Sheet Tamer™ (C9945)

$14.98 for a set of 4
2 or more sets for $14.25 each
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SHEET TAMER™ is the quick and easy way to keep linens in place. Sheets won’t stay put on your mattress? Secure them with these handy helpers. Just pull to open, then tuck around the sheet and mattress corners. They grip tightly with gentle rubber tips that won’t damage sheets. Use on fitted or flat sheets; tamers work on mattresses of any size or thickness. Set of 4. Made of vinyl-coated steel.  


Based on 2 reviews
Jun 19, 2017
No, I would not buy
I saw this advertised and decide it was what I needed... Very hard to put on bed, and when I did it flew of the bed .... then when I did get all four on they came off during the night so disappointed..
May 28, 2017
Do not purchase if you have an adjustable base
They pop off, flying into orbit if you have an adjustable base bed. Still looking for a solution, would appreciate any ideas.
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9945 Sheet Tamer In Stock