Taco Rack (E1302)

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TACO baking RACK lets you prepare light, crispy taco shells right in your oven. Here’s a healthy alternative to frying taco shells—just drape soft corn or flour tortillas over this specially-designed rack and bake in oven for perfectly cooked and shaped shells every time! Durable steel rack has a non-stick surface and bakes four shells at a time. Hand wash. 15" x 7½" x 3½".


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Aug 12, 2017
Not as I expected
Sharp edges can cause serious cuts. No instructions included.
Aug 12, 2017
Sharp Edges and No Instructions
The edges of the rack are raw metal and will cut a hand if one if not very careful. Also, no instructions on how to use so I had to go online and find a similar product for the oven temp and time.
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1302 Taco Rack In Stock

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