Grill Daddy™ & Brushes

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Grill Daddy™ (E8428)

  • $19.98 each

Set/2 Replacement Brushes (C8774)

  • $7.98 each


Grill Daddy™ cleans your grill with the power of steam! As you brush, this revolutionary cleaning tool releases a stream of water that instantly turns to steam on a hot grill. Baked-on food and grease are removed in a flash; surfaces are sterilized, too! Heavy-duty stainless steel bristles clean between grill grates, and are safe for use on steel, iron and porcelain grills—hot or cold. Brush attachments remove for cleaning. 15" L.

"Super: Nice to buy a product that does what it says it will do!  Just bought a second one for our summer cottage.  That alone speaks for a satisfied customer.  My first one got filthy and I cleaned the whole thing with oven cleaner and hot water.  It's like new again.  Big thumbs up from me."     - Customer in South Bend, IN


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8428 Grill Daddy™ In Stock
8774 Set/2 Replacement Brushes In Stock

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