TV Free-Way™ (C9101)

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WATCH ALL YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOWS IN HD … FOR FREE! TV FREE-WAY™ lets you enjoy crystal-clear, high-definition TV shows without the price tag of cable or satellite. Just plug the digital antenna into your HD-capable television, sit back and start watching. Discreet design stays out of sight. Only network programming and local stations are available; works in areas where UHF/VHF broadcast signals are transmitted. Instructions, cable and adapters incl. 10-1/2" L x 1-1/2" D x 1" W; 18-1/2" L with extension.


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May 21, 2017
If you want a lot of free channels, don't buy this product.
The antenna only searches for channels within a 30 mile area from the TV, limiting the number of stations to choose from. Due to the design of my TV, I had to use the stand and cable in order to connect it; this became difficult finding a location for the antenna in order to improve reception - I had purchased it to replace the one I have- in order to be able to hide the antenna. I didn't realize the design of my TV would be a problem which is not the fault of the TV Free-Way. When I scanned for channels, it only picked up approximately 25 channels, my current antenna picks up around 60. I was glad I hadn't spent a lot of money because it's now in the going-to-GoodWill bag.
Mar 11, 2017
Not worth the money spent
Does not work as described. No matter which tv used, it did not bring in the channels as advertised. Really disappointed.
Dec 14, 2016
Does not work,I'm better off with my own antenna
The connection is to short to connect to the back of my tv, it was wasted money
Sep 08, 2016
Did Not expect it to work well but it does!
Jul 15, 2016
A waste of money
would never buy anything offer max efect for any electroics
Jun 01, 2016
Not worth the money
It's doesn't work you can not pick up any channels.
May 14, 2016
Im injoy it
Thank you do much
Apr 29, 2016
Not all it's cracked up to be.
It is very nice and slim but did not receive many channels at all. Also, often had to stand up to watch T.V. and if someone walked by the room we lost the channel.
Apr 28, 2016
Don't waste your money!
I had such high hopes for this product. I live in a large city with many TV stations within 15 miles. I attached it to my TV in my downstairs den, only 3 channels were picked up, and one was in Vietnamese. Totally useless, waste of money.
Apr 10, 2016
it's not what being advertise, not happy with it. I would li
It's not what it's being advertised
Apr 01, 2016
Not worth the time to hook it up. DOES NOT WORK
Does not work
Mar 17, 2016
Great signal
Works great
Mar 12, 2016
Doesn't Work
This item did not do what it says it is supposed to do. I was 20 miles from a TV station and it doesn't pull in the stations it says it is supposed to do. Now I am out the money I paid for it.
Mar 10, 2016
It did not work as I thought it would it would not pickup local channels.
Mar 02, 2016
Not so Free
Only received 2 channels may work better at a higher level...
Feb 28, 2016
too few channels
Bought it to replace my old antenna, ended up attaching the old one back. This one wouldn't give me as many channels as the one I have so I guess I'll just keep using the old one.
Feb 25, 2016
doesn't work
tried using this product and couldn't get any reception
Feb 15, 2016
Great product
Great product
Jan 27, 2016
didnt work in back of tv
I bought this from a diffent company and I did what the directions said and it didn't work at the back of my tv I tryied in the front of the tv and it worked got 38 channels but I had to keep moving device around to stop it from freezering up so I went to a store most known and saw a rca flat antenna that didn't need ejusting it was great it was flat and sqare it was higher $35 but worth it I get the same channels by the way you must have a newer tv to plug this into like 3 or 4yrs old any tv that is flat sceen
Jan 11, 2016
No comments...
No comments.......
Jan 10, 2016
I installed the product and it did not register any channels. I have other similar products that bring in more than ten channels.
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