Entryway Organizer (F8311)

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Entryway organizer minimizes household & closet clutter! Freestanding, wrought iron-look metal unit features 16 hooks for hats, coats, scarves, um­brel­las, purses and backpacks. Two roomy wire shelves store shoes, boots and galoshes; a sturdy wood bench makes it easy to change your foot­wear. Perfect for foyer, hallway or mudroom. 66" H x 24" W x 12" D.

"Now I have someplace to hang my clothes and keep my shoes. Very handy ." -Customer in New York


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Apr 09, 2017
I would not buy this. It broke the first day.
I got this to put in my entryway to take my boots off when I come in. The first time I used it, it leaned to the side. Now I can't even put a coat on it without it falling to the side. I am vary unhappy. It is going into the trash.
Mar 11, 2017
Would definitely buy again!
I waited a long time to put together thinking I may have more problems than I expected but set up was easy and it looks so nice by the living room door. Holds a variety of coats without tipping over. I think it's sturdy. We don't use seat area for sitting. And I love that I can put boots on bottom shelf.
Feb 09, 2017
Entry organizer
We absolutely love it!! So very handy! We can put our shoes and jackets fright on as we come in.
Dec 23, 2016
Great Organizer!
Assembly was fairly simple and all tools needed were included, except for anchoring to the wall you needed a screwdriver, but we left ours free standing and it is fine. It is convenient as we come in from gardening and need a place to hang our winter clothes, varying footwear from boots to tennis shoes. It has a rack, great for muddy boots; a shelf which is great for things we want to take out the next time we go to the gardens; and it has hooks for hats, hoodies, scarves, etc. It is one of the most convenient organizers we have ever purchased.
Sep 14, 2016
Works perfect
It fits perfectly on the wall I bought it for. Not very sturdy but it does work for what I need it for!! Looks good too.
Sep 10, 2016
Good for organization
Used in garage to store pool accessories. Hangs swimsuits, hats, float belts, towels. Stores water shoes. Keeps wet things out of the dryer, and handy for reuse.
Sep 01, 2016
love it
love it
Jun 04, 2016
I live in a very small souterrain apt and it would have been perfect. I use it for lack of a better thing, but the connections of the vertical bars are not holding up. Consequently it is not working as intended. I realise it is for shipping purposes they are cut, but this would work perfectly if all verticals were a whole piece.
May 22, 2016
Just what I needed . Eliminated a bunch of hooks on the wal
Apr 02, 2016
Foyer shoe rack
A little difficult to assemble but got it done. Serves its purpose. But not strong enough yo he sat on.
Apr 01, 2016
Entryway organizer
Was sturdier than I thought it would be & was very impressed with the quality in which it was made.
Dec 15, 2015
now i have some place to hang my close and keep my shoes.very handy .
Nov 30, 2015
Very cheaply made
I was very displeased with this item and when I had to ship it back it cost almost half of what i paid for the item.
Nov 18, 2015
I would buy another
Great for hats sweatshirts and light jackets
Nov 14, 2015
Perfect Doorway Entry
Purchased for Doorway Entry piece and I love it. Very nice looking and very economical for its purpose.
Nov 11, 2015
Handy and Useful
I purchased this item for use in my entryway. I hang our coats, jackets, hats, umbrellas, ect. Our boots and shoes go on the wire shelving. The organizer hold plenty, but the back part for hanging on is a bit shaky, due to the length of the thin metal bars, but it seems sturdy enough any way. The seat is not real wood, and although it looks nice, it is flimsy to sit on in order to remove your boots. The wood bows and the metal structure does as well. It bowed a bit even with a 160# person. I think with repeated sittings, you would end up with it permanently bowed. It doesn't seem safe enough to sit on. I plan to cut and finish a thicker piece of wood for the seat, thick enough not to bow, and install in place of the flimsy piece it comes with. That will fix that problem. I also noticed that the feet on it are raw, cut metal with no protection to keep it from scratching the floor. I solved this by setting the whole thing right on a plastic boot tray. This keeps the feet off the floor and from scratching it, and, wet boots on the bottom shelf will drip into the tray and NOT on the floor. A GREAT solution if I say so, myself! All in all, I think this was a good bargain for the price, most other organizers cost much more, and it serves it's purpose well- with a few tweaks. I would recommend this item.
Sep 03, 2015
Absolutely NOT worth the money
This product was very poorly designed. The side bars were only attached by braces that were screwed on, and these could not be screwed on tightly enough, no matter how hard I tried. As a result, the whole back piece has a tendency to sway. I had to use electrical tape around the braces to try to secure them a little more, but even that wasn't enough. It still sways. It looks good in my entryway, but I wish it were sturdier.
Aug 24, 2015
don't buy it
too flimsy at the sides that hold the coats, can't use at all and am using the bottom as a small shelf cabinet. Did not have all of the nuts included with the screws either.
Aug 12, 2015
8311 Entry Organizer
If all the parts were correct in the box for this product, I'm sure I would be very pleased with the entry way organizer. I am returning this item. It isn't the fault of this company who is selling this item, but is the manufacturer that didn't have the quality control.
Aug 09, 2015
Back unstable.
The connecting method of the back hooks to the bench portion doesn't seem to be ridged enough not to make the back sway from side to side somewhat depending on the weight of the garment. Not enough to totally tilt the back but enough to worry about tilting the whole unit. Still using just being careful to even out the weight.
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