"Marble" Table Cover

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"Marble" Cloth (Green) (C8531)

  • $14.98 each

"Marble" Cloth (Black) (C8532)

  • $14.98 each

"Marble" Cloth (White) (C2357)

  • $14.98 each

"Marble" Cloth (Brown) (C8533)

  • $14.98 each


“Marble” table cover resembles the real thing, but is actually wipe-clean vinyl! Transform a tired table instantly while protecting surfaces from spills and stains. Flexible vinyl top and elastic edging stretch to fit most round or square tables from 36" to 48". Includes hook-and-loop tabs to secure to multi-sided tables.


Item Number Product Description Availability
8531 "Marble" Cloth (Green) In Stock
8532 "Marble" Cloth (Black) In Stock
2357 "Marble" Cloth (White) In Stock
8533 "Marble" Cloth (Brown) In Stock

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