
Great Price and right size
bought one for the first dog we lost in 2006. Our cat died last year and could not think of where I had gotten pet memorial. Finally found it by googling pet grave markers. I am now purchasing the third marker for another dog we lost yesterday to old age. Thanks so much for these markers! do wish there was more room for full dates. I have recommended you to friends.
Nov 10, 2010
pet monument
Looks great in our little pet cemetary
Nov 08, 2010
Pet Memorial
This product will be used in a future date.
Nov 06, 2010
Great quality and perfect tribute
This pet headstone was alot better weight and thickness that I thought it would be; the quality for the price was impressive. I would recommend this to any grieving pet owner. Thank you for having products like this for us.
Nov 03, 2010
Beautiful Pet Monument
My mom just lost her beloved pet dog of 13 years 3 wks. ago. I ordered this for her with his name and birth and passed away years. [...]when she received it she just loved it so much. Her dog is resting in peace not far from her house, within the 2 acres of land. Now she will have a beautiful spot for her to go to and visit her friend, who she misses a great deal.
Nov 02, 2010
I would buy it again
It is just what I wanted When the spring time comes it will look nice with flowers around it & a white Picket fence
Oct 28, 2010
I love these pet memorial markers. I had gotten one for my first little black lab in 1998 and forgot where I had gotten it. I looked everywhere. A few weeks after we lost our second little black lab (80+ lbs) Harriet Carter catalog arrived in the mail. You cannot imagine how tickled I was to see this marker in the catalog. If you want to remember your furbaby, this is the way to do it. I put mine in the garden.
Aug 26, 2010
Pet Monument
Nice to have something that you can remember your beloved pets. Just wish that you had a little more room to have full dates
Aug 17, 2010
As Pictured
This was a very nice reminder of my wonderful dog that I miss very much. I put it under his favorite tree and it I think about him when I see the marker from my kitchen window.
Aug 16, 2010
I would purchase this product again
I used this product for my pets burial spot
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