Product Price Quantity

XHose™ (25 Ft.) (C5798)

  • $19.98 each

XHose™ (50 Ft.) (E5799)

  • $39.98 each

XHose™ (75 Ft.) (E5809)

  • $49.98 each
  • (61 reviews)


XHOSE™ AUTOMATICALLY EXPANDS & CONTRACTS! No more struggling with heavy, tangled hoses—super-strong, yet lightweight flexible material expands up to 3 times its length for full, easy flow, then reverts back to its compact size when water is turned off! Won’t kink! Great for washing cars, hosing walkways or patios, watering gardens. Comes in 3 lengths (these are the fully expanded lengths): 25 ft., 50 ft., 75 ft.

"This is absolutely the best hose I have ever seen or used! Light, easy to use, no trying to undo kinks! Works exactly as depicted in commercials." -Customer in Azusa, CA


Item Number Product Description Availability
5798 XHose™ (25ft.) Item Available
5799 XHose (50 Ft.) Item Available
5809 XHose (75 Ft.) Item Available

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