Wonder Washer™ (F7962)

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WONDER WASHER™ DOES LAUNDRY IN A JIFFY, plus saves all those trips to the laundromat! Simply fill with soap and water, plug in to any outlet, select “High” or “Low” cycle, set timer and relax! Small loads and hand washables are done in minutes, with no dirty laundry pile-ups. Compact size is ideal for apartments, dorms, RV’s. Handy carry handle lets you take unit anywhere. UL-listed cord. 10-liter capacity. 12-1/4" H x 12" diam.

"It is quick. It is convenient. I use it for small and delicate clothes." -Customer in New York




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Jan 16, 2017
Does not spin so you have wring clothes out by hand
I got this to use in my camper thought it would be great with small kids item. To much work full it dump it. Refill it and it doest spin
Sep 18, 2016
I love it so much I'm on my third one I'm buying two more
It's easy to use not for a lot of clothes follow the level where the water suppose to be and it cleans perfectly Love it,
May 16, 2016
Disappointing capacity and Information booklet
I was disappointed that the washer has no discharge hose. Remember that JUST the water is very Very heavy, plus wet garments. There is no guide as to how much detergent to use and the capacity is given in metric (Kilograms of dry clothing for small or "large" load.)There are lots of warnings to keep the bucket water out of the base (drive mechanism) and it can be difficult due to the weight of the full bucket. There is no inner basket so be prepared to wring out your wash- no chance to drain or spin in the bucket itself. If this is being used at a kitchen or bathroom sink it will be hard to lift the heavy bucket up to the top of the drive unit. Don't slop that water onto the drive unit! If it can be used near a tub or shower, that may help-JUST KEEP THAT DRIVE UNIT DRY!! This is very expensive to return and there are very specific rules. Failure to follow these rules may result in the washer being REFUSED at the Returns Office! I am concerned my return may be refused as I am not sure that I put the order # on the outside next to the word RETURN. I will be very unhappy if it is refused at the Pennsylvania address. No Return label is provided. Good luck!
May 08, 2016
This product is grossly miss represented.
Grossly miss represented.
Mar 06, 2016
Bing-o! Great little washer takes "scrub" out of "scrubbing"
Not having a washer in my apartment, I wanted a small washer for gentle washing of delicates. This is a wonderful product. I have arthritis in my hands which makes scrubbing of any kind very difficult for me. This is small enough for me to store in the bottom of my closet and use on the counter top by the sink. I can now wash one or a few pieces of clothing when soiled and not wait for a big enough load to use the large machines in the laundry room.
Feb 14, 2016
very handy
very handy for one or two items, and lingerie.
Dec 31, 2015
just right for my unit
For washing,just right for my apartment
Dec 25, 2015
Nice Machine
It washes only, no rinse no spin cycle. Not much better then hand washing.
Aug 05, 2015
Don't judge a book by its cover
Wife said it got her small stuff cleaner then any big washer!
Jun 24, 2015
Small but cleaning.
Live in apartment. This is very handy for small Items. Loving Wonder Washer so far.
Jun 04, 2015
Bad Wash
It is a great idea, but just not quite there yet. I tried using the product for some socks and underwear for my son. There is no where for the soap and dirty water to go, so essentially nothing is clean. I rang out the clothes, dumped the water out, put clean water in and ran it again. Same result. I wouldn't sell this to my worst enemy. If I had the box that goes on the outside of the box for the product and invoice, I would send it back.
May 19, 2015
The Wonder Washer This is a great product
It is quick It is convenient I use it for small and delicate clothes.
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