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The As Seen on TV Bell & Howell® Desktop Ionizer cleans and purifies the air so quietly, you won’t even hear it! The Ionic Whisper releases streams of negative ions to quickly remove odors, fumes, dust, smoke, pet dander, pollen, and other pollutants from your home, office or workshop. Air ionizer comes with an AC adapter and uses just 7 watts of power, less than a 60-watt bulb! The air filter for the Ionic Whisper easily rinses out and never need replacing.  The air purifier has two speeds of operation. 12" H.  Ionic Whisper UV has UV light that kills airbourne bacteria, mold, viruses. 12"H.


Based on 11 reviews
May 13, 2016
Quiet, cheap but doesn't do the job!
Using in my screened porch when windows closed. I am a smoker - the area is not big. I have it right by the chair & table I smoke. It doesn't seem to be taking the odor out. I'm glad I paid the sale price.
Apr 13, 2016
Clears the Air
It really cleared the air the moment I started it. I have an African Grey parrot & they are one of the dustiest birds. This cleaned this immediately. Now I have to remember to clean it!!
Oct 28, 2015
Very disappointing
I purchased three of these units for personal use. Two operated quietly and one rattled from the start. They were all easy to clean because they DID NOT collect any dust. Very disappointing product. Good name brand, I thought, but the company should be ashamed of this product.
Sep 08, 2015
Excellent Performance!
I originally bought an ionizer for my mother to use in her bedroom round-the-clock. The new tenant in the apartment nextdoor was a smoker, and the ionizer cleaned the air perfectly so the cigarette smell didn't bother my mother anymore. Then I bought one for a friend whose toddler has asthma and their nextdoor neighbor was also a heavy smoker. My friend told me the ionizer eliminated the smell coming from the neighbor's apartment and her daughter's asthma attacks indoors have been greatly reduced. Lastly, I bought an ionizer for myself because my new apartment had a flowery air-freshener fragrance and musty smell that I was allergic to; I used the ionizer round-the-clock in my livingroom for many months; the ionizer finally died but it did its job - both odors were totally gone. So now I am going to buy a new ionizer for future use as needed for cooking smells and smokers in the same building. It's a lifesaver!
Mar 10, 2015
like ait purifer with uv ligh
use it in the front room and will also use it in the kitchen and bedroom for clean air
Mar 07, 2015
Broken on arrival
Broken on arrival, it wouldn't turn on. Had to pay to return the broken device.
Sep 23, 2014
Waste of money!
I purchased three of the Ionic Whispers ($29.98 each). One was a gift to my daughter, one is next to my bed, and the third is on my desk. None of them has required cleaning because none of them has collected anything from the air. All three units are now unplugged because they make an annoying rattling noise. Thought the product would have been better. I would like to return them!
Aug 06, 2013
didn't work
I should have known, this wouldn't work because of the low price. I have an expensive model that I have to clean because it actually attracts dust. This one didn't have an ounce of dust after having it on for over two weeks.
Jun 02, 2013
I ordered two Ionic Whispers some months back -- one has since stopped working -- not that they ever worked well to begin with. Spend the extra money and get a good brand that will do the job.
May 30, 2013
not good
Tried to use for my desk & next to my bed but after cleaning it would quit working
Feb 24, 2013
Re Ionic Whisper
At first, it worked beautifully. After three days, I returned home from work and it was not working at all.
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