Arched Trellis (F8223)

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ARCHED TRELLIS provides a romantic touch to your garden or patio. Free-standing archway shows off roses, flowering vines, ivy or any other pretty “climber”. Makes garden walks and paths extra-special! Weather-resistant coated metal looks beautiful year after year. Easy assembly. 7 ft., 10 in. high.


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Jun 05, 2017
Work great for the garden
I use these trellis's in my garden for my cucumbers, beans and peas. Have to make sure the cucumbers aren't left to go crazy cause the weight will collapse then but the beans and peas actually produce more when they have an area to grow up.
Oct 30, 2016
Wider than I thought
I purchased two for my beans and climbing vegies to grow on. I had no idea how wide they were. We improvised and made it narrower to fit my above ground bed and stuck them in the dirt about 10 inches. That made it stable. I will note that a few of the cross bars lost their nut so having used less gave us extras to work with. I can agree with a few others that it is flimsy if you use it the way intended. But I'm happy with what we eventually arranged.
Oct 11, 2016
badly made
flimsy and shoddily made. some of the crosspieces came apart as I was assembling it.Had bought 2 so I could combine and make it wide enough to span my path, and that at least gave me spare parts to try and repair it on the multiple occasions that more crosspieces simply fell apart, or the thing fell over, bending and breaking the uprights. after about the 3rd time I came out in the morning and found the trellis down and broken and obstructing my front walk, I just took it down, and am in the process of finding a box to send it back.
Sep 03, 2016
waste of time & money
look above
Jun 21, 2016
It suited our purpose!
We used this for a prop in a musical show, and it fit the bill well. Putting it together was a real challenge, however, as at times it required two-three people to hold it and another person to screw in the fasteners. Also no screwdriver was included in the project, which would have been a huge problem if we had not had access to a screwdriver. Once it was together, it worked fine. It is light enough to use indoors on carpet.
May 19, 2016
This item is no BUENO. It is flimsy and hard to keep togeth
This archway is flimsy and already bent in several places. I have always been a customer and will continue to be. I can't send back, put gorilla glue to hold it together
May 15, 2016
Nice and pretty
Bought this for my wedding trellis an it is perfect ! ! After the wedding plan to grow son climbing plants.
Feb 16, 2016
I got this product to provide a trellis for some roses I had planted. It was easy to assemble and put up, but kinda of flimsy. But for the price it still does the job it is designed for. We have recently had some severe winds and weather here in Florida and the trellis stood up to them with no problem (wish I could say the same of my brand new canopy I had installed). If you need a trellis immediately and can't afford a attractive, good quality one right now, this will do the trick while you save up for the much better one.
Oct 24, 2015
very happy with my purchase
The second one I owned. Got years of use from the first one.
Sep 17, 2015
Not what I expected. Too fimsy. Wind distroyed it
Product too flumsy. Wind distroyed it immediatelyeven tho It was braced frommiddle to ground.
Jun 03, 2015
many options
much better for the intended garden use than I was expecting
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