Enamel Pen (B8015)

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COVER UP UNSIGHTLY CHIPPED ENAMEL ON APPLIANCES, BATH FIXTURES & MORE! Handy enamel touch-up pen quickly and easily makes scratches, dings and chips practically disappear. Just draw over the damaged area with the marker—it’s that simple! Leaves a smooth, silky matte-white shine on tubs, sinks, washers, stovetops. 6 ml.


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Dec 14, 2016
Enamel Pen
This Enamel Pen is very good for hiding scratches and hides chips Easy to use
Apr 17, 2016
good coverage
good coverage
Mar 06, 2016
An effective Product
This product worked very well for me. I used it to repair a cracked tile and chips in a porcelain sink and my stove. It covered the chips very well and they virtually disappeared and it is very easy to use. It seemed to dry pretty quickly. It is not messy but if you use too much on a vertical service it will run. When you first use this product it does require quite a bit of pumping to intially get it going but after that it's fine. It has an effective reseal able cap that enables you to use it again at a later time. As Senior Lady most eloquently stated, time will be the test to see if this product will last. D
Aug 31, 2015
Looks good!
Very easy to apply and covers the chips on tile kitchen counter very well. However, the test will be in how long the cover-up lasts
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