Singing Birds Mug (C8551)

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Singing birds mug starts your day off with the beautiful sights and sounds of nature. Glazed ceramic coffee mug features stunning images of eight species of North American songbirds, including an oriole, thrush, cardinal and 5 others. A small sound sensor on the bottom of the mug activates bird songs whenever mug is lifted. Sensor unit removes so mug can be washed. Has on/off switch. Holds 12 oz.


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Jan 01, 2016
Great way to wake up!
Lovely graphics, realistic sounds, easy to clean (removable sound box is fabulous!), and a wonderful way to start the morning. Also nice that it has an on/off switch so no one gets "driven crazy by the birds tweeting."
Dec 29, 2015
Worked great - for 2 days!
The mug worked great and birds chirped fine for a couple of days. then it stopped working. Checked the batteries and they seem fine?
Dec 09, 2015
I do not know Christmas gift for someone
Item looked like it did in the magazine.
Oct 10, 2015
I would buy this product over and over again
Drink my hot drinks anywhere I want and listen to the birds. Love the bird sounds.
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