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Left-Hander's Tee boosts the image of those much-maligned "southpaws"! Here's their chance to set the record straight once and for all. 100% cotton tee and poly/cotton sweatshirts and hoodies.  Imported.

"My 21-y/o left-handed grandson was thrilled! And he does agree that although he's left-handed, he's always right. He enjoys wearing it around his friends." -Customer in Florida


Item Number Product Description Availability
5684 Lefty Tee (S) In Stock
5685 Lefty Tee (M) In Stock
5686 Lefty Tee (L) In Stock
5687 Lefty Tee (XL) In Stock
5960 Lefty Sweatshirt (S) In Stock
5961 Lefty Sweatshirt (M) In Stock
5962 Lefty Sweatshirt (L) In Stock
5963 Lefty Sweatshirt (XL) In Stock
7657 Lefty Hoodie / Medium In Stock
7659 Lefty Hoodie / Large In Stock
7660 Lefty Hoodie / X-Large In Stock

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