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Therapeutic Aids
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Item: 120322




4.6 (5)

Item: 715213

CPAP Hose Holder


4.6 (227)

Item: 715211

Gel Toe Caps


4.2 (27)

Item: 710580

Diaper Disposal System

$21.99 to $44.99

5.0 (15)

Item: 713496

Easy-Rise Cushion


3.3 (28)

Item: 711201

Open-Air Knee Pillow


3.7 (6)

Item: 087491

Posture Doctor™


3.8 (4)

Item: 087485

Shoulder Saver™


3.5 (4)

Item: 086457

Magnetic Back Support


3.9 (17)

Item: 087526

ThermaComfort Neck Wrap


4.5 (4)

Item: 711188

Calf Support


3.5 (2)

Item: 120104

MSA 30X™ Sound Amplifier



3.3 (78)

Item: 087332

Copper Fit™ Gloves


4.7 (18)

Item: 710554

Pelvic Belt


3.0 (1)

Item: 180552

Far Infrared Wrist Wrap


3.0 (1)

Item: 170101



4.3 (15)

Item: 086733

Infrared Heating Wand


4.2 (15)

Item: 170417

Amish Foot Cream


5.0 (2)

Item: 085898



4.8 (17)

Item: 085831

Neuropathy Rubbing Oil


4.3 (45)

Item: 073985



4.9 (7)

Item: 170852

Amish Arthritis Cream


4.8 (4)

Item: 180396

Circulation Plus


5.0 (1)

Item: 715637

Palm Massager


Item: 715615

Hot Water Bottle


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Buy Therapeutic Aids & Experience the Relief

If you are looking to buy therapeutic aids to relieve pain or simply maximize your everyday comfort, Harriet Carter can help. We are an online retailer of distinctive gifts, useful household gadgets, and personal therapeutic aid products. With more than 60 years of experience, Harriet Carter can provide you with incredibly useful products at unbelievably low prices. Explore our vast inventory of therapeutic aids available to buy online and start shopping today!

Therapeutic Aid Products

At Harriet Carter, we carry a seemingly never-ending inventory of products with the goal of making your life easier, but perhaps none accomplish this goal better than our therapeutic aids. We have a wide variety of items that are designed to help maximize your comfort and reduce the pain you feel on a daily basis. With so many options to choose from, Harriet Carter makes it easy to buy therapeutic aids that can significantly improve your life. Some of our potentially life-changing products to increase your comfort may include:
  • Heated Pain Relief Wraps
  • Memory Foam Seat Cushions
  • Compression Gloves & Socks
  • Back Support Cushions
  • Anti-Arthritis Gloves
  • Gripper Socks
  • Foot Massagers
  • Bruise Remedy Cream
  • Hot/Cold Packs
  • Ankle Support Wraps
  • And Much More!

Affordable Pain Relief

In many cases, back, neck, ankle, or wrist pain can be the source of ongoing and persistent discomfort. While plenty of products exist with the goal of providing a remedy for this pain, they are often very costly, making it expensive for you to find the relief you are seeking. Luckily, Harriet Carter allows you to buy the same therapeutic aid products for prices that will have you feeling better in no time. No matter what kind of joint or body discomfort you may be feeling, we have something for you. Browse our large selection of therapeutic items today to minimize your pain and maximize savings!

Money Back Guarantee

Harriet Carter is confident that you will love any and all products that you purchase from us. As a way of standing behind this confidence, we offer a full "Money Back if Not Delighted" guarantee. If you are unhappy with your selection from Harriet Carter for any reason, we will be more than willing to exchange it or refund the purchase price.

Trusted Online Retailer

Since 1958, Harriet Carter has provided happy customers across the country with some of the most unique, distinctive gifts available at prices you have to see to believe. Over the years, we have continued to grow and expand our inventory to include a multitude of products. In just about any case, you will be able to locate something for sale online from Harriet Carter that will make your life a little bit sweeter. From household gadgets and kitchen appliances to therapeutic pain relief aids, you'll find whatever you're looking for.

Start Shopping

No matter what type of pain you are experiencing, Harriet Carter has the therapeutic aid products that you need to get you feeling better, sooner. Start shopping with us today!