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Household Organizers

Simplify Your Life When You Buy Household Storage Organizers Online!

Are you tired of digging through drawers and emptying out closets just to find one missing item? With our space-saving and innovative storage solutions, Harriet Carter can help to keep your whole house neat. We make it easy to buy household storage organizers online so that you can organize every room in your home.

Keep Your Precious Memories Safe

Our photo keepers make it simple to store your photos in one safe location. These cases are acid-free to keep every photo looking its best for many years, and some cases can hold up to 1,600 photos. We also offer a personalized carrying case that protects up to 208 CDs and DVDs from dust, scratches, and loss.

Organize Your Kitchen

Avoid kitchen avalanches and disappearing utensils when you buy a household storage organizer online with Harriet Carter:

  • An organizer for lids turns the backs of cabinets into a storage space
  • An over-door organizer holds cutting boards, cookie tins, & more
  • An door storage rack holds lots of items on eight adjustable shelves
  • A slide-out cart fits in narrow spaces

Add Storage to Your Bathroom

Add extra storage in your bathroom with a two-tier sliding drawer that fits all your household essentials. Once you have it set up, what’s the first item you should put in those drawers? How about a six-section vitamin dispenser that holds all of your pills, capsules, tablets, and medications?

Take Back Your Bedroom

Organize Your Closet

Is your wardrobe outgrowing your closet? Shop our wide selection of closet organizer solutions. We have clear-view zippered garment bags and all sorts of shoe racks!

Neatly Store Beauty Items

We also offer items to keep your beauty products organized. A nail-polish organizer keeps all of your colorful bottles neat. One wire mesh storage rack, which can either sit on a vanity or be mounted on a wall, holds up to 44 nail polish bottles.

A wall-mounted jewelry organizer has several hooks for necklaces, rings, and earrings. This stylish metal organizer also has a top shelf for all of your lotions, perfumes, and other beauty items.

Declutter Your Living Room

If your magazines are piled up on your coffee table, shoes are scattered across your floor, and wires are tangled up in the corner, then it’s time to organize your living area.

  • A stylish magazine table neatly stores your favorite reading materials
  • An entryway organizer has hooks and shelves for shoes, backpacks, and more
  • A beautiful, cherry-colored drop-leaf table can squeeze into tight spaces
  • A flexible surge protector turns one outlet into five

Do You Love to Give Unique Gifts?

If you are looking for useful and distinctive presents for your family and friends, then our household organizers are a fantastic choice. But once your present is wrapped and the bow is tied, where do you store your gift wrap? Use a gift wrap organizer to neatly store your wrapping paper, ribbons, and other accessories in one place.

Get Organized!

Don’t let household clutter rule your house. Buy household storage organizers online with Harriet Carter, and take back your living space. To learn more about any of our items, call us today at 1-800-377-7878.

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