Harriet Carter Advantage


About Harriet Carter Advantage

Since 1958, our commitment has been to serving and satisfying your needs and interests.  That’s why we created Harriet Carter Advantage — to thank and reward our customers for shopping with us.

Harriet Carter Advantage members receive unlimited savings on Harriet Carter purchases!  Receive unlimited 10% cash back, shipping rebates, and return shipping rebates on every purchase!  Simply shop as you normally would.  Your savings will be added to your Savings Center and paid out in the form of a check. 

As a member, you receive 5% cash back, online or in-store, when you shop at eligible Marketplace retailers.  You are also eligible for rebates on shipping and return shipping costs on any Marketplace purchase you make through the program.  These savings are added to your Savings Center and paid out in the form of a check.

Take a look at the exclusive member savings that Harriet Carter Advantage offers you:

Unlimited 10% CASH BACK and Free shipping and return shipping rebates on EVERY Harriet Carter purchase!

• 10% off $25 gift card from participating retailers!

• 5% CASH BACK on purchases you make through the Marketplace of over 1,000 retailers!

• Shipping and return shipping rebates on Marketplace purchase!

The opportunity to join the Harriet Carter Advantage program is offered to you after each order you place.  Just click on the offer and you’ll go to the Harriet Carter Advantage web site where you can sign up.  Or, you can click the button below and sign up today.