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Steripod® Toothbrush Sanitizer (C7747)

Steripod® Toothbrush Sanitizer kills bacteria so your toothbrush remains hygienic at all times. Each Steripod® contains a germ-killing tablet that provides protection for up to 3 months. The active ingredient is thymol, a compound found in the herb thyme. Just clip pod over your regular or electric toothbrush to avoid the spread of harmful germs. Great year round, but especially useful through cold and flu season. Perfect for home, travel, office or gym. Made of BPA-free plastic. Set of 2. Assorted colors.

"This is such a neat little gadget! No batteries to run out, no complicated instructions.  It's easy and kinda fun for [my granddaughter] to use, so it actually makes it back on each time. A small victory for Nana! I also like that there isn't an odor to it. It's a great buy!"     - Customer in Lubbock, TX

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