My Spy Birdhouse™ (E6687)

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My Spy Birdhouse™ gives you an up-close view of our fine, feathered friends! Features a clear, acrylic window with 2-way mirror film on one side—you see birds inside but they can’t see you. Safely attaches to any glass surface with included suction cups so you can observe mama birds building their nest, hatching their eggs and feeding their young from inside your home. Made of durable, weather-resistant materials. 7-3/4" x 6-1/4" W x 4-1/2" L. For ages 3 and up.

"Great idea! Bought this for mother-in-law and she is thrilled about the product. Can't wait for spring to get here. She is so excited to see it in use. Thanks again for such quality products!" -Customer in Sidney, NY


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