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What's Your New Year's Resolution?

Want to know the secret to keeping your New Year's resolution for 2019? Pick up a few helpful items to support your goals. This year, we want to highlight two popular resolutions and the unique gifts for sale at Harriet Carter that will help you achieve them!

1. Save Money

After holiday gift shopping, your wallet might be feeling pretty thin. Saving more money can seem like a monumental task, but cash might be sneaking right out of your window! During the winter, heating is the largest expense for most American homes. Luckily, with these helpful items, you can bring that bill down without touching your thermostat.

Cover Your Windows
Drafty windows are responsible for 25 to 30% of residential heating costs. Keep out the cold with a pair of Solar Curtains or Thermal Curtains. Also, if you use a window air conditioner, then Air Conditioner Side Insulating Panels are a must.

Stop Drafty Doors
Air can sneak in under your door, too! Lower your energy bill with the Draft Guard Ultimate, a double-sided insulator that retains heat and repels moisture. You can also get a plush "guard dog" to keep out the draft. The Dachshund Door Draft Stopper is sure to block winter winds.

Don't Heat Empty Rooms
Are you paying to warm up unoccupied spaces? Not anymore! Magnetic Vent Covers will shut off the flow of hot air to rooms that you don't use, so you're only spending money where it counts.

2. Get Organized

You don't have to fight your household clutter alone. Harriet Carter is here to help you get organized - one space at a time. Think of this as a guided tour of your future home.

The Entryway
Say goodbye to coats on the banister and backpacks on the floor with the Entryway Organizer. This incredible organizer has sixteen hooks, two wire shelves, and a sturdy wooden bench.

The Kitchen
Would you love more counter space and extra shelving? Your kitchen will feel twice as big with wedge-shaped Lazy Susan Bins, a Two-Tier Sliding Drawer, and a spacious Door Storage Rack.

The Bathroom
Swap out your old toothbrush holder for a stylish, sanitary way to keep your brushes organized. The Stainless Steel Toothbrush Holder can comfortably store a tube of toothpaste and four brushes.

The Office
Is your cluttered home office making it hard to focus on your work projects? Store all of your important documents in a roomy Foldable File Bin.

The Closet
If your shoe collection is turning into a shoe mountain, then it's time to double your shoe storage space with Shoe Slotz or a Shoe Rack. You can also move your old photo albums into a single Extra-Large Photo Keeper.

The Garage
The Sure-Grip Tool Holder will keep mops, brooms, snow shovels, baseball bats, and other items off the floor.

Wherever You Travel
Don't forget your new organization skills when you go on vacation! The Tapestry Rolling Tote has a roomy interior compartment, three exterior sections, and a mesh pocket. You can even personalize the tote with your initials.

Share Your New Year's Resolution

At Harriet Carter, here's our resolution for 2019: We will continue to be the best place to buy unique gifts online. Explore our helpful household items and organizers today!
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