Red Copper™ Square Dance Pan (E9872)

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RED COPPER™ SQUARE DANCE PAN delivers amazing non-stick cooking for stovetop or oven! Food virtually dances off the copper-infused ceramic surface—without butter or oil! Stainless steel induction plate on the bottom offers rapid, even heat distribution, while the 9-1/2" square size gives you 25% more surface area than a round pan. Fry, sauté, broil or bake all your favorite foods. Heat-resistant up to 500°. PFOA/PTFE-free.

"This has become my favorite pan. I use it daily. Easy to clean and I love the way food cooks in it." -Customer in Texas


Based on 27 reviews
Jul 14, 2017
Great everyday pan
Love this pan. Easy to use easy to clean. Just wish Cathy Mitchell would write a bigger cookbook for all of her red copper pans.
Jul 13, 2017
Set completed
This pan is just extra
Jun 01, 2017
It's a great pan many uses
Great size and colorful. and has versatility she cooks for my grandkids and they are eaters!
Apr 26, 2017
Only good for 3 months!!
After 3 months things start sticking. Tried to season again and it got worse. Now eggs stick to point of soaking in soapy water for 30 min and still stuck. The the frying pan in trash now!!! Don't waste the money!!!
Apr 12, 2017
i have told everyone about this pan
Love my square dance pan and have recommended to all my friend good weight but light enough for those of us with arthritis also wish it came with a lid. Perfect size for us retired people that only cook for ourselves now. Have used it for almost everything already. Wish I could afford the larger one with the lid, otherwise, I'm happy with my purchase.
Apr 07, 2017
I like the way it lets me fry eggs and they stay together
Paint comes off very easy when it is next to another pan in a drawer or shelf.
Apr 06, 2017
Red square pan
I use this on electric stove I returned first one cuz it chipped. I got another one after one time it chipped. Not happy.
Apr 05, 2017
Love it - would really love a lid
I have this pan, the 10" fry pan and just got the fry pan with steamer. I haven't used my other fry pans since I got my first Red Copper. Food cooks great and clean-up is a breeze. I seasoned the pans and have not had one problem. Food cooks great, eggs slide right out and burned gravy cleans up with hot soapy water & a sponge. I love the Red Copper pans! Next is the 10 piece cookware set.
Apr 02, 2017
My favorite pan
This has become my favorite pan. I use it daily. Easy to clean and I love the way food cooks in it.
Mar 26, 2017
Seasoned but food still sticks
Seasoned it as recommended but without applying a cooking spray things like eggs will stick to it....easy clean up but not like advertised
Mar 25, 2017
Love the pan
easy to clean works well in oven
Mar 17, 2017
the pan is great but needs a lid
love the pan but needs a lid
Mar 14, 2017
Great Pan
I have the round pan, as well as the deep square one, so bought this square one. My only complaint is that I wish it were bigger.
Mar 05, 2017
Great pan, can use two pans side by side but not round ones.
Great pan.
Feb 26, 2017
Works Very well for us.
none of the complaints listed in the reviews have applied to us
Feb 20, 2017
Love it ,wish I had a lid!
Use almost everyday ,quick cooking quick clean up!
Feb 15, 2017
Feb 11, 2017
Love this pan
Bought this because we saw it on tv. It can do a lot of different things. We have baked in it, fried things in it, and deep fried things in it. Clean up is so easy. I've never seen pans that clean so easily. Absolutely love it.
Feb 04, 2017
Everything sticks, even bacon, hardly even usable
Feb 02, 2017
burnt hotdogs
My son burnt hotdogs in the pan and it was very difficult to clean, and left residue in the pan. The outside coating chips off.
Jan 19, 2017
the lid to the deep square pan lid will fit the skillet.
Great whole set have one deep copper chef and all seem to be just as good.
Jan 17, 2017
Red Copper Pan
Pretty happy with the way it works as far as cooking. Does what you say. But was unhappy that the red color on the outside started peeling off in the sink when I wasn't even using anything to scrub it hard. Red is part of my kitchen colors & I was going to hang it up but can't now.
Jan 15, 2017
The handle gets dangerously HOT in the oven.
It cleans up nice. The paint is coming off the bottom. The handle gets dangerously HOT in the oven. I would like a cover to fit it. (square)
Jan 12, 2017
red copper pan
when using this pan the center part raises up and all the food slides to side, does not heat outside of center I would send back but the shipping would eat up the refund , so I will just throw it away
Jan 04, 2017
Red Copper dance pan
Paint is coming off the bottom of the pan and it's starting to look as if it's 10 years old already. even though I seasoned the pan before the first use the food still stuck. Had to spray it with Pam
Dec 21, 2016
Red Copper Cookware
When I bought this, for some reason, i thought I was buying Copper Chef. I have to say though that so far everything has been just great. I hand wash because I did that with all my non-stick pots and pans. I bought the square pan as well as all the others and a friend of mine who has Copper Chef says it looks a lot like his!!!! For the money, so far, it's pretty darn good and has a warranty!!!!
Dec 13, 2016
Not a good value
Even though it is square, the frying surface is small and you have to hand wash it. The catalog write up does not mention it is made in China. If it had, I would not have bought it.
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