SideSleeper Pro Air™ (F8936)

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SIDESLEEPER PRO AIR™ helps to correctly position your head, neck and shoulders for a great night’s sleep! Contoured pillow is filled with micro air beads that cushion and cradle your body to maintain perfect sleep posture all night long. Retains its shape night after night! Includes a removable, polyester/spandex blend pillow case with zipper closure; hand wash and air dry. 20-1/2" x 17-1/2" x 3-1/2".

"This is the answer to eliminating pain in the neck and back while sleeping on your side. The 'ear pocket' makes it even more comfortable." -Customer in Nevada


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Jul 12, 2017
So glad I decided to buy this pillow
I cannot sleep lying in a bed due to my back so I sleep in my lift reclining chair. A regular pillow was extremely uncomfortable but sleeping without any support for my neck was very painful. This pillow solved my problem. I wake up with less pain in my neck and back. Just wish I could buy another pillow cover to fit.
Jun 19, 2017
Jun 09, 2017
Worst Night's Sleep EverQ
This pillow was unbelievably bad! I have the original SideSleeper and it is a 1000x better. The original is cotton and so much more comfortable. This one is nylon and claims to keep a cooler air flow. I am usually a cold person but this made me feel hot. Also there is NO support with this pillow. My head goes straight down flat and I woke up with an aching neck and shoulders. Never had this problem with the original. This is not an improvement to this product whatsoever and I'm very disappointed! It's going back and unfortunately I have to pay to ship it back which the total cost of shipping is almost the cost of the pillow. Shipping should be free when a customer is not satisfied with a product.
May 24, 2017
Not as good as the first one I bought.
The beads of the filling are larger, which makes it not as comfortable, as the first one I bought.
May 17, 2017
Love it
Most comfortable pillow yet. It even works when I sleep on my back.
Apr 26, 2017
Very happy with it!
I didn't have problems sleeping but do usually sleep on my side, so I thought this might be a good purchase, and I think it's very comfortable. And I also use it to just support my neck if I lay down to watch television too and find it comfy. Love it!
Apr 24, 2017
Good investment
Bought due to complaints of neck and shoulder pain...problem solved and at a budget. Wonderful find...even better purchase.
Apr 03, 2017
Good product
I had headaches upon awakening and had to adjust my sleep position due to ear problems before. I now wake headache free for the past several months since I started using this and the ear hole is perfect for my ear. Only problem is that it is starting to collapse and do not have beads to replace the collapsed ones so it is starting to become mushy.
Mar 31, 2017
Happy Customer!
I can totally sleep so much easier at night & day since I purchased my side sleeper pillow! I'm a very satisfied customer!
Mar 01, 2017
Very uncomfortable, do not recommend
Used it for a week. Caused more problems with the neck, shoulders and back. It did not help as was advertized.
Feb 19, 2017
The Answer For Side Sleepers
This is the answer to eliminating pain in the and back while sleeping on your side. The 'ear pocket' makes it even more comfortable.
Jan 10, 2017
Love it, love it !!!!!!
I finally found the perfect pillow. I "use" to have a problem with neck and shoulder pain every morning. I've tried several kinds of pillows, even the sleep number pillow (which helped but didn't correct my problem totally). If my head is to low my sinuses clog up, if my head is to high, I get the neck and shoulder pain. Bummer isn't it. I've read some of the reviews about the pillow (before I bought) going flat after a day or to. These people need to just shake (fluff) the pillow. Those comfy little beads inside will re-adjus, I've had mine about a month. I've had no problem with this pillow. The outer cover does come off easily for washing by just undoing the button and unzip. Put the cover in the washer, wha la. By the way, that little indent where the button is, is where you place your ear. It fits perfectly. I am extremely satisfied, can you tell.........
Dec 25, 2016
I really like this pillow. I have neck pain and it really does help.
Nov 18, 2016
not good
lost its firmness after about a week
Aug 19, 2016
I have had it for about a month and only used my regular pillow once in the first few days for sleeping. I use it many ways and conform it to my needs and comfort by fluffing and shaping it. It is a very friendly adjustable pillow and think I will replace it when necessary. My doctor recommended I find some thing helpful for my arthritis in my neck. So far, it has helped. (Find the beads easy to arrange.) Do not use it for posture. My cane helps with that during my walking hours. Great Find!
Aug 11, 2016
The pillow was great for a few nights and then it lost its support and began hurting my head when I slept. Went back toy old pillow that also hurts me but at least it keeps its fluff.
May 26, 2016
Corrects my posture
I'm a side sleeper and I need a pillow to support my neck & conform to the upper part of my back. It is firm enough to support but pliable to fit just where I need the back of the pillow to go.
Apr 10, 2016
Going to buy more.
A great night of sleep, just what I was looking for.
Mar 17, 2016
Stretches out
This pillow was wonderful for the first few days. Then after 3 or 4 nights I started to realize it wasn't as firm as it had been. I think the material is stretching out. I have had it for 4 weeks and have tried to sleep on it every night. It is just a blob now. No support at all for the back.
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