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Home Harriet Carter Ways to Show Your Pets You Love Them on National Love Your Pet Day

Ways to Show Your Pets You Love Them on National Love Your Pet Day

Whether you consider yourself to be a dog-lover or cat-person, pets have a special way of bringing joy, love, and pure happiness to the lives of each person they meet. Pets love unconditionally and can put a smile on our faces even after a long, hard day at work. While most people show their furry friends love and affection every day, National Love Your Pet Day is an unofficial holiday that allows pet parents to indulge their pets.

Celebrated by pet owners across the country, National Love Your Pet Day is observed annually on February 20th. This year you can show your pet how much you appreciate their companionship by planning a day full of fun to honor them. To help you with your planning, we created a short list of ways you can show your cat, dog, or any other kind of pet you love them.

Ideas For Cat Owners

Gift Your Cat a New Toy
While some cats enjoy lounging around, others are just a big ball of energy and fun. You can show your pet that you not only love them but care about their health by giving them the gift of an interactive Cat Play station. This rocking entertainment station combines fun and exercise with its built-in scratching pad and ball and bell toys.

If your cat's personality is somewhere in between a curious kitty and a couch potato, then a Fold-Away Cat Condo may be more ideal. This cozy condo features soft fleece floors and a built-in scratching pad that makes it the perfect space for your cat to hang out and play.

Keep Your Home Clean
Is it time for you to upgrade your cat's litter box? Check out the Sift Away litter cleaning system and make cleaning up after your cat a piece of cake. Don't forget about Kitty Litter Mats - they may be just what you need to keep your home nice and clean.

Ideas For Dog Owners

Take Your Dog For a Ride
Some dogs like to play in the yard, while others want to go for walks, but some dogs prefer to feel the wind blowing through their coat as they ride up front with their favorite person - you! Get your best friend ready for relaxing a ride around town with a comfy Car Seat Cover for the backseat of your vehicle.

Is your four-legged friend on the bigger side? Try adding a Seat Extender so that your dog can have some extra legroom. Just because some dogs are too small to ride in the front seat by themselves doesn't mean you can't give them what they really want. A 2-in-1 car seat Pet Carrier can help you transport your dog in a safe, comfy, and stylish manner. Once you've reached your destination, you can whip out a set of handy Accordion Pet Steps to help your tiny friend exit your vehicle with ease.

Ideas For Pet Owners Everywhere

Upgrade Your Pet's Nap Space
After spending a day having fun with your best friend, your pet is bound to be at least a little tired. For Love Your Pet Day, give them the gift of the ultimate nap space by upgrading their bed to a plush Pet Cave or Convertible Pet Bed. Each one of these beds will allow your pet to snuggle up in warmth and comfort. If your pet prefers to snuggle up next to you on the couch consider getting them a set of Doggy Steps to help make their journey to your lap a little easier.

Pamper Your Pets
Every pet deserves to be pampered. But remember, pampering doesn't always have to be expensive. You can skip booking a visit to your groomer and plan a relaxing pet spa day for your companion right at home. Just pick up some of your favorite pet grooming products and tools such as the easy-to-use PetiCare™ As Seen on TV. To give your pet a new look, consider buying them a new piece of clothing for their wardrobe such as a warm and stylish Shearling Dog Coat or even a cute collar.

Celebrating National Love Your Pet Day
Once the National Love Your Pet Day celebrations have ended there is bound to be a bit of a mess to clean up. But if you picked up a Hurricane Fur Wizard while shopping for your pet, then your clean-up session will be a breeze. With powerful micro-bristles, this double-sided brush traps twice as much fur, dust, and lint in half the time. Whether you decide to use one of our fun suggestions to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day or come up with something of your own, Harriet Carter is your one-stop-shop for excellent pet products and gifts.

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