4-in-1 Can & Bottle Opener (C8977)

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4-IN-1 JAR, CAN &  BOTTLE OPENER makes it a snap to open almost any container! Use this handy tool to effortlessly twist open jars, pop open bottle caps, pull open tabbed lids and unscrew plastic bottles. It adjusts to fit assorted sizes. Rugged ABS plastic opener is lined with magnets so you can affix it to your refrigerator and keep it within easy reach. Ideal for folks with arthritis and limited hand mobility. 7-3/4" L x 2-1/2" W.

"Simple to use and clean. No assembly. Love it." -Customer in California


Based on 29 reviews
Jun 25, 2017
Didn't open jars as stated.
Color of item is cute. To pull a tab like on a soda can that worked well. It didn't open jars nor the tops of soda bottles. I was very disappointed so I return this item.
Apr 10, 2017
Wish I had read reviews before buying. Useless.
Would give leverage if it would fit on lids, but since it doesn't fix on most size lids, it is useless.
Mar 23, 2017
If it wasn't so inconvenient, I'd ask for my money back. Not worth the bother. Piece of junk
Mar 05, 2017
Useless !!!
Absolutely useless. Was not able to use on anything I tried. I do not have arthritis. Just wanted something to get tops off a little easier. Again....it never worked for any size top... Threw it in the trash....
Feb 19, 2017
Completely useless doesn't grip bottles or jars at all. I would never buy this again.
Feb 19, 2017
Would not recommend.
For me, it would not stay in place on larger lids. Kept slipping off.
Feb 17, 2017
This is a very poor design. No instructions are given. Slips on most metal and plastic jars. Cannot open 1/2 gallon juice containers (too small). It appears as though this was designed, produced and never tested. My wife threw it on the floor because she could not use it.
Feb 16, 2017
Someone missed the boat!
It may fit some bottles or containers but none that I have purchased over the years. Pitch this one out the door. I bet it is manufactured in China.
Feb 04, 2017
I am very unhappy with this product
It just does not grip the jar I a trying to open.
Jan 05, 2017
Not useable at all
Jan 03, 2017
I purchased this product in the hope of using it to open Polar soda bottles and it did not work. In fact the rubber gripper was stripped from trying. Considered returning it but didn't find it to be worth the cost and inconvenience.
Dec 27, 2016
I would not recommend this. Won't work on vitaminwater bottl
This was NOT what it was describe to be. I thought it would open all size bottles and jars and it definitely does not. I would have sent it back if I had kept receipt and wouldn't have to pay shipping and handling. I would not recommend this!
Dec 22, 2016
Would give some thought on purchasing this product again
I use the product everyday and it opens can with ease.But jar lids not so well.
Dec 16, 2016
This is useless. Would not buy
Dec 16, 2016
Works well
Bought it as a back-up, for the one I use now.
Dec 14, 2016
I would not buy this again.
It was junk and it went in the trash.
Dec 14, 2016
Does not open any of the water bottles or jars that I have. Makes a reasonable refrigerator magnet
Oct 23, 2016
All promise, no real use.
Looks promising. Does not fulfill promise.
Oct 09, 2016
I would not buy this again ever!
Bought to be able to open large bottles like pickles. It does not grad the lids so you can not open the bottles.
Sep 08, 2016
The small end was too small. I could not use it to open the various bottle cap sizes on the bottles of water that I drink. The "wrap around" end was difficult to put around the jar lids.
Sep 01, 2016
The small end does not fit many containers.
Very limited in size of containers it will open
Jun 25, 2016
I will recomend it for people with discbilities
We use it to open caps on soda and water bottles.
Jun 15, 2016
Super Helper
Simple to use and clean. No assembly. Love it.
Jun 13, 2016
Worthless as advertised
Simply does not work as described-I gave it plenty of tries to see if I was doing something wrong. Worthless junk-now it's a refrig. magnet
May 01, 2016
Looks Better Than It Is
This looks like a good idea, that the strap would tighten on itself, and thus give you the leverage to open the lid. But it is too stiff, the strap barely goes around any normal-sized olive jar, for example, and the premise is much better than the actual product, in that it is pretty much useless.
Apr 08, 2016
Does not perform as easily as I thought!
Product does work but VERY HARD TO USE!
Apr 03, 2016
Bad purchase
I would not recommend this item to anyone.
Mar 26, 2016
Excellent for weak grip.
Does the job perfectly
Mar 26, 2016
it works pretty good on some water bottles.
use to open bottles.
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