Double Scrubber (C8454)

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DOUBLE SCRUBBER is the perfect combo for quick, easy kitchen cleanup! Handy kitchen utensil features a bristled brush on one end and a beveled plastic scraper on the other; ideal for safely removing stubborn, baked-on food from non-stick pots, pans and dishes. Durable, ergo­nomic design features a comfortable, non-slip grip at the center. 13" L.


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Sep 16, 2015
What I was looking for
Light weight easy to use
Aug 31, 2015
kinda big
Nice product. A little big, but gets the job done.
Aug 09, 2015
"SUPER" scrubber!
Too many possible uses to list separately. The design is perfect for so many cleaning jobs in the kitchen and well beyond! A friend really liked mine so I had to order a couple more to share!
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