Pocket Hose™

POCKET HOSE™ expands to full length ... contracts for easy storage! Ex­pandable garden hose has an accordion design that automatically gro-o-ows in length to 25 ft., 50 ft., 75 ft. or 100 ft. when water is turned on; shrinks back to original size when you are done. Light­weight and easy to handle; can be stored anywhere. Best of all, it never twists, tangles or kinks. Fits all standard spigots and nozzles.

"I love my POCKET more fighting to unwind and untwist my bulky hose. As a senior with arthritis, I can once again clean my patio, water plants and take care of the things I was beginning to have a difficult time with. After I purchase another one for my front yard, I plan to buy them for gifts for a few people I know will enjoy them as much as I do!"      - Customer in Surprize, AZ

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Pocket Hose™ (25 ft.) (C5925)

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5925 Pocket Hose™ (25 ft.) Item Available

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