Color-Changing Angels (E9685)

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COLOR-CHANGING ANGEL ORNAMENTS ADD A HEAVENLY GLOW TO THE HOLIDAY SEASON! Delicate glass angels have an LED light inside that creates an eye-catching display of light and color. Adorning each figurine is a colorful, heart-shaped rhinestone gem. Hang on your Christmas tree from attached cords or display on a mantel. Set of 8; approx. 2" H. Cell batteries included.


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Jan 06, 2017
Beautiful little ornaments!
I bought several sets of these beautiful angels both for personal use and as gifts. The only negative thing I found I had some that evidently came with bad batteries and I could not fine the correct size for replacement.
Jan 05, 2017
Great gifts everyone likes
I bought a lot of these. They made the perfect inexpensive gift to give out at ladies Bible studies, retirement homes & students. Everyone can use them. Everyone loved them, asked where I got them, and wanted more. The colors are vivid and everyone from childhood to senior citizens loved them. They can hang on a tree or displayed on a table. When you have a special ceremony and lower the lights it is gorgeous to use these.
Dec 28, 2016
Pretty angels
These pretty little angels make a great Christmas tree ornament. The only negative is that the color changing effect slows down to red only after a few uses. You can turn it on and off again, but it will still slowly go to red only. Otherwise, they are quite attractive and make great gift tag ornaments as well as Christmas tree ornaments.
Dec 28, 2016
I was pleased with Angels!
I loved the Angels! I have 4 sisters and 10 nieces who I wanted to give them just alittle something for Christmas and the Angels were perfect! They all loved them! I wish they would stay lit longer then they do but I told them that they don't stay lit very long but they loved them any ways. We Ossetia one of our nieces this year at the young age of 19 in a car accident so I gave her mother,sister and aunt an Angel with a Purple Heart because purple was her favorite color! The hugs and tears I received made it worth it! Just a little Angel! Thank you! ??
Dec 26, 2016
stop changing
really cute, but will use with out lites
Dec 11, 2016
. I used it 3 times & the color change stopped!
Faulty, color stops after short use!
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