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Instantly stop the toughest leaks with the waterproof Flex™ Tape!  This super-strong tape can patch, bond, seal and repair virtually anything.  It’s so durable, it even works under water!  Can be applied to hot, cold, wet or dry surfaces.  The specially-formulated rubberized backing can conform to just about any shape or object.  Extra-wide tape quickly covers large cracks, gaps and holes.  Excellent for home, automotive and mechanical repairs.  Available in 2 sizes & colors.  Made in the USA.   

2 or more 4" wide tape - $12.25 each
2 or more 8" wide tape - $19.25 each


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Item Number Product Description Availability
1289 Black / 4" Wide In Stock
1290 White / 4" Wide In Stock
1291 Black / 8" Wide In Stock
1292 White / 8" Wide In Stock

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