Hurricane® Spin Mop

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Hurricane® Spin Mop (F7141)

  • $39.98 each

Additional Mop Head (E7142)

  • $9.98 each


Hurricane® Spin Mop cleans, dries and polishes all at once! Super-absorbent head soaks up to 10X its weight in dirty, grimy water, trapping it inside. Just dunk mop in the bucket and push the foot pedal. Centri­fugal force spins the mop head dry, so it’s not dripping when it hits your floors; you never touch the dirty water! Machine washable micro-fiber mop head (included) swivels a full 360°. Aluminum handle is 45" L.


Item Number Product Description Availability
7141 Hurricane® Spin Mop In Stock
7142 Additional Mop Head In Stock

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