Tummy Liners

Tummy liner keeps midsection dry and infection-free. Soft, 100% cotton liner tucks underneath abdominal folds to absorb perspiration and help prevent chafing, heat rash and infections. Ideal for pregnant women, post-surgery or bed­rid­den conditions. Machine wash­able. Sizes: M (24" L), L (28" L), XL (32" L). Set of 3. Imported.

Product Price Quantity

Tummy Liner (M) (C5181)

  • $9.98 for a set of 3

Tummy Liner (L) (C5182)

  • $9.98

Tummy Liner (XL) (C5183)

  • $9.98

Tummy Liner (XXL) (C5446)

  • $9.98

Tummy Liner (3XL) (C5447)

  • $12.98

Tummy Liner (4XL) (C5448)

  • $14.98
Item Number Product Description Availability
5181 Tummy Liner (M) Item Available
5182 Tummy Liner (L) Item Available
5183 Tummy Liner (XL) Item Available
5446 TUMMY LINR-XXL Item Available
5447 TUMMY LINR-3XL Item Available
5448 TUMMY LINR-4XL Item Available

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