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Cotton Bra liners ab­sorb perspiration, prevent chafing and irritation. Fabric liner fits inside bra to comfort and protect delicate skin from perspiration, underwires or scratchy elastic. Set of 3. 100% cotton; machine washable. Im­ported. Order by bra size.

"This product is very helpful on hot sticky days when I play golf. On the first use It kept me from getting the normal rash from sweating. It was easily washable and reusable." -Customer in Florida



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Jul 08, 2017
I think they are useful
Solves my problem of skin irritation at bra line.
May 18, 2017
I'll definitely purchase more of these in the future.
This is really helpful; in the past, I was having problems with rashes from sweating. Now, that doesn't happen.
May 10, 2017
cotton bra liners
I ordered these some time back. They do not work, might as well put a tissue in your bra. I threw mine in the trash. A complete waste of money. Instead a bought the sports bras with the extra liner under the cups. That work somewhat.
Dec 14, 2016
This worked so well that I gave some to my children and friends
Sep 25, 2016
Soft and comfortable
I read the reviews and did a wee bit of calculating and decided to purchase 1 size up from what I really needed. Good thing too... I found that they tend to be a wee bit too narrow under the breast area so I figure I will cut about 2 inches off both ends and attach them under the breast sections to make them wider. Plus, for those of you who say they don't stay in place...making them wider might help with that too...not sure but worth a try. Over-all...these are perfect. 10+ ?'s
Sep 04, 2016
hard to get in there but feels good once you do.
I ordered the larger one and it is very long. I had to cut the ends off to make it work. It is difficult to get into your bra without twisting or bulking up in places. Using double sided tape before I put the bra on works better.
Aug 29, 2016
sweat stopper
I am a heavy sweater and love this product. I use it every day. Grateful for the product.
Jan 20, 2016
Cotton Bra Liner
This product helps immensely to absorb sweat and prevent breakout under the breasts. It fits nicely under the bra and is soft in fabric. It should be sold in department store Bra departments !!!!!!!!!!!!! I found out about it from a technician while getting a mammogram. More women need to know about this product. Better than stuffing the bra with paper-towels to absorb, honestly !!! Sincerely, debbie
Nov 14, 2015
Too Narrow
I returned these. After washing they wrinkled badly.
Nov 11, 2015
Too Narrow
The bottom band is too narrow and the tab is too small.
Aug 22, 2015
difficult to stay where needed
I was hoping for something to keep underneath the breasts dry and prevent the constant moisture during hot days. it does not help mainly because it balls up,& does not stay where needed.
Jul 05, 2015
bra liners
works well for its' purpose
Apr 29, 2015
Comfort at Last!
Wear one everyday and now have no more discomfort from bra irritation. I just wash it out by hand every night.
Apr 21, 2015
Needs Help!
This bra liner will need double-faced tape to keep it in place. Trying it just around the house, it slipped loose and fell to the floor within five minutes. At least it didn't happen in public! With the tape, it should be a good product. Would be nice a bit longer, to tuck under elastic in the back, too. ALL bra elastic and nylon is irritating to my skin.
Mar 25, 2015
Having relief
I purchased two sets. One was for me and the other was for my daughter. Having a busty chest, makes a woman sweat a lot. And fungus can grow under the breast. This liner absorbs the sweat and odor. Three comes in a set and they're washable. Kudos.
Oct 20, 2014
perfect on hot sticky days
This product is very helpful on hot sticky days when I play golf. On the first use It kept me from getting the normal rash from sweating. It was easily washable and reusable.
Aug 03, 2014
Jul 31, 2014
Poor quality
Poor quality fabric. Does not wash and dry well. Ends up in an crumpled ball that has to be stretched and smoothed out. Totally inadequate compared to other brand I have been using.
Jul 13, 2014
I use this product when I walk in the morning. It definitely does the job. I perspire heavily and this small strip absorbs it all. I wash it after use, stretch it out to dry and it is ready to use again the next day.
Jun 04, 2014
Not an Easy Thing to Use
I needed something like this to use during a long illness & recovery time but this was hard to use and had to be adjusted often.
Sep 19, 2013
Save your money
Bunches up and too hard to get to stay in place while putting on your bra.
Sep 06, 2013
I would not buy this product again
Not easy to install sides too long
Aug 23, 2013
They are wonderful!
They are great! Fit perfectly. I washed them in a laundry bag with my bras and then laid them flat to dry. They dried just like new. I will order more soon.
Apr 27, 2013
Does the job
Yes you have to iron them after washing but it definitely does the job and keeps you from chaffing under your bra strap. I can't live without them now. No more buying lotions and creams to TRY and keep from getting a rash!!
Apr 19, 2013
cotton bra liners
This product was a poor buy , it wads up after you wash it , hard to keep straight in bra and way to long, if you have any sence at all you would not purchase this product, cut a tshirt up and use it, dont waste your money.
Apr 02, 2013
not so good
Very long. Hard to position in bra. Wadded up after washing. Mostly useless. Do not buy.
Dec 16, 2012
Comes up short
The purpose of this product is to obsorb moisture and prevent chaffing. It falls short because it is too narrow and bunches up.
Dec 06, 2012
Liner fizzles out
The material used in the liner is absorbant, however, it is too narrow. This prevents it from effectively protecting the skin from chaffing or scratching. It is also too narrow to hold it's shape and prevent bunching.
Apr 25, 2012
Buying More
I wish I would have known about this product a long time ago. When I need to keep dry and be comfortable, this product does the job well. It stays put and is not seen under my clothing.
Feb 28, 2012
Just what I had been looking for
makes every bra I own much more comfortable
Feb 23, 2012
Very comfortable
These are very comfortable and help a lot with irritation. I removed the tags, because they bothered me a little. I wash them in a mesh wash bag using hot water, even though the tag says to use cold water, and then I hang them over a hanger to dry. They come out a little wrinkled but no more so than a cotton bra would be, and they DON'T need ironing. I think the trick is to use a wash bag so they don't get all tangled up in the wash. The size prescribed for my bra size is a little longer than I like, so I just ordered two more, one in the next size smaller and one in the next size smaller than that, to try.
Oct 12, 2011
Need to be ironed!
They come in a set of 3. When I washed them for the first time they came out all bunched up. To wear one I would either have to iron it or would have to suffer from a crumpled up liner in my bra which is not something anyone would want to tolerate. I threw them right into the trash.
Aug 22, 2011
I would buy this item again and again
They are very confortable and help heal the heat rast that was terrable under my bust
Aug 05, 2011
I would not buy this product again
There were no instructions on how to use the product. After washing they lose their shape.
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