HD Vision™ & NightVision™

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HD Vision™ Glasses (C8477)

  • $9.98 each
  • 2 or more for
    $9.25 each

HD NightVision™ Glasses (C7743)


  • $9.98 each
  • 2 or more for
    $9.25 each


HD Vision™ Sunglasses block glare and harmful UV rays as they make everything around you look sharper and brighter!  Custom-look shades with high-definition lens technology dramatically reduces sun glare and provides crystal clear clarity and definition like you’ve never experienced before.  Provide glare-free, 100% UV protection.  Ideal at the beach or sporting events, while driving and more. 

Also available is a HD NightVision™ WrapArounds. They help reduce glare and eye strain caused by on-coming headlights and street lights.  Improve visibility at twilight and during poor weather conditions.

"Great for those who have prescription eye glasses and need that extra protection fron the sun's rays, which includes protection from the sides. They are lightweight and comfortable." -Customer in Pennsylvania


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8477 HD Vision™ & HD NightVision™ WrapArounds In Stock
2828 HD Vision™ Ultra Glasses Item Discontinued
7743 HD NightVision™ Glasses In Stock