Baggy Rack (C1475)

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BEAT THE PLASTIC BAG SLUMP—NO HANDS REQUIRED! Special rack tells food storage bags to “open wide”, leaving hands free for filling. Bags won’t collapse or fall over either—that means no more spills or messes! Arms extend up and down to accommodate sandwich, quart and gallon-­size bags; non-slip base grips counter. Great as a baggy dryer, too! Folds flat to store.


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Jul 26, 2017
Great Little Invention
I have had one of these for about 15 years, it has just now had the extender on one side come loose and not stay up. These are so great when you are cleaning up leftovers by yourself and there's no one there to help you hold the bag open! I think every kitchen needs at least one. My daughter in law saw it and said what a great tool, I want one! So now that I've found them again, I am ordering one for her and one for me.
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