Spiral Slicer (C8469)

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SPIRAL SLICER creates spaghetti-like strands or julienne strips from zucchini, squash, carrots, cucumbers and more with a simple turn. Pro-style tool has double-sided steel cutting blades to create thick or thin strands. Includes pusher device that helps protect fingers as you work. BPA-free plastic. Dishwasher safe. 5" H.      


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Aug 21, 2015
DISGUSTED ! ZERO stars!!!!!!
What a disaster! I took it back I was so disgusted with it. The fist turn or two worked and then ... yuck...mushy mess! Tried it on all sorts of vegetables with no success. I would have put ZERO stars, if this chart would let you!
Aug 10, 2015
It looks great on TV but once you use it,it does nothing like on TV,I have used hard veggies and soft veggies and nothing comes out like on TV,all mine have come out in mushy chunks of veggies.carrots,cukes,squashes all have to be the exact size for it to work but then only one turn,then the sixe is off and nothing works again.
Aug 02, 2015
Wastes alot of the veggie
This does make nice 'veggie' pasta, but you waste alot of the vegetable in the process. Once the twist cap reaches the closed position, there is no way to push the remaining vegetable through the cutting teeth. And it will cut the thick end of a carrot, but the thin end breaks off and gets stuck in the bottom of the cone, which is difficult to remove.
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