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How to Get Organized Before the School Year Begins

If you have a child, chances are you're trying to get everything together before the school year begins. Maybe you need to keep track of their summer reading, sign them up for fall sports, or buy all of their books and supplies. But no matter what you're doing, it always feels like there's something to do.

Believe it or not, there are ways to make balancing back-to-school tasks a lot easier. All it takes is a little organization. If you coordinate everything you need into sections or categories, you'll be able to take this school year by storm.

And as a parent, you probably know that prepping for school doesn't end with getting your child ready. It also requires making sure the house is in order, fulfilling your responsibilities, and managing time.

To help you succeed through all of these avenues, we put together a comprehensive guide. By taking each task step-by-step, you can start off the school year on the right foot.

Get Clothes & Shoes in Order

You probably know by now that when school starts, your child's room can start to resemble a tornado. There are clothes in one corner, accessories in the other, and shoes everywhere in between. To keep things organized (and keep your sanity), it's a good idea to make sure everything goes in a specific, easy-to-find space.

Start with a shoe rack. Put an expandable rack on the floor or put a shoe caddy over the door of their room. All they have to do is remove their shoes in the morning and put them back at night.

Once the shoes are out of the way, you can tackle the clothes. Have designated hampers and sets of wash bags to categorize your loads, speed up the process, and make laundry less of a chore.

After you have these things organized, you'll be surprised at the peace of mind you'll find. And speaking of peace, a sleep schedule is the next important thing to think about.

Help Them Sleep Soundly

Over the summer, everyone loves to stay up late and wake up whenever they feel like it. Once the school year starts, that all has to change. If you make the transition a little easier for your student, the chance of dealing with a small monster in the morning will decrease.

Find items to help your child sleep soundly and wake up easily. Get a perfectly fluffy and cozy pillow to sleep with, an alarm clock to wake the heaviest of sleepers, or even an alarm that can charge their phone overnight.

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Get Tech Savvy

Whether we like it or not, technology is a big part of learning. And as our kids get older, it's important to have enough accessories to accommodate the growing need for phones and computers.

Make sure your prodigy has everything they need to read, write, and complete homework. These items include sofas and stands for their tablets, lap desks, some extra laptop lighting, accessible outlets or charging stations, and additional power strips with USB capabilities. With all of these products, they can get all their work done right from their bed or desk.

Get Them Snackin'

Few things are as crucial as a midday snack. During a hard day at school, your child deserves a little pick-me-up. Before they head off to school that day, pack a snack in a reusable container that can be refilled and washed when they're done. Invest in a few snack holders, locking snack boxes, or cheese and cracker sets so you can prepare a quick and easy snack before they leave in the morning.

Help Them Learn On the Go

Learning shouldn't stop when they leave the classroom. If your child is in the earlier grades, they can benefit from educational after-school activities to help remind them of what they're learning. Learning centers, activity books, portable playsets, skill boards, and other accessories can even help them have fun while they're getting an education. Who knows they might not even realize they're learning.

Make Memories That Last a Lifetime

Most importantly, you need to document these school days while the kids still have them. Though the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the school year can get overwhelming, it's all worth it to see them grow up and learn more every day.

Document their journey with first/last day signs, daily calendars, photos, and scrapbooks so you can look back and remember those wonderful Monday mornings.

With this guide, you can get one step closer to being completely organized when the school year begins. The key is preparing yourself, your child, and your home for any curve balls so everyone has what they need to thrive.

Once you're prepared, you can take the year head-on. Shop Harriet Carter today for everything you need to usher in the school year, decorate the home, or make everyday tasks a little simpler.

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