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Outdoor Lighting Products

Find Amazing Outdoor Lighting Products Online

Add a functional and stylish finishing touch to your home when you order outdoor lighting products in our online store. Our outdoor lights are bright, unique, and simple to use. Plus, our wide range of solar-powered options means no more worrying about electrical wires and dead batteries!

Beautiful & Functional Outdoor Lights

If you need a product that will illuminate your landscape and safely light your path inside, then you should explore our selection of inviting outdoor lights. Consider these simple yet elegant lighting solutions for your property:

Lovely Path Lights

Small, easy-to-install path lights add a refined look to your outdoor design while gently guiding guests to your home or backyard. Choose lights that will outline your walkway with a soft, relaxing glow, or string them around your garden bed to protect your flowers from stumbling feet.

Brilliant Porch Lights

Porch lights will illuminate your entryway, patio, or steps to ensure nighttime safety for you and your guests. The ideal light includes motion-detection technology to make it effortless for you to navigate your property when you come home in the evening. 

Distinctive Lights that Your Guests Will Love!

We offer distinctive outdoor lighting products online that will be unique decorations for your lawn or adorable gifts for your friends and family.

Guide the Way to Your Home

Do your guests struggle to find your home at night? Just tell them to keep an eye out for your new, illuminated lawn ornament! You might choose an adorable animal, an item that reflects your faith, or a chic light.

Festive Holiday Displays

Don’t be a grinch! Set up a beautiful, illuminated display on your property and bring holiday cheer to your neighborhood. We carry holiday-inspired lighting solutions that fit every personality and fashion.

Light the Way on Your Next Adventure!

Our selection of flashlights and lanterns are the perfect choice if you’re heading out on a camping trip, going for an evening walk, or preparing for home power outages.

Powerful Flashlights

Explore powerful flashlights that are super bright and provide a wide ray of illumination, with much more power than those you would find in stores. You can try out tons of advanced functions: zooming in and out, different beam modes, multiple bulbs, and more!

Bright Lanterns

When you experience a sudden power outage or other emergency, it helps to have an easy-to-use and very durable lantern in your home. Consider which options are best for your needs:

  • Super-bright light
  • Hours of power
  • Weather-resistant

For a more decorative option, consider purchasing a lantern for your yard or porch. For example, flameless candle lanterns provide a safe alternative to real wax candles while giving off a realistic glow and flicker.

Learn More About Our Outdoor Lighting Products

Harriet Carter carries items that will provide the powerful illumination and unique style that your home needs. Explore our selection of beautiful outdoor lighting products online to find the right choice for your property or the perfect gift for any special occasion. To find out more about our lights, illuminated ornaments, and other distinctive items, call 1-800-377-7878.

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