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JOHN DEERE BOOK is a treasure trove of tractor memories! John Deere tractors have revolutionized agriculture and have been a major part of American farm life for generations. This anthology tells the history of the big green machine through stories, essays, period artwork and reminiscences from Deere lovers. Includes hundreds of photos of vintage tractors and today's high-tech marvels. Hardcover. 159 pages.


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Jan 08, 2017
This book was a wonderful gift for my hubby.
My husband loved this book. He was raised on a farm and drove John Deere. He loved the pics and the info about each tractor. This is a book he cherishes.
Dec 22, 2015
Oh! Deere!!!!
A Farmer can't have tooo many 'Deere' stories!
Oct 11, 2015
Dec 28, 2014
Great book. Lots of beautiful pictures.
This was a gift to my husband.
Nov 14, 2014
Great book!
Beautiful book, especially for the John Deere lover
Jan 17, 2014
True 'success' story
this was a gift for a man whose father had been a John Deere dealer. the giftee was extremely pleased with the book and read many pages the first night, of course bring back many comforting memories of his father and times at the dealership. Good product!
Jan 08, 2014
Very attractive book, fun to read
I love this book! I would have bought it for myself, anyway, because I like the cover illustration, but my husband saw it advertised and asked for it for Christmas, too. I am a watercolor artist and love the illustrations inside, and now that I have also read the essays, I just love this book. It was put together with a lot of care and attention to detail, and all of the personal recollections are fun to read. I wondered if it would be too technical and boring to read, but it is just the opposite. All of the essays and articles are very well written and fun to read. I highly recommend this book. My husband and I are really enjoying it.
Jan 07, 2014
looks good
enjoied the book. My 8 year grandson and spent a long time in the rocker looking at it.
Jan 05, 2014
What an interesting book
My husband loves John Deere tractors, so when I saw this book I knew I had to give it to him for Christmas. He has really enjoyed it! Informative text and wonderful assortment of pictures.
Dec 17, 2013
Nice book
The book is an attractive historical book with pictures of John Deere tractors. We plan to give it as a gift to my farmer brother-in-law
Dec 13, 2013
Nice book
I bought this for my Grandson who loves John Deere anything. Unfortunately I think it would be more appropriate for an adult, or at least an older child. My grandson is 8.
Nov 23, 2013
My Grandson is thrilled with this book.
This was a birthday present that I sent to my Grandson personally, with another gift. He collects and loves tractors, especially, John Deere Tractors. He gets to ride them when he gets his school work done, at the local factory. (he's 11)
Oct 21, 2013
I Love this Book
My brother in law is a farmer and loves his John Deere. This will be a December Birthday gift for him. I know he will love it.
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