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Home Harriet Carter 10 House-Cleaning Life Hacks Just in Time For Spring

10 House-Cleaning Life Hacks Just in Time For Spring

Spring cleaning involves so much more than your typical dusting, mopping, and polishing. This annual tradition is the perfect way to start afresh - that is, if you take care of those household cleaning nuisances that you've avoided all winter.

However, you might not even be aware that there's an easy way to address these little cleaning conundrums. Here's how you can tackle the ten most frustrating household problems this year:

1. Wherever possible, take a shortcut!
Work smarter, not harder. Find cleaning products that work on multiple surfaces and address all kinds of messes. The less you have to organize and plan as you tackle your spring cleaning tasks, the better.

Cleaning products like Jubilee Wax can remove stains, grease, and other grime from all of your kitchen surfaces. When you don't have to switch between five different cleaners just to bring your appliances, cabinets, and countertops to a spotless shine, you save tons of time and energy!

2. No matter how hard you scrub, you can't wipe away scratches and dings. Or can you?
You might tell yourself that the scratch on your favorite armchair is too minor to consider repairing, but you can't seem to get it off your mind. Although you can't exactly polish scratches or dings away, spring cleaning is still the best time to address those tiny pet peeves.

Products like furniture markers allow you to easily make those little imperfections disappear. The same goes for the little dings and chips you might find on enamel appliances and bath fixtures: an enamel pen can make these flaws vanish instantly. With these handy, inexpensive tools, you can have them looking just like new.

3. Clean those hard-to-reach spots without sprains or pains.
Baseboards collect more dust and dirt than almost any other area in your home. Since they're not the easiest to clean, both baseboards and moldings typically go neglected and gradually turn into breeding grounds for dust bunnies.

But not necessarily. Instead of getting down on your hands and knees with a sponge and a bucket, try out tools specifically made to clean these hard-to-reach areas. Tools that feature interchangeable heads and handles provide you with optimal convenience and save your back at the same time.

4. Avoid springtime surprises. Clean out your air vents!
There's nothing worse than turning on your air conditioner only to send heaps of dust flying throughout your home. If you forget to dust your vents during spring cleaning, your home can turn into a dust storm the minute you turn on your air conditioner.

Luckily, there is a solution. By using household cleaning products designed to get between vent blades, like microfiber vent brushes, you can ensure that there are no dust bunnies just waiting to be set free. Make a point to dust all of your air conditioning vents so that you don't undo your spring cleaning efforts with the flip of a thermostat switch.

To save you some work next time spring cleaning season comes around, consider getting an air conditioner cover. Besides preventing outside dirt and dust from entering your home, they'll help you retain heat in between seasons, cutting down on energy costs.

5. Get a helping hand.
Don't forget hard-to-reach areas like behind toilets and the highest corners of the shower! These difficult spots act as magnets for dirt and bacteria and are collectively some of the least favorite things to clean.

While these spaces might seem impossible to scrub, they don't have to be! Using an electric scrubbing brush with an extendable arm can help you reach the trickiest parts of your bathroom while effectively removing dirt and bacteria.

6. Skip a few steps.
Creative new inventions come out every day. People find ways to innovate simple solutions for household tasks all the time. If you take a few moments to look, you will likely find a fantastic new way to approach some of the bullet points on your spring cleaning checklist.

For example, you could use a scraping broom to remove sticky, stubborn residue from your floors. You can then just flip the broom over to sweep the mess away. Simple yet clever takes on cleaning standbys can save you a ton of time and effort.

7. An ounce of prevention can save your entryway pounds of dirt.
The entrance to your home is the first thing that guests see. It's also the first place where outside mud and moisture can get tracked in by shoes. Make sure your house always presents a good first impression by keeping your foyer looking spotless.

One of the easiest ways to keep your entryway pristine is with coat, shoe, and hat racks, so that outside elements don't make their way into your home. Adding useful features like an entryway organizer and a floor runner can make a world of difference and keep your front hallway clean all year round.

8. Find new ways to organize.
Besides making your stuff hard to find, clutter can also create hard-to-clean messes. Ever reach for something in the back of your fridge and accidentally knock over the milk? You end up emptying everything out just to clean up the spill. Sometimes, when you're in the middle of spring cleaning, for example, you might find evidence of little accidents you might not have even noticed at the time.

These incidents can be easily avoided with handy organizers like refrigerator turntables and fridge baskets. They contain spills while putting an end to your days of reaching and rummaging. You will also be able to see your fridge's contents easily, meaning no more expired food hiding on the back of a shelf.

9. Clean your house inside and out.
Why limit yourself to dusting your furniture and shampooing carpets? Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to give your entire home a new beginning. To properly clean every inch of your house, though, you will probably need a boost.

But you don't need to climb a ladder up a couple of stories just to clean the outside of your windows. Extendable squeegee sets and long-handled brushes can help you easily clean windows that are out of your reach both inside and outside the house.

10. Don't hesitate to automate.
Last but not least, there's everyone's least favorite part of spring cleaning: the toilet. No one enjoys this part, but it has to get done.

Thankfully, there are now products that automatically clean your toilet in one shot. By using a liquid solution that runs through your toilet when flushed, you can effectively clean the bowl and the tank without touching a thing!

Before you begin your spring cleaning projects, spend some time thinking about the cleaning tasks that always give you the most trouble. There are simple ways to tackle even the trickiest household messes. With the right tools, anyone can become a spring cleaning superhero!

Need help getting started? You can find all of these items and more on the Harriet Carter website!

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